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ISL201 Islamic Studies GDB Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion

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ISL201 GDB 1 Solution 2020 | ISL201 GDB Idea Soliton 2020

ISL201 Islamic Studies GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

Opening Date

Monday, August 17, 2020

Closing Date

Tuesday, August 18, 2020



Question Title

Articles of Mithaq Madina

Question Description

The eminent Islamic scholars revealed the fact that Mithaq Madina (میثاق مدینہ) is the first ever written constitution of the world. It laid the foundation of the first Islamic state in Madina and Muslims emerged as a powerful nation in the world. It did not secure only the rights of Muslims rather it ensured peace, security, prosperity and contentment to whole humanity irrespective of creed, color and religion.

Study the fourth and fifth part of the given below book and write down only eight main articles of Mithaq Madina (میثاق مدینہ) in your own words. The link of book for study mentioned below.

Note: Maximum answer limit is 200 words; more than it would not be considered, Follow it strictly.

Describe the answer in your own words. Cheated or copied material from other students, internet, books or journals etc will not be accepted.

ISL201 Islamic Studies GDB Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

ISL201 GDB Solution idea:


Eight main articles of Mithaq Madina (میثاق مدینہ)

  1. Madina Charter was created by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the year 622 CE.
  2. The Madina Charter contained every aspect of running a country from politic to the human rights administration.
  3. The constitution formed the basis of a multi-religious Islamic state in Madina.
  4. The constitution was created to end the bitter intertribal fighting between the rival clans of Banu Aws and Banu Khazraj in Madina.
  5. Which guaranteed full autonomy to all tribes and religious groups like the Jews.
  6. The Muslims and other pagan tribes. All religious groups were free to follow their own laws and traditions.
  7. From the fall of Adam (peace be upon him) to the present day, the human race has reached innumerable stages in the evolution of civilization.
  8. The Charter of Muhammad (PBUH) Madina is a significant and fundamental milestone in the political, contractual, and constitutional struggle.

ISL201 GDB No.1 2020 sol 1
Article No1: This is a prescript of Muhammad (SAW) and the Messenger of Allah between the faith and the followers of Islam from among the Quraish and the people of Madinah and those who’s may be under them, may join them and take part in wars in their company.
Article No 2: They shall constitute a separate political unit as distinguish from all the people (of the world).
Article No 3: The emigrants from the Quraish shall be (responsible) for their own ward and shall pay their blood Money in mutual collaboration and shall secure the release of their own prisoners by paying of their ransom from themselves, so that the mutual dealing between the believers be in accordance with the principle of goodness and justice.
Article No 18: All those detachment that will fight on our side will be relieved by turns.
Article No 19:The believers as a body shall take blood vengeance in the way of God
Article No 23: Whenever you differ about anything. Refer it to God and Muhammad (SAW)
Article No 35: The sub branches of the jewish Tribes shall have the same rights as the mother tribes.
Article No 39: The valley of Yathrib (Madinah) shall be haram (sacred place) for the people of this code.

ISL201 GDB No.1 2020 Sol 2

The important point is that this constitution given by out Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The emigrants from Quraysh, Banu Auf, Banu Harith, Banu Saida, Banu Jusham, Banu Najjar, Banu Amr, Banu Nubeet, Banu Aws, all these communities shall be responsible for their ward. Order given for the rule of law and justice for all communities.
Prohibition of relaxation in executive of law, Order of punishment given for those who rises in rebellion, become the cause of injustice, violent, tyranny and mischief.
Equal rights of justice, equality, security and peace shall be given to all Muslim. Rights of protection also shall be given to Non-Muslim.
Final decisions and authority in military expeditions will be given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). No one can take any step without the permission of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
The Jews and Muslim shall be using their separate materials. Both are responsible for their own war expenses.
Allah is the best planner. So the authority of Allah and the prophet Muhammad Shall be final and absolute.
Law of shelter for women, and no refuges for enemies,
No tight of protection shall be given to any traitor or oppressor.


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