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MBA INTERNSHIP REPORT (HRM) Report on CCL Pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD

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I would like to thank Mr. Azeem, my honorable Resource person, for helping me to know all the basics of this report. I am also grateful to Mr.Baber, HR manager of CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD, who gave me an opportunity to know about the HR process of CCL. I am thankful to Mr.Ali, assistant manager HR, who guided me throughout my report in order to help me in understanding all the practical approaches of human resource in CCL and to compare those with my theoretical knowledge. He taught me all the concepts that are very helpful in my report and gave me sufficient knowledge to overcome all my report difficulties.


Finally, words alone cannot express the thanks I owe to Allah Almighty, who gave me the opportunity to complete my work according to the best of my abilities.





LIST OF CONTENTS                                     Page No.

  1. 1.     Objective of studying the organization……………………..……..……01
  2. 2.     Introduction to the organization……………………………….…..........02
  3. 3.     Overview of the organization…………………………………………...03
  4. 4.     Organization structure of HR………………………………………...…08
  5. 5.     HR process in CCL pharmaceutical…………………………………….10

5.1.            Human Resource Planning………………………………………....10

5.1.1.  HR Planning Process………………………………………....10

5.1.2.  Forecasting HR Requirements…………………………..……11

5.1.3.  Methods to Forecast HR Needs………………………………13

5.2.           Employee Recruitment and Selection……………………………....14

5.2.1.  Sources of Recruitment……………………………………….14

5.2.2.  Employee Selection Process……………………………….…15

5.3.            Training and Development………………………………………....17

5.3.1.   Training Need Assessment…………………………………..17

5.3.2.  Employee Development………………………………………19

5.4.           Performance Management………………………………………….22

5.4.1.  Setting Performance Standards and Expectations……………24

5.4.2.  How Performance Reports Are Written……………………...25


5.5.           Employee Compensation and Benefit………………………………26

5.5.1.  Types of Compensation………………………………………27

5.6.           Organizational Career Management………………………………..30

5.6.1.  Employee Job Change………………………………………..30         Promotion…………………………………………..….30         Transfer………………………………………………...31         Demotion………………………………………………32

5.6.2      Separation from the Organization……………………………33 Lay off……………………………………………………33 Termination………………………………………………34 Resignation …………………………………………...…36 Retirement………………………………………………..37

6                     Labor management relationship in CCL pharmaceutical…………...38

7                     Critical analysis of theory and practical situation…………………………………………….…….…………40

8                     Recommendations……………………………………..……………42

9                     Conclusion…………………………………………..………………45

10                References and Sources…………………………………..…………47

11                Annexure/appendices…………………………………….…………49



  1. To complete the degree requirement of ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY.
  2. To highlight the applicability of new techniques in practical HR process of the company.
  3. To learn and analyze the functionality of HR department of CCL pharmaceutical and to relate my practical analysis of the firm with the theoretical concepts.
  4. To get exposure of practical environment of a company
  5. To find the difference between theoretical and practical concepts and provide suggestions with reference to modern methods of managing human resources to the company for their betterment.


CCL pharmaceutical was founded in 1965 and they are in the business of pharmaceutical and health care since last 44 years. As a healthcare company, CCL manufactures and markets innovative and quality products, which offer real health solutions. Its rich product portfolio, covering nearly all the major therapeutic areas helps prevent, cure or alleviate illness, as well as save lives.

CCL is the First Pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan to win ISO 9001 certification by SGS, a world-renowned quality certifying body, which itself speaks of its very high & globally accepted standards of quality assurance supported by its development activities. The incorporation of quality system of ISO 9001 augments & facilitates the observance of cGMP.

CCL offer a wide range of products ranging from Cardiology, Anti-Infective, Musulo-Skeletal, Metabolic, CNS, Respiratory, Women Health, Immunology, Multivitamins and many more are under developmental phase.

CCL Pharmaceuticals (PVT) LTD is strongly committed to adherence to the standards laid down by internationally accepted official monographs. CCL quality control laboratory and product development activities are very well supported with latest tools and techniques of drug analysis.

