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MCM301 Communication Skills VU
Direct-Request Letters
Learning Objectives:
• To provide students with the opportunity to apply the concepts regarding elements of
effective writing to the routine life communication
• To develop the analytical thinking and writing skills among students
When you ask for some information, action, products, adjustments, and references; you are making a request. For making some formal requests you need to send a request letter to the concerned department of person. These letters can contain a direct or indirect request for the reader. Using the direct approach, you place a clear statement of the request in the opening. In the middle you place the details and justify your request. At the end you close it by requesting  pecific action and conclude in a friendly tone.
Suppose you travelled by an airline and you got your language damaged at your destined airport.
• Your task is to write a letter to the customer service representative to be compensated
for damage to your luggage.
Learning outcomes:
• Students will be able to write a direct request letter in an appropriate way.
• Students will be able to raise their level from a layman writer to a communication
expert who is equipped with the formal writing skill.

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Replies to This Discussion

Sir Tariq, I need your help please.....

Kindly guide me about the pattern of compensation letter.....which is the correct one of the following two:

Limpton Goods
317 Model Town 

27 January 2014 

Attn: Mr Atif Sheikh 
Sales Manager 
Everlong Batteries
131, G.T Road 
Model town

Dear Mr atif





Yours sincerely,

Usman Chaudry

Assistant Marketing


Flat 304 Lucky Star

Zaib-un-nisa Street


24 January 2014

The Administrative Officer 
Exhibition Services
Exhibitions International 
33 Saba Avenue

Dear Sir,






Yours sincerely

Naina Lodhi

Manager HRM

Please guide.....

I think the first one

share some ideas please .. !!!!

avoid negative wording, avoid bias language or personality, avoid gender bias, avoid racial and ethnic bias, age and disability bias should be avoided

positive wording, time and rules should be managed, precise and courteous.

How to Write a Complaint Letter to a Company customer service representative

Writing a letter of complaint is something most people have to do at some point in their lives. Whether you're dissatisfied with a company's product or service, it is usually possible to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial way through a firm but polite letter of complaint. Writing a complaint letter should not be complicated or scary - all you need to do is clearly state the facts and politely request a resolution

To customer service representative

I am writing to express my frustrations with a recent experience I had at your store. One week ago, I purchased Paws dog food for my pet at this location. I was surprised at what happened when I got home and used this bag of dog food.

Despite being on the shelf to be sold that day, this dog food had long ago expired. To be exact, it had expired six and a half months prior to the date it was purchased. Since the bag had been on the shelf, I had assumed the food was good and acceptable to feed to my pet. I soon realized this was not the case.

After feeding my dog this food, she became violently ill, vomiting for hours on end. I was forced to take her to the vet, as she was dehydrated and required medicine. Thousands of dollars later, I realized that her sickness could most definitely be attributed to the expired dog food I had unknowingly fed her.

I have been a loyal customer of Pet World’s since it opened six years ago and have never experienced any issues with your store. I am both bothered and concerned by the fact that expired food was on the shelves of the store, and I am now hesitant to trust the quality of other products at your store. This issue could have affected a number of other pets as well, and I just hope that none of them became as ill as mine did.

I hope to hear back from you about this unfortunate incident. Please contact me as soon as possible at (998) 867-0987 or via email at jjay@email.com.


John Jay

Direct Request Letters

In business writing, you often request information, order goods, complain and ask for an adjustment, and issue invitations. All these types of letters request the reader to do something, and they use similar strategies in message construction.

When you are writing letters for such purposes as requesting information, ordering goods, complaining and asking for an adjustment, or issuing invitations, you can generally assume that the reader will be willing to cooperate or at least interested in what you have to say. In those cases, you should use a direct reqest letter.

When writing a direct request letter, the first paragraph should tell the reader what it is you want. Many people start writing letters with greetings or introductions. However, business people are busy, and the first thing they want to know when they read a letter is what it is the writer wants. Therefore, it is usually better to clearly specify what you want the reader to do at the beginning of the letter. Then you can give necessary details and close the letter with a cordial request for specific action.

Although you are assuming, when you write direct request letters, that the reader will do what you ask once she/he understands your purpose, you should use a polite tone. Never demand, order, accuse, or try to force the reader to do something. To order something, for example, you should use such expressions as, "Would you send me...," or "Please send me..." rather than "I want..."

When you request something, you need to express what you want as clearly and specifically as possible. If you are making more than one request or asking more than one question, you should put the most important question or request first and then follow up with the less important requests or questions. If you have several questions or requests, it is often useful to number them and to start each one on a new line. Each question or request should be on only one topic

After the request is specified in the first paragraph, you follow with any necessary justifications, explanations, or details in the second paragraph. It is often useful to briefly explain the background of or reason for the request, since that may help the reader fulfill the request more accurately. You might also show how the reader will benefit from granting your request.

In the last paragraph, you close the letter with a request for some specific response. This includes information about any time limits. In addition, you should specify how and when you can be reached in case further discussion is necessary.

Dear sis samra letter head printed no need to write sender address blank page needs to write sender address date and receiver address both I am sure its second one.

first method is right

somebody plzz share solution

Sample of the laguage claim letter 

February 5, 2014

Dear :

My luggage was badly damaged during a recent flight on your airline and I have been unable to obtain appropriate compensation. Please help me resolve this situation immediately.

On August 5, 2003, I traveled from Las Vegas to San Francisco on Blue Yonder Airlines flight 444. I checked one bag in Las Vegas and arrived promptly to reclaim it at the luggage carousel at the airport in San Francisco. I was shocked at the condition of my suitcase. My hard-sided suitcase was dented on the top and the locks were broken. A camera and three rolls of film were missing. The damage to my suitcase and the disturbance to its contents were not typical of routine handling. They were clearly abused and damaged during the flight.

I waited in line for more than an hour to speak to a Blue Yonder Airlines representative at the airport, but all baggage personnel were swamped helping other passengers. I was not able to resolve the matter at the airport. I am appealing to you directly for proper compensation.

The current replacement cost of the suitcase and the missing or damaged contents is $500.

I've been a loyal customer of Blue Yonder Airlines for years and have never had problems like this. I did not expect this type of service (and damage) from your company. In addition to the reimbursement described above, I also expect that you will speak with the ramp personnel responsible for the damaged condition of my personal property.

Please call meat before October 15 with confirmation that my requests will be honored.


nhe smjh aa rhe :( plz anyone guide me kindly..........................!!!!

letter format kysy rkhna ? had nd bottom portion ma kya likhna ?




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