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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Closing Date Friday, June 21, 2013 Status Open Question/Description


A fertilizer producing factory in southern Punjab is in a crisis. The management is unaware of the fact that its storage plant holding toxic liquid used in manufacturing of pesticide is being leaked drastically and becoming a part of a nearby river.  The river is a main source of drinking and domestic use of a small village of factory laborer located a mile away from the factory.

 After drinking the contaminated water, an estimated 1200 died within the two weeks and dozen others are critically sick from the disease related to the incident. The factory management refuses to accept the responsibility and tries to hide the issue by providing minor monetary aid to victims for the sake of its reputation. But the people are unwilling to accept the amount and demand a judicial trial against the factory management through strikes and sit-in in front of the factory entrance.


The above scenario represents an impediment to cooperative settlement of the conflict. Identify it and propose an approach to resolve the above mentioned crisis situation for the factory management.


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Replies to This Discussion

i think it should Jackpot Syndrome approach hoo gi........what do you think guys......

Right its look Jackpot Syndrome

because one party is willing to get huge benefit or


lets start our work on this syndrome

Factory walo ko Allah tooba krni chaheye

aur effecties ki demand poori krni chaheyee

ab mein is ka ka solution according to handsout check krta hun

Good idea they must do Allah toba


Jackpot Syndrome


One of the parties is willing to take a huge risk that he or she will lost for the opportunity to obtain a huge recovery.
One of the parties is willing to take a huge risk that he or she will lost for the opportunity to obtain a huge recovery.


Please Discuss here about this GDB.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

i think the Impediment is Jackpot Syndrome

Nice name kaneez Attar

Just for an idea:

Do your research. Make sure you have all the facts ahead of time. Research alternatives and resources so you have all your “ducks in a row” and come off as professional and prepared. This can also save you from having to schedule additional meetings. For example, if you plan to suggest training to correct a performance deficiency, come with a class schedule.

Understand your audience. Put yourself into their frame of mind; how would you feel if you were in their place? For example, if this is to be a corrective action, they may be nervous or frightened. If it is to resolve a problem, do they understand that you are there to help, or are they afraid of being blamed or shamed? Just yesterday in my tax appointment I came in feeling uncomfortable over a coding error, but was instantly put at ease by my tax professional, who said; “We can fix that; no problem.” Whew!

Consider timing. Sometimes we jump into a situation where one or both parties are feeling stressed and emotional about the situation, and that makes dealing with it that much more difficult. On the other hand, if we wait too long to address it, we lose momentum, and we keep dealing with the problem instead of correcting it. Try to schedule the sit-down as soon as possible, but when all parties are less stressed. (If you do have to address something on the spot, be sure to take a minute to breathe and center yourself before proceeding; it would be great to allow the other parties the same opportunity.)

Create a plan. That might mean a few crib notes, an informal agenda, or an outline, but it really helps to write down and use notes to move the discussion forward. Take a moment to discuss the agenda or plan, and ask the other party what they would add, checking to see if you are in agreement on the situation. This helps you be more objective and more focused. Example: “Today I would like us to examine the evaluations from the last technical skills class you facilitated, and together try to discover why this one received lower ratings. It is not about casting blame, but rather, taking an objective look at what was different in this class. Then I would like to brainstorm some ideas about the next session so we can improve our ratings. I value your contributions and your professionalism as a technical trainer, and I want to help you keep growing your skills. Anything you would like to add to our agenda before we begin?”

Talk their language. Assuming you know the person you are speaking to, speak their language. Use their terms, mirror their style. If they are known as direct, speak directly without sugar-coating. If they tend to be more emotional, keep creating safety by validating them and reinforcing how you value them. If they are detail-oriented, give plenty of detailed evidence. If they are action-oriented, be ready with a plan of action. In short, adjust your style to match theirs, and you will receive better results.

Find mental focus. Before you begin, you need a moment to clear your desk, close out your computer tasks, and clear your mind. You might consider allowing 5 minutes to make the transition. Stand up and stretch. Look out the window. Breathe. Imagine how good it will feel to complete this discussion in a productive way. Review your notes if needed. Be ready to give your full attention to the person you are speaking with. OK, feeling ready?

Rehearse. If the situation is delicate, and the stakes are high, or you are not feeling altogether comfortable about the discussion to come, you will benefit from a rehearsal. Some people do this in the car on their way to an important meeting. Some people rehearse both sides of the discussion so they can predict what the receiver might say. You might even ask someone you trust to role-play the scenario so you can practice different outcomes. Whether you do it alone or with someone else, be sure to rehearse out loud. Rehearsing in your head certainly is better than nothing, but rehearsing out loud makes an amazing difference in your fluency and ability to think on your feet. Just don’t memorize your lines; you want it to be somewhat spontaneous.

i think its motivation to seek vengeance

motivation to seek vengeance


Jackpot Syndrome

en dono may se koi aik hai i am confused


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