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HRMI619  Internship Report--Human Resource Management Pronto Promo Pvt. Ltd. L.H.R

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With opportunities the Bank has also some threats which includes


  • 1- Energy crisis in Pakistan
  • 2- The Pronto Limited is over-employed. Which is causing over expenditure

3- Limited access to the international markets

4- Due to political involvement changing Gov polices can effect the organization

5- Pakistani economic condition also threat for this organization

6- New technology and equipment also threat for it




Main purpose of the internship is to fulfill the requirement of virtual university of Pakistan and I have learn a lot about professionalism how to deal with people on work and overall management structure their role and importance.

  • I work in different department as I mention above and learn professional activities and objective how to interact with professionals
  • Manager and senior employees does not speak in friendly manner and always think they are superior to others
  • Some employee to pronto promo found very skill and experience and some are totally unaware about their work how to manage their work how to save time how to find ways to accomplish task
  • Appraisal system not up to the mark I have notice favoritism is very common in major departments.
  • Management and department of heads feel guilty to discuss their plan or strategy with team member, there is no respect for new hire employee
  • Behavior among colleagues are not good enough they speak loud with harsh wording which create very rough environment
  • I have observe it is secular type of organization where nobody perform any kind of religious activities like prayers etc
  • According to swat analysis company has very good image in the market and dealing with some very famous companies like, nestle, unilever etc
  • Company export machinery from Malaysia it is best for its operations
  • Politician involvement is very common in the organization
  • Manager are very supportive with same designation people
  • Pronto promo having very strong financial strength 

x�om�8 -bottom-alt:auto; text-align:justify;vertical-align:middle'>      • Upholding commitments

           – Quality and timely delivery

      • Transparency & documentation

Validation of Pronto Promo’s Policies

      • More than 24 fortune 500 companies

      • High client retention

      • Tremendous goodwill amongst clients and vendors

      • Extremely low employee attrition

      • Unilever’s SEAC approved supplier

      • UNICEF’s approved vendor

      • SGP approved supplier for The Coca Cola Company

      • Nestlé Responsible Sourcing - In process through SEDEX


 Worker Policies

      • Minimum age requirements

      • Hourly wages with guaranteed minimum wage

      • EOBI & Social Security

      • Accurate calculation of overtime

      • Medical benefits and allowance

      • Provident fund

      • Lockers and Showers for workers

      • Secular organization


According to my observation and during my stay in the organization I have some recommendation which I am going to write

ü      Pronto promo  should focus on employee training there is lack of skill worker, proper training section should be conduct on monthly basis

ü      HR role is very vast in the organization but decision and rule not followed by HR department, HR need to think beyond limitation and perform real HR functions which lead to the organizational success

ü      Pronto should introduce efficiency plan how to work done develop good relation among employees for healthy organizational culture

ü      Pronto should introduce new ideas and enhance technology due to rapid changing in the market to fulfill the international organization

ü      Company should consult their planning and decision with senior worker to improve quality and on time delivery of product

ü      HR should find ways how to facilitate employees to overcome their issues and develop friendly environment

ü      Company’s department should be perform their activities according to the rule and regulation without any favoritism and leg pulling

ü      Pronto should perform some religious activities for gain spiritual power and for mentally satisfaction

ü      Introduce career development program for every employee where he or she learn new knowledge and enhance work efficiency

ü      Appraisal system should be fair and according to the performance of employee

ü      Pronto should minimize their cost because there is very huge wastage of raw material




The purpose of this exercise was to ensure that our workforce and strategic objectives were aligned to guarantee the delivery of quality programs and services to the public, and that the planning would assist in positioning the public service for the future.  Through a collaborative process, each department developed their own workforce plan, which outlined their critical strategic issues for the next 3 – 5 years as well as proposed strategies to address those issues. When undertaking a Succession Planning process, there are general requirements which  could be considered:

1-      Identification of key positions

2-       Identification of core position competencies

3-       Identification of potential candidates

4-       Assessment of potential candidates

5-       Create development

6-       Implementation of plans



To ensure a consistent, fair and merit based approach in accordance with Equal

Opportunity Policy and relevant employment legislation

• To meet or exceed business planning needs and strategic objectives

• To maximize the effectiveness of the University’s recruitment and selection practices

Another important thing is that they are not providing any flexibility in recruitment process for dependents and relatives of deceased employees



Their process of Training and development is mostly limited to field staff and marketing people. They are not paying much attention to their technical departments training.



There is no practical approach of job rotation, cross trainings and career strategy groups.

This section describes the performance management process in detail and defines role in it.

Management use to take decisions and they are not involving employees in the planning process. They should involve employees in the planning process because it will help them in understanding goals of the organization, what needs to be done; why it needs to be done and how well it should be done.



In Pronto Promo, Employee compensation and benefits are basically divided into three categories


1-       Benefits

2-       Equity-based compensation 

3-       Bonus plan


Company is not providing LFA at all grades, this is not a very good approach and it is

showing biased attitude. LFA is available only for Grade 8 and Grade 9 employees.

Company is discouraging leaves Annual leaves are there but n employee can’t take more than

10 days leave at one time. Only in special cases management approves more than 10 leaves at a time. Mess facility is there but employees have to pay for it individually and company is not compensating them



Merit and abilities are difficult to measure and unlawful unfairness may enter into merit     evaluations. In merit stand promotions, disorderly conflict may result from worker competition for merit ratings.

In downsizing process company is not providing assistance to their employees. They are not providing any kind of counseling or job search assistance.












ce � cu� X� sired target. In sales and marketing, they use to compare targets of expected sales with the actual one to find out where there is a room for improvement.

3) They use to ask questions about the job of an employee from the supervisor and upper management.

4) Company use to analysis of operating problems that include its down time, waste, repairs, late deliveries, quality control.


Competency framework


1-     Analysis and Problem Solving

2-     Communicating

3-     Delivering Quality and Results

4-     Learning and Development

5-     Prioritizing and Organizing

6-     Resilience

7-     Working with Others


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