CCL is exporting its pharmaceutical products to many Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. http://vustudents.ning.com/



As a healthcare company, CCL manufactures and markets innovative and quality medicines, which help prevent, cure and alleviate illness as well as save lives. They want to be the company that does more good for more people than any other on the planet.

Core ideology

CCL is in the business of improving the quality of human life. Their responsibility is to manufacture and market high quality and affordable products while serving the best interests of its customers, employees and shareholders.

CCL’s business

As a healthcare company, CCL manufactures and markets innovative and quality products, which offer real health solutions. CCL pharmaceuticals rich product portfolio, covering nearly all the major therapeutic areas helps prevent, cure or alleviate illness, as well as save lives.

CCL has a strong marketing and sales force of more than 300 people with a reach of more than three hundred territories. Their sale force visits more than 50,000 doctors and its medicines are present at more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.

This reach, depth and strong presence make them a very strong player in the local pharmaceutical arena.

Their philanthropy is to be a strategic partner of the healthcare professionals in meeting the humanity’s quest for longer, healthier, fuller and happy lives.


CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD is dealing with manufacturing of health care products and they are also exporting different health care products. They have a state-of-the art production plant with a capacity to manufacture

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Sterile powder for Injection
  • Liquid Injectables
  • Dry Suspension
  • Syrups

to meet not only the local requirements but also catering to the needs of its global associates especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa. They are exporting their pharmaceutical products to many Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries.










A team of highly dedicated, motivated and zealous employees makes up an enthusiastic CCL family. We appreciate the energy, knowledge and skills of each individual, which contribute to create a synergy of multi-dimensional talent. The employees are there human capital, there greatest asset, which they cherish, nurture and groom with love & affection.



The functional and administrative structure of the CCL staff is divided into the following five divisions:

  1. Sales & Marketing Division

This division is taking care of marketing planning, sales management, customer services and marketing services

  1. 2.     Technical Division

Technical division is looking after production, quality assurance & control, engineering, materials & logistics, research & development, and regulatory compliance

  1. 3.     Commercial & Business Development Division

This division is responsible to undertake procurement / commercial planning, business planning, export, and business development.

  1. 4.     Finance Division

 Finance division is performing accounting, taxation, financial planning, and I. T operations

  1. 5.     Human Resource Division

This division is responsible for HR operation, strategic HR planning, personnel management, general administration and legal affairs




  1. Antihistamines



  1. Anti-Infectives



  1. Antivirals



  1. Cardiovascular


  1. CNS



  1. Cough and Cold Preparations



  1. Gastroenterology



  1. Iron supplements



  1. Lipid Lowering Drugs



  1. Metabolic



  1. Multivitamins/Anti-oxidants



  1. Musculoskeletal



  1. Pulmonology



  1. Biotech Products















































Human Resource Manager is the head of HR department at CCL pharmaceutical and assistant managers directly report to HR manager. Working of department is as following


CCL has 15 people as HR officers. They are responsible for recruitment and selection of employees, managing and arranging training and development, developing HR policies and procedures, developing and making arrangements for corporate trainings, performance appraisals, succession planning and development of organizational & development charts.


Company has 10 employees as office assistant HR and they are responsible for HR payroll administration, personnel & compensation of employees, they are responsible for issuing appointment, confirmation, experience and other personnel letters and matters. As well as they are responsible for managing and maintaining personal files, answering employees general queries, managing group life and health care insurance, proposing and implementing annual increments, managing compensation and benefit policies, they use to maintain interdepartmental coordination and generating and maintaining reports like head count and turn over etc.


CCL has a staff of 29 people in admin department. They are responsible for general administration, office stationary, separation and final settlements of employee,  they use to keep record of adherence, maintaining house keeping , transport arrangement for employees, mess facilities, legal matters of company, communication system, mailing system, admin policies and procedures and dealing about office equipments.




5.1.1 HR Planning Process

For there human resource planning CCL pharmaceutical is using a few steps in which they forecast future need and the requesting manager will be responsible for determining the need and completing a need analysis for personnel additions or replacement.

