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Communication skills (MCM301) Quiz # 04 will be opened on Feburary 03, 2015 and last date to attempt quiz will be Feburary 04, 2015 .

Dear Students!

This is to inform that Quiz # 04 will be opened on Feburary 03, 2015 and last date to attempt quiz will be Feburary 04, 2015

Quiz will be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Covering video Lectures 22 to 28.  

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Intrapersonal communication processes depend upon communicators'


Frame of reference



 All of the above.



If a person is communicating with his friend on telephone then it will be:


Intrapersonal communication

 Mass communication

 Mass communication

 None of the above 


Which one of the following statement is correct about communication?


Communication can solve all problems.

 Communication skills are not learnt.

 Communication is dynamic, not static.

 Communication is just an information transfer.



Which one of the following is not a part of electronic media?







Downward communication flows from people at higher levels to those at lower levels in an organization. Primary function of downward communication is to


 Organizational policies and procedures

 Feedback about employees’ performance

 Organizational goals and objectives

 All of the above.



Which one of the following is a mass medium of communication?





 All of the above


The five steps involved in a communication process appear in a specific order. Which one of the following is the right order?



 Ideaà EncodingàChannelàDecodingàFeedback





Probing in a communication process is:


An attempt to gain additional information

 Making judgments

 An attempt to explain what the sender meant 

 None of the above


Self Talk is also called as:


Mediated communication

 Interpersonal communication

 Imagined communication

 Person-Group communication



Creating and holding a mental image of the person with whom you are conversing by telephone will:


 Give the impression the other person is important.

 Help you keep the conversation focused on the other person.

 Make your voice sound professional.

 Minimize the potential for in-person interruptions.



The person who attaches meaning to a message is called:







The eye is capable of processing 500-million bits of information per second, however the brain can only compute about _____________ bits of information per







__________________ is an automatic psychological process of receiving aural stimuli. Options:




 None of these



Some misconceptions about communication are


Communication solves all problems

 Communication physically breaks down

 The meaning we attach to a word will be the meaning everyone else attaches to

 All of the given options


Specialized vocabulary is known as:


 Equivocal terms


 Trigger words

 Biased language



A thesis statement is a ____________________ in sentence form


Declarative statement

 Direct statement

 Indirect statement

 Straight statement


________________ is a sentence that does not express the feeling, conditions, opinions and attitude.


 Thesis statement.

 Indirect statement

 Direct statement

 Straight statement


A __________________ is a strong statement designed to evoke a powerful emotional response.


Startling statement

 Indirect statement.

 Direct statement

 Straight statement


All of the following are the tools for getting audience attention, except:


 Startling statement


 Rhetorical questions



Deductive and inductive are the types of _____________ order.







In which speech, speaker does not have time to analyze the audience







If your objective is to train a new computer consultant, what will be your general goal or general purpose


 To inform

 To persuade

 To teach

 To entertain


Which of the following statement explains mediated communication?


 Mediated communication occurs when two (or a few) people use loud speaker to

 Mediated communication occurs when two (or a few) people use some

 Mediated communication occurs when people try to communicate at mass level. 

 Mediated communication occurs when a group of people uses email to send a


When superiors provide directions to their subordinates regarding what to do, this is known as a type of ____________________ communication.







After listening to Ayesha’s long speech, Beenish told her what she understood from her long talk. Which form of listening it is?


 Empathic listening

 Critical listening

 Active listening

 Preferential listening



When working to create and maintain a favorable relationship with a receiver, a sender should:


 Do just what the receiver expects.

 Impress the receiver by using technical terms.

 Stress mutual interests and benefits.

 Use positive wording.


If a manager asks his assistant to compile a report on the overall performance of the department, which forms of communication it, will be?


 Upward communication

 Intrapersonal communication

 Downward communication

 Lateral communication



Drafting stage starts after




 Both 1and 2



Which is NOT true for creating effective opening paragraph?


Keep the beginning paragraph fairly short.

 Use a you-viewpoint in the opening

 Make sure the beginning is appropriate for the reader

 Don’t consider your reader



Ending paragraph provides you the opportunity to


 Concentrate on the action you desire the reader to

 Show courtesy towards the reader.

 Both 1 and 2

 None of above


Ending paragraph provides you the opportunity to


Concentrate on the action you desire the reader to

 Show courtesy towards the reader.

 Both 1 and 2

 None of above


Audience information i.e. age, gender, education, occupation and socioeconomic status falls into the category:


Demographic factors

 Psychographic factors

 Geographic factors

 All of the given options



Generally there are ____________ kinds of newspaper indexes





 None of the given options.

Select which of the following is the method of arranging your subject's main points in a time sequence?


Spatial order

Chronological order(correct ans)

Topical order

Logical order


Which of the following is the appropriate response to a comment of agreement?


I agree with it.

That's a very good point

Thank you(correct ans)

That’s not right


A speech designed to change or reinforce the audience's beliefs or actions. This is an example of:


Informative speech

Ceremonial speech

Persuasive speech(correct ans)

None of the given options


When using a story, the presenter should:


Tell the story first, and then show how it illustrates the thesis

State the thesis first, and then show how the story supports the thesis

Either option is acceptable(correct ans)

Neither option is acceptable


Which one of the following pattern is especially effective if the audience already knows that the problem exists?


