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“Semester Spring 2013”
“Communication Skills (MCM301)”
Assignment No. 01 Marks: 15

Assignment Topic:
Barriers to Communication

Learning objectives:
The objective of this assignment is
• To make students aware about the barriers to effective communication.

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) held a huge procession on 23rd March 2013 at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. The officials of the party delivered speeches to the crowed regarding upcoming elections and their policies. A massive crowed was there to listen to the speech of Chairman PTI Mr. Imran Khan.

You are supposed to watch the speech of Imran khan (Chairman PTI) and answer the following questions:
• Identify the physical/psychological barriers which obstructed the communication process in the speech and justify your answer with strong arguments. (At least five barriers 7.5)
• How the identified barriers could be overcome by the management as to minimize the obstacles to effective communication? (At least five suggestions 7.5)

Learning outcomes:
• Students will learn the importance of minimizing the obstacles hindering the communication process.

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 Moin Meera PDF files ku without IDM Download kiha karo...

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thxc maryam 

:  Identify the physical/psychological barriers which obstructed the communication 

Process in the speech and justify your answer with strong arguments. (At least five 

Barriers 7.5) 

(justify your answer with strong arguments) yah kasa krna hai........ plzzzzzzzzz help light jana wale hai jaldi bata dain koi.

MCM301 Assignment#1 May 2013

Dnt Copy paste Chang it a bit :d

Youare supposedtowatch the speechofImrankhan(ChairmanPTI) andanswer
the followingquestions:
• Identify thephysical/psychological barrierswhichobstructedthe communication
process inthe speechandjustify your answerwithstrong arguments. (Atleastfive
Rush of people 
Speaker and mic problem 
Listening problem to the speech due to standing at the distant area 
Rain (that day rain fall occurred as I was at Minar e Pakistan) (so it is too a ​barrier) 
Darkness due to evening 
Seeing problem 
Hearing problem 
Poor sound equipments 
Psychologicalbarriers:Difference in perception 
Difference in thinking means thinking barrier 
Cultural differences 
Language barriers 
Low level of participation 
Standing and sitting at distance  
Personality barriers 
• Howthe identifiedbarriers couldbe overcome by themanagement as to minimize
the obstacles to effective communication? (Atleastfive suggestions7.5)
The above mentioned factors are explained here under that how can we minimize th​e 
obstacles to effective communication; 
Noise can be reduced by noise reducing agents. People could be educated not to make 
noise during the speech 
Rush of people can be minimized by educating the people to sit in queue 
Speaker andmicproblem
Speaker and mic problems could be overcome by installing good quality speakers a​nd mic. 
Listeningproblemto the speechdue to standing atthe distant area
This obstacle could be minimized by arranging such an arrangemtn in which the au​dience 
could see and hear the speaker clearly. 
Rain(thatday rain fall occurredas Iwas at Minar ePakistan) (so itis too a barrier)
This obstacle could be overcome by arranging the speech on the day at which rain​ isn’t 
predicted. For this purpose,  weather forecast could be taken and studied. 
Darknessdue to evening
In the evening lights and bulbs could be installed to overcome this hurdle. Poor soundequipments
This hurdle could be minimized by installing lates and good sound equipmints. 
This obstacle could be over come by cleaning the area and removing the pollution​. 
Difference inperception
This obstacle could be minimized thorough educating the people and letting them ​know 
your perception and educating them clearly your perception so that they can unde​rstand 
your way of perceiving.

MCM 301




Plz dnt copy this its just an idea




QUESTION1:  Identify the physical/psychological barriers which obstructed the communication 

Process in the speech and justify your answer with strong arguments. (At least five 

Barriers 7.5) 


      ANSWER NO.1:

      Physical Barriers: 


  1. Noise
  2. Rush of people.
  3. Speaker and  mic problems.
  4. Listening problems to the speech due to the standing at the distant area.
  5. Rain (that day I saw on news channel that the speech of Imran khan at Minar-e-Pakistan was interrupted by rainfall but iwas continue) so it is to a barrier.
  6. Darkness due to evening.
  7. Seeing problems.
  8. Hearing problems.
  9. Poor sound equipments.

10. Pollution.

Psychological barriers: 


  1. Difference in perception.
  2. Difference in thinking means thinking barrier.(to think different is also kind of barrier).
  3. Cultural differences.
  4. Language barriers.
  5. Low level of participations.
  6. Standing and sitting at distance.
  7. Personality barriers.

QUESTION NO. 2:  How the identified barriers could be overcome by the management as to minimize 

the obstacles to effective communication? (At least five suggestions 7.5) 



  1. Noise:

         Noise can be reduced by noise reducing agents. People could be educated not to make 

         noise during the speech 


  1. Rush of people:

         Rush of people can be minimized by educating the people to sit in queue 


  1. Speaker and  mic problems:

      Speaker and mic problems could be overcome by installing good quality speakers and mic. 


  1. Listening problems to the speech due to the standing at the distant area:

        This obstacle could be minimized by arranging such an arrangemtn in which the audience 

        could see and hear the speaker clearly. 


  1. Rain (that day I saw on news channel that the speech of Imran khan at Minar-e-Pakistan was interrupted by rainfall but iwas continue) so it is to a barrier:

        This obstacle could be overcome by arranging the speech on the day at which rain isn’t 

        Predicted. For this purpose, weather forecast could be taken and studied. 


  1. Darkness due to evening:

In the evening lights and bulbs could be installed to overcome this hurdle. 


  1. Poor sound equipments:

This hurdle could be minimized by installing lates and good sound equipmints. 


  1. Pollution :

This obstacle could be over come by cleaning the area and removing the pollution. 


  1. Difference in perception:


This obstacle could be minimized thorough educating the people and letting them know 

your perception and educating them clearly your perception so that they can understand 

your way of perceiving. 


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