After getting requisition and criteria budget has been approved for the position and HR manager use to forecast the supply. They use to give opportunity for there internal candidates and also make procedures for external hiring where necessary. In case of internal candidates, as assessment, committee is formed and all the candidates use to appear before it and the decision is made with consensus. If the position is to be advertised then HRD will issue the advertisement release order to the agency, after obtaining the approval from the managing director. The company discourages the employment of close relatives but under certain conditions, managing director can waive this policy in favor of employing close relatives.


After finalizing how many staff is required and from which source, the HR manager use to conduct complete hiring process.







Demand forecast

At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD the requesting manager is responsible for determining the need and completing a need analysis for personnel addition or replacement. The requesting manager use to ensure that the following criteria should be met:

  • The productivity level of the department /business unit or company should not be compromised. Per Man Productivity in sales is almost always determined and agreed. Departmental and Divisional Heads determine productivity in other departments.
  • Budget has been allocated and approved for the position.
  • Appropriate physical assets and other resources should be available to ensure that the new employee can start to be productive right from first day.
  • Productive projects or activities for new employees exist in the foreseeable future.

Forecasting Future HR Supply

After demand forecasting CCL management’s first preference is to forecast HR supply internally. In case of internal hiring HR manager use to announce an internal vacancy and after receiving resume they use to evaluate it and an assessment committee is formed and all candidates use to appear before it and that committee takes the evaluation decisions.

In case of external hiring HRD use to advertise the post and collect the resume.

In case the position is not to be advertised, HR manager use to inform the requesting manager about potential candidates from some reliable contacts or retained job applications in resume bank for the particular post.

As per company policy No ex-employee can be rehired with out prior approval of Managing director.

Balancing Supply and Demand

There can be two factors, which can create problem in balancing supply and demand. These can be labor surplus and labor shortage

Dealing with a Labor Surplus

CCL management is very careful about balancing in supply and demand of human resources but in rare conditions, if they face labor surplus then they use internal transfers and hiring freeze techniques to balance supply and demand.

Dealing with a Labor Shortage

CCL use the methods of external recruitment, transfers and promotions for dealing with labor shortage problem and they are also using overtime and temporary employment technique in there production area whenever they face shortage of labor.





CCL use to forecast on two basis

  • Demand forecast
  • Supply forecast


a)    Quantitative Approaches

CCL pharmaceutical is using trend analysis approach for demand forecasting. CCL management use to analyze there demand forecast mostly on the bases of there past experiences. They use to analyze the past experience and compare them with current trend and situation for estimating future needs.

b)    Qualitative Approaches

CCL is also using nominal group technique for forecasting there demand of human resource. They use traditional trend analysis method with combination of nominal group techniques. When ever they use to launch a new product they use to forecast there needs they use to review there past experience to estimate HR needs and then experts meet face to face to estimate there demand forecasting and after exchanging there ideas they use to decide there expected demand.


CCL use to forecast there internal supply on the basis of availability of there internal candidates and if they found that they have people that fit for the available job and they have sufficient skills, education and experience to meet the challenges of available post

For forecasting external supply they use to consider the trend of labor market and skill inventory available for them.


CCL is using the option of choosing the candidates for its recruitment processes from two kinds of sources

a)      Internal

b)      External.



CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD is using both internal and external sources of recruitment. Some major sources are as following

Internal Recruitment sources

  1. Transfers
  2. Promotions
  3. Upgrading
  4. Demotions
  5. Retired Employees

External Sources

  1. Press advertisements
  2. Educational institutes
  3. Placement agencies/outsourcing
  4. Employment exchanges
  5. Employee referrals



For selecting a candidate, CCL HR department is using the following steps.