Problem/solution order

Cause/effect order(correct ans)

Deductive order

Inductive order


A presenter who speaks too loudly may be perceived as which of the following?




Insensitive to listeners

All of the given options(correct ans)






How many purposes your introduction should have:



Three(correct ans)




How can the credibility of a presenter be increased?


Being well dressed and well groomed

Complimenting the audience

Demonstrating your sincerity

All of the given options(correct ans)


A presenter who consistently speaks at a rapid rate may be perceived as:


To be nervous



All of above(correct ans)


Business associates can be a helpful source for:


Identifying probable questions and objections(correct ans)

Can reveal questions and concerns

It is helpful to recall the questions

None of the given options


Q&A is an abbreviation of which of the following?


Quest and availability

Question and answer(correct ans)

Question and anticipation

Query and audience


The term pitch refers which of the following?


The degree of lowness of sound

The degree of highness of sound

The degree of highness or lowness of a sound(correct ans)

All of the given options


When does a presentation begin?

The moment you begin speaking.

The moment you are asked to give a presentation.

The moment you are in view of your listeners.

The moment you decide on a topic for your presentation.(correct ans)


Which of the following is the skill of speaking in distinct syllables?

Articulation(correct ans)



Monotone delivery


Which type of speaking relies on speaking notes?




Extemporaneous(correct ans)


Which one of the following is the most formal type of speech delivery?

Manuscript(correct ans)





What is the average rate of speech?

130 words/minute

140 words/minute(correct ans)

150 words/minute

160 words/minute


A presenter can prepare effective responses by which of the following?




All of the above(correct ans)

Question No. 1

In general there are  of newspaper indexes.

  • Two kinds
  • Three kinds
  • Many kinds
  • None of the given options

Question No. 2

Jumps to conculations, this is an example of

  • Listener barrier
  • Sender barrier
  • Physical barrier
  • Noise

Question No.3

All of the following you may want to carry, while doing your research except one. Which one is?

  • Note-cards
  • Video games
  • Information recording
  • Bibliography

Question NO.4

Partial or marginal listening can distort the intent of which of the following?

  • Message
  • Channel
  • Source
  • All of the given options

Question No.5

Audience information such as age,gender,education and socioeconomic status falls into a categeory known as

  • Profiling
  • Topoi
  • Demographics

Question No.6

Is a process which demands that full attentation be paid to the spoken material.

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Hearing
  • Dialogue

Question No.7

Can also seriously impede the transmission of ideas?

  • Tolerance
  • Acceptance
  • Prejudice
  • Broadsides

Question No.8

What will be your first step for the preparation of the speech?

  • Selection of topic
  • Gathering material
  • Reading newspapers
  • Writing down relevant points

Question No.9

It is always easier to communicate at?

  • Peer level
  • Different position
  • Different class
  • Different status

Question No. 10

Which of the following is the first step in order to overcome communication barriers?

  • To recognize the most common barriers and then, understand their negative impact on communication
  • To recognize the most common barriers and then, find the positive aspects
  • To find the rare barriers and understand their negative impact
  • All of the given options


MCM301_mine latest Quizz

2:06pm, 3 Feb 2015 tues
1_ Which one of the following is suitable for both promotional and informational presentations in either the Proactive or Interactive modes?
Select correct option:

2_“His GPA in 2000(MBA) was 3.9 on a four point scale.” Which of the following is a correct and more concrete example of above statement?


Select correct option:

- His GPA was 3.9 on a four point scale 

- His GPA was good in 2000.

- He got a good score in his MBA Program.

- All of the given options


3_While using a flip board in presentation, 6x6 formula is used. What does it refers to?

Select correct option:

 6 sentences with 6 different colors on one chart

 6 words in every sentence written in 6 different colors

 6 sheets on flip board

 6 lines, each having 6 words on a sheet

4_In which stage of Group formation Members work to solve conflicts and recognize acceptable kinds of conduct?
Norming ( Book Effective Business Comm(Sie)By Murphy pg 471)
5_Which of the following is NOT among the drawbacks of using computerized design programs?
Select correct option:
Poorly conceived messages 
6_Which one of the following seating is the least comfortable for an audience, especially for presentations that last longer than an hour?

Select correct option:


 Modified T-formation

 Conventional classroom style

 Conventional theater style


7_When do you think groups, rather than individuals working alone, should be used to solve a problem?

Select correct option:

 When the task requires a limited amount of information and skills

 When a quick resolution is essential

 When commitment to the decision is important

 When the task is fairly simple and straightforward


8_All of the following guidelines play an important part to make your writing concrete, EXCEPT

missing by me

9_Supporting material can serve which of the following functions?

Select correct option:

 Apply clarity

 Increase interest

 Provide proof

 All of the given options


10_To find the right media for your presentation you need to first determine which one of the following?

Select correct option:

All of the given options.

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++"(نور -ا- ایمان بی بی زینب)"++ 3  Thanks 

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