  1. They use to screen the applications, where the available applications are reviewed to shortlist applicants in respect to their qualifications and experience concurrence to the specified requirements of the job, only applicants with relevant qualifications as well as their strength are considered for interviewed.
  2. After screening, they use to prepare for interview, HRD use to prepare the interview schedule and then they mail interview call letters to the candidates. The copy of interview Schedule is send to the requesting Manager along with the applications of candidates.
  3. In there interview process, Preliminary interview is conducted by Reporting Officer, second by Department Head and H.R and the final interviews are conducted by Director / MD. The number of interviews depends upon the nature or seniority of the position. The interviewers conduct interviews with the candidate on the prescribed INTERVIEW EVALUATION FORM.
  1. 4.      Then the selected finalists have to undergo medical examination, where the applicants are taken to approved medical practitioner for medical examination, this is to avoid selecting employee who might fail to perform the thought duties of the job
  2. 5.      The HR Manager is also responsible for background investigation on all finalist job applicants before extending an offer of employment. In this investigation they use to investigate Prior employment verifications, verification of educational documents, compensation records etc.
  3. 6.      Then after finalizing the selection, either they use to inform selected candidate by Phone or by letter and invites him to come and fill required forms to effect the employment.
  1. CCL HR use to offer letter of employment and filling required forms to affect employment function, where in that letter, terms and conditions of employment are stipulated. The Human Resource Director uses a standard offer letter approved by the organization.
  2. Upon receipt of JOINING REPORT along with the requisite documents, HRD use to open employee’s personal file. HRD will maintain a NEW EMPLOYEMENT CHECKLIST until the time the employee is confirmed.
  3. Then in the next step placement and orientation is use to be done. The requesting manager will brief the employee about his position and initiate him to work, assign work station and provide necessary documents. In this stage HR manager use to brief all company policies and they use to gave initial training to every new employee for having better understanding of job and organization.






CCL pharmaceutical’s Training and development staff use to identify training need among all departments. Different department heads use to make a report as per there staff need. They use to identify the areas where employees need training.

Whenever a requisition is formed for training need then T&D team of CCL use to find out who needs the training, when the training is needed and who should conduct this training.

CCL is using three levels of needs assessment: organizational analysis, task analysis and individual analysis.


CCL Pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD considers the following points in organizational analysis

  • Before designing any training programs company use to analyze the impact on operating costs.
  • If there is any requirement of changing technology and automation in organization’s system, which requires training for employees, then they use to go for training.
  • Then they use to analyze the organizational goals and resources available like material on hand, money and available expertise within the organization.
  • After that they use to analyze the top management support, employee willingness to participate, and responsibility for outcomes.


Task analysis

CCL is using a variety of sources for collecting data for a task analysis:

1)      CCL trainers are using Job descriptions to identify the requirement of training. Organization use to give training to the newly hired employees in order to help them in understanding their job descriptions in a better way. 

2)      While determining the need of training CCL use to compare the performance of actual and desired target. In sales and marketing, they use to compare targets of expected sales with the actual one to find out where there is a room for improvement.

3)      They use to ask questions about the job of an employee from the supervisor and upper management.

4)      Company use to analysis of operating problems that include its down time, waste, repairs, late deliveries, quality control.


For individual analysis CCL pharmaceutical is using the following ways:

  • They are using Performance evaluation to Identify weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • T&D team use to talk to manager, supervisor and employee and also they ask employee about what he/she believes he/she needs to learn.
  • They use to conduct Attitude surveys to measures morale, motivation, satisfaction.



For employee development CCL pharmaceuticals, (PVT) LTD is conducting different training programs and they pay attention to retain their employees.

As far as career development is concerned they are providing facilities to there employees. Employees are getting trainings and there HR department is helping them in career path planning. They have hierarchy in there organization and there excellent performers use to get this advantage through promotions.

CCL is fully aware of career development of their employees. They are encouraging their employees for formal training programs especially they use to arrange training programs for their marketing and sales staff and they are conducting different seminars to motivate their employees and to provide them a direction to their career.


Once the needs assessment is completed and training objectives are clearly identified, before conducting training T&D team use to design training contents and other preliminary plans

  • They use to select the internal or external person to design and develop the training. This mostly depends on the training topic and company budget. If internal person has to be selected then department use to make arrangements about the availability of that person and other resources needed. On the other hand, if external training is required then they use to hire consultants for this purpose.
  • For the selection and designing of the program content they use to consider what type of training is needed, who should attend this training and they use to design training contents as per requirement and keeping in view the level of trainees. Trainer use to meet with department heads and they use to discuss the requirements and based on all training need assessment they use to design the contents of training.


  • After designing training programs they use to select the techniques used to facilitate learning and for this purpose they mostly use multimedia, different videos and a full day seminar is mostly conducted for this purpose. During these training programs trainers use to design different activities related to the topic so that trainees have a better understanding of the topic.


  • There training programs are usually conducted in there training rooms where sitting arrangement is in a semi circle foam.


  • While designing there training programs there trainers use to select the materials by reviewing literatures and modern techniques. They use to consider market conditions and take help from internet to get latest updates to make there training programs more effective.


  • Then they use to schedule trainer, venue, facilities and participants and they use to send emails to the participants in order to inform them about the venue and timing of the training.


  • There trainer use to prepare materials and deliver them to scheduled locations.



After completion of the training in order to evaluate the training , trainers use to get feedback from the participants in order to know whether they are satisfied with this training or not and the trainer also use to provide his feedback on training program and after that when that employee get back on his routine tasks then his performance is evaluated again in order to check the practical implementation of that training program and then the department head use to provide feedback to the T&D department.




For performance management of employees, CCL pharmaceutical use to plan what level of performance is required then after setting their standards, they monitor the performance of the employee. If there is some requirement of developing new skills then they give training and then periodically rate the performance and finally they use to reward the good performers.


In CCL pharmaceuticals, (PVT) LTD work is planned out in advance. The regulatory requirements for planning employee performance include establishing the elements and standards of their performance appraisal plans. CCL’s management keeps it in view that performance elements and standards should be measurable, understandable, verifiable, equitable, and achievable. Through critical elements, employees are held accountable as individuals for work assignments or responsibilities. They tried to make employee performance plans flexible so that they can be adjusted for changing program objectives and work requirements.


At CCL pharmaceuticals, (PVT) LTD assignments and projects are monitored continually. They use to measuring performance consistently and are providing ongoing feedback to employees and work groups on their progress toward reaching their goals. By monitoring continually the use to identify, unacceptable performance at its initial stage and performs the necessary actions to rectify that problem area.


CCL pay’s attention to employee developmental needs. If while monitoring they found that an employee needs some counseling and training then they use to arrange development programs for that employee as per requirement.


Summarize employee performance helps CCL management for looking at and comparing performance over time or among various employees. Organizations need to know who their best performers are and for this purpose they use to rate the performance of there employees by keeping in view different parameters on a monthly evaluation sheet. Some attributes of this evaluation sheet are employee adherence, target achieved, leaves, short leaves, appreciations, observations, counseling and other achievements etc.


In CCL pharmaceuticals, (PVT) LTD rewards are used well. At CCL, Good performance is recognized without waiting for nominations for formal awards to be solicited. Recognition is an ongoing, natural part of day-to-day experience. A lot of the actions that reward good performance like saying "Thank you" don't require a specific regulatory authority. At CCL formal rewards such as cash, time off, and many non-monetary rewards are also used by the management for encouraging their employees.


At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD HR and department heads use to write down the specific responsibilities for a particular job upon the functionality and use to set performance measures for the tasks. To measure the performance they use to set targets and time line to meet those targeted tasks. After completion of tasks they use to compare the expected time, performance and result with the targeted ones.



Responsibility: Handle all incoming and outgoing mail
How: Sort and distribute incoming mail
Expectation: All the incoming mail must be date stamped, sorted by priority and unit directory, and delivered to each individual employee's desk by 9am daily.
Following is the break up of the functions and tasks into more detail in order to provide a stronger depiction of what an office assistant must do to meet expectations.

Who: Office Assistant employee
What: Mail distribution
When: By 9:00 AM
Where: Each individual employee's desk



Why: To effectively prepare for the daily workflow
How: Date stamped by priority and unit directory. 





At CCL performance reports are written by keeping in view the following parameters

v     Behavioral tendencies

  • Productivity….this is measured in quantitative sense e.g number of products produced per day.
  • Quality of work… at this point CCL use to check the quality that how effective work is being done. They use to check whether the desired output is achieved or not?
  • Initiative….They use to check whether employees are interesting in taking initiatives or not?
  • Team work….how much a person is performing while working as a team. They use to check whether that person has strength to work in a group and how they use to coordinate with in team.
  • Problem solving…they use to check the abilities of an employee to solve problem.
  • Adapting to change…they use to consider the ability to adapt the change of an employee

v     Response to job related stress, frustration and conflict

v     Motivational energy….after giving incentives and appreciation they use to check the motivational energy of employee.




CCL pharmaceuticals (PVT) LTD has two classifications of jobs

i)                    Exempt

ii)                  Non Exempt


At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD Professionals, management and other skilled jobs are included in it. Exempt jobs get a fixed salary on per month basis and receive higher compensation and benefits.


Unskilled or entry level jobs are non-exempt jobs and they are usually paid on weekly bases and get paid overtime, extra pay for hours worked over 40 hours a week. In CCL mostly production packing staff came under this type.

In CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD compensation is also used as a reward for exceptional job performance. Examples of such plans include bonuses, commissions.




CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD is offering following benefits and compensations to their employees

  1. a.     Medical

Medical facilities are available for employees. Every employee is entitled for one gross salary as OPD medical expense per annum and this OPD expense also covers his family.

  1. b.     Employee life insurance

Employees have life insurance of Rs.2.5 lac per employee.

  1. c.     Connivance

Company is providing pick and drop facilities for female employees and for sales and marketing staff there is connivance allowance as per there designation. Company is providing Cars to there managerial staff and is also providing fuel expense as per there grading scale.

  1. d.     Gratuity

CCL pharmaceutical is not providing gratuity to their employees



  1. e.     LFA

Company is providing LFA only in grade 8 and 9. It is one gross salary per year.

  1. f.       Maternity Leave

Company is providing maternity leave to their female staff for 3 months time period and this leave is with pay leave.

  1. g.     Provident fund

CCL is providing provident fund to their permanent employees. For Provident fund per month deduction formula is a gross salary/12 and at the end of service company contributes the equal amount in provident fund.

  1. h.     Mess facilities

Mess facility is available at CCL pharmaceutical but employees are paying for what ever they want to have. Company is providing two times tea in a day to all employees but for lunch employees are paying individually.

  1. i.       Laptops for managers

CCL is providing Laptops to all department heads. These laptops will remain company property.


  1. j.       Mobiles

Company is not providing mobile phones to there employee but they are providing official mobile connections and skilled employees are entitled for mobile bill upto a certain limit that is defined at the time of their hiring and this limit varies as per grading scale.

  1. k.    Incentives

Usually incentives are for sales and marketing department. They got incentives as per there sales volume on the basis of divisions. Company use to give one bonus salary per annum

  1. l.       Traveling, meal and accommodation allowances for Marketing and sales staff

Company is providing traveling, meal and accommodation expense to there marketing and sales staff. These employees have to travel in different cities in order to promote there products and company is providing all expense for it. They use to arrange for hotel stays and provide meal and traveling allowance for there employees.

  1. m.  Over time pay

Over time, pay is available for production and packing staff. Company use to give them over time pay on hourly basis





At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD job changing is processed in three different ways

  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Demotion


CCL pharmaceuticals (PVT) LTD is using Promotions based on merit, advance workers who are best qualified for the position, rather than those with the greatest seniority. When present employees are applying for a position, a worker’s past performance is also considered at CCL. CCL management is also using Effective performance appraisal to build trust in the system.


CCL managers are using merit base promotions to gain the following advantages.

  • To match Employee job-related abilities with jobs to be filled.
  • To reward Motivated and ambitious employees for outstanding performance.
  • To fostered the Performance.
  • To hire people for a specific job, rather than for ability to be promotable.


CCL management is considering the following points while transferring


  1. 1.      An employee who wishes to be transferred has to make a written request to his or her department head.
  2. 2.      At CCL a transfer is made without reduction in rate of pay unless such reduction is agreed to by the employee and the department administrator.
  3. 3.      At CCL the transfer of an employee does not affect his or her prior earned credited state service.
  4. 4.      As per there company policy whenever an employee requesting to transfer between departments, he must have to give interview, and also require written approval of the department administrator concerned.


In CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD transfers are used mostly in marketing and sales department. Mostly due to the requirements of staff at a certain place or some times if top management thinks that some person has capabilities to handle a certain situation and market in a better way then they use to transfer that employee for growth of company and also for employee grooming.






In CCL (PVT) LTD an employee may be demoted, subject to the approval of the department head and the assistant HR manager. The department administrator can recommend the demotion of an employee for any of the following reasons:

  1. a.      The reallocation or reclassification of a class or position to a lower pay grade.
  2. b.      The elimination of the employee's position because of lack of work or lack of funds.
  3. c.       Expiration of a temporary promotional assignment.
  4. d.      The failure of the employee to complete successfully the probationary requirements of a higher position.


A department head submits the recommendation that an employee has to be demoted. After that a written notice is given to the employee and to the assistant HR manager. Management use to give notice of demotion at least 15 calendar days before its effective date and also give the reasons for the demotion to the employee who is subject to demotion.


When an employee is demoted, his or her salary is reduced to a step in the lower pay grade as recommended by the department administrator and the assistant Manager Human Resources. If demotion is due to failure to complete successfully the probationary requirements of the higher position then the salary after demotion will normally coincide with the salary the employee was receiving before promotion.




There are three types of separation with organization

1)      Layoff

2)      Termination

3)      Resignation

4)      Retirement


In layoff process CCL management, keep in mind that a layoff involves eliminating positions, not people.

Identifying the Least-Qualified Worker

CCL is using the process of identifying the least qualified worker for reduction in force.

Once they have identified the position to be eliminated, they use to determine who is the least qualified person to assume the remaining responsibilities in the business unit? First, they develop a list of all employees in that group with similar titles or responsibilities. For example, if they are looking to eliminate one of three executive assistant positions in there marketing department, then they use to list all the assistants in the department on a sheet of paper.

In second step they use to review the nature of the remaining work to be done after the position will be eliminate. For example, if the executive assistant position reporting to the vice president of marketing is being considered for elimination, then they use to document the responsibilities that will remain in the unit after the RIF. They use Job descriptions for such comparisons.

Then they use to determine which one of the three executive assistants is the least qualified to assume those remaining duties. In essence, they use to compare the essential job responsibilities, skills, knowledge and abilities, of all three employees. In addition, they use to review the employees annual performance reviews, tenure and history of progressive discipline to create the appropriate written record. They also use to review their work experience prior to joining there firm, so that tenure alone doesn't outweigh other considerations.

Finally, once they have the documented comparison for the three employees who could potentially qualify to perform the remaining work, they use to determine who is the least qualified individual and then they use to lay off that worker.


At CCL termination mostly occurs due to poor job performance, lack of "fit" with the organization, inability to perform job responsibilities and misconduct. Some times they use termination for restructuring, downsizing, relocation, or acquisition. In CCL pharmaceutical PVT) LTD an employee can be terminating on the following bases

  • absenteeism
  • unsatisfactory performance
  • changed job requirements
  • Gross misconduct (which might involve drug abuse, stealing, or other breaches of company or public policy.)


CCL pharmaceuticals (PVT) LTD is using the following steps in behavior related termination

  • CCL has Developed a clear, written policies for termination and they are following them unswervingly. These policies are readily accessible to employees in an employee handbook. The termination guidelines include definitions of poor performance and gross misconduct, detailed descriptions of the review procedures that may lead to termination, and policies regarding severance and the return of company property.
  • When an employee has to be terminate then after deciding they use to conduct the termination meeting with the employee in a professional manner.
  • They use to give credit for positive contributions.

Then in the next step they use to prepare an information package for the terminated employee that outlines all elements of any severance package and other benefits.



In CCL whenever a permanent employee resigns he has to give resignation on one month prior notice. The resignation shall state the reason for the resignation and the desired effective date. Whenever an employee resigns his resignation is send to and countersigned by his or her immediate administrative supervisor. Then the resignation is submitted to the Top manager. At CCL No, resignation becomes effective until the Top managers accept it. The top managers and board of directors has the right to accept or reject the resignation.

As per their company policy ongoing and fixed-term employees that are not on probation are required to give one month’s notice in writing or to forfeit a month’s salary in lieu of giving that notice.

At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD when a resignation is accepted then the Human Resources staff has to ensure that all salary, leave credits and other entitlements are attended to prior to the date of resignation.

Resignation without Notice:

At CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD only an employee who has not yet completed his probation period can resign without notice.





As per company policy any employee who plans to retire has to submit his or her resignation to the C.E.O. Employees are encouraged to submit the resignation and application form at least ninety days in advance of the retirement date and after approval their retirement check is issued the second month following the last month of service with the company.

Normal retirement can be granted in the following categories:

  • When an employee has reached the age of sixty two.
  • After thirty years of service regardless of age

CCL Policy

Employee who has reached the retirement age of sixty two is eligible to take retirement but there is no compulsion for retirement.





CCL's labor-management relations are based on mutual trust between labor and management. Following a labor dispute in 1980, mutual trust between labor and management was adopted as the foundation of labor-management relations in the joint labor and management declaration concluded in 1992.

Mutual Trust between Labor and Management

The basic concepts of mutual trust between labor and management are: improvements in the lives of employees are realized through the prosperity of the company, and labor and management thus share the same goal of company prosperity as a common value. Management will take into consideration to the greatest possible extent stable employment and will continuously strive to improve working conditions; and employees will compliance with the company's policies in order to promote the company's prosperity.
In the Labor and Management Resolutions for the 21st Century signed by labor and management representatives in 1996, mutual respect was added to mutual trust as a foundation of labor-management relations, and this is reflected in the current Guiding Principles at CCL.





Basic Principles of Personnel Management

In order to create a relationship of mutual trust and respect between labor and management, personnel management is conducted in accordance with four basic principles:

  1. Creating a workplace environment where employees can work with trust.
  2. Creating a mechanism for promoting constant and voluntary initiatives in continuous improvements
  3. Fully committed and thorough human resources development
  4. Promoting teamwork aimed at pursuit of individual roles and optimization of the entire team.

Stable Employment

CCL management system is based largely on bringing out to the greatest extent employee abilities, reasoning skills and creativity. CCL always takes a medium- to long-term management perspective and has made the realization and continuation of stable employment through all possible employment policies the fundamental basis of its management philosophy.

Creating Good Workplace Environments

In order to reflect the ideas and opinions of employees in corporate activities, in addition to promoting communication between employees of different rank within the company, CCL has also established a CCL Creative Suggestion System.
CCL has established a number of hotlines for the fast and fair resolution of issues related to complaints. The employee awareness survey conducted every year indicates that "pride in the company" and "employee satisfaction" remains high.



While planning about human resource trend analysis is not always a very useful technique in demand forecasting because trends keep on changing and it is not necessary that if in one case a forecasting was successful then at this time it will be successful too.


They are focusing more on internal recruitment and for external recruitment they are using personal referrals more. This is not a very good approach because it will lead to favoritism and can affect the over all culture of the company.

Another important thing is that they are not providing any flexibility in recruitment process for dependents and relatives of deceased employees

Career counseling if not very frequent at CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD


Their process of Training and development is mostly limited to field staff and marketing people. They are not paying much attention to their technical departments training. As far as individual analysis is concerned, CCL is not using latest techniques like performance problem identification etc

They are not conducting frequent individual development plan and career discussions with employee in their organization. CCL pharmaceutical (PVT) LTD is mostly focusing the trainings related to there products and are not focusing on soft skill development programs.


There is no practical approach of job rotation, cross trainings and career strategy groups.

Management use to take decisions and they are not involving employees in the planning process. They should involve employees in the planning process because it will help them in understanding goals of the organization, what needs to be done; why it needs to be done and how well it should be done.


Company is not providing LFA at all grades, this is not a very good approach and it is showing biased attitude. LFA is available only for Grade 8 and Grade 9 employees.

Company is discouraging leaves Annual leaves are there but n employee can’t take more than 10 days leave at one time. Only in special cases management approves more than 10 leaves at a time.

Mess facility is there but employees have to pay for it individually and company is not compensating them. CCL is not using the concept of gratuity.


CCL is using merit base promotions and are ignoring seniority base concept in this regard. Merit and abilities are difficult to measure and unlawful discrimination may enter into merit evaluations. In merit base promotions, disruptive conflict may result from worker competition for merit ratings.

In down sizing process company is not providing assistance to there employees. They are not providing any kind of counseling or job search assistance.





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