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MCM301 Communication skills Assignment No 02 Solution & Discussion Due Date: 24-07-2014

       TOPIC “Effective Writing”
Learning Objective:
The objective of this assignment is to
 Give students the sense that how conciseness make your ideas effective.
 Give students hands on experience in writing a letter in the context of business communication.
Effective writing is concise each word, sentence, and paragraph counts. Conciseness should not be interpreted to mean brevity, which will result in an incomplete message. To illustrate, a 150-word letter that could be written in 100 words without a loss in meaning is an example of a concise item.
Make the following paragraphs more concise without removing any information.
1. From 4 August onwards, students will be selected for the Prime Minister Laptop scheme using merit policy which has been devised keeping legal requirements in focus. Prime Minister has announced in a meeting that the merit policy will be utilized at all cost.
2. The Pakistan government has announced that the Passport Office will replace free of charge until the dates specified any current passport lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the floods in 2012. Those applicants who are eligible should contact the Passport Information Service on xxx-xxxxxxx for further information.
3. The investigation procedure can be so, that if an employee of the organization breaches the rules of the organization, the disciplinary committees will investigate the matter by deeply analyzing the case. After the investigation. The employee can also make a plea to the committee if he thinks the charges are invalid. (Marks: 2x2x2)
Communication Skills MCM301 Department of Mass Communication Virtual University of Pakistan SEMESTER SPRING 2014 ASSIGNMENT NO.2 MARKS: 15
MCM 301 Communication Skills VU
Write a direct request letter for the replacement of a newly purchased laptop from XYZ suppliers. Your letter should be concise and concrete in its wordings.
Follow the given guidelines while writing your letter.
a. Mention that why you want to replace your laptop
b. Discuss the specification required.
1. RAM
2. Hard Disk
c. Mention that how the replacement will benefits you.
d. Discuss warranty on new copier
e. A courteous closing (Marks: 2+6+1)
Learning Outcomes:
Students will learn
 The element of conciseness.
 The skills required in writing a business letter.
Note: Copied material will be graded “Zero”. Schedule

Opening Date and Time
July 18th, 2014 At 12:01 A.M. (Mid-Night)
Due Date and Time
July 24th, 2014 At 11:59 P.M. (Mid-Night)

Note: Only in the case of Assignment, 24 Hrs. extra / grace period after the above mentioned due date is usually available to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by the students on last date. This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any inconvenience.
Important Instructions:
Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the assignment solution.
 Make sure that you upload the solution file before the due date. No assignment will be accepted through e-mail once the solution has been uploaded by the instructor.

Formatting guidelines:
MCM 301 Communication Skills VU
 Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
 It is advised to compose your document in MS-Word 2003.
 Use black and blue font colors only.
Solution guidelines:
 Use APA style for referencing and citation. For guidance search “APA reference style” in Google and read various website containing information for better understanding or visithttp://linguistics.byu.edu/faculty/henrichsenl/apa/APA01.html
 Every student will work individually and has to write in the form of an analytical assignment.
 Give the answer according to question, there will be negative marking for irrelevant material.
 For acquiring the relevant knowledge don’t rely only on handouts but watch the video lectures and use other reference books also.
Rules for Marking:
Please note that your assignment will not be graded or graded as Zero (0) if:
 It has been submitted after due date
 The file you uploaded does not open or is corrupt

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Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

Share idea..................solution

A concrete noun is a word for something that can be experienced by any of the five physical senses; something that can be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched.

Examples: I had an apple with my lunch. Jackie saw the baboons at the zoo. My car is making a funny noise. Sometimes deer come into our yard. You can have a hard boiled egg with your breakfast. Her window sill was lined with potted ferns. I've been thinking of planting a garden this year. The highway was blocked by an accident. It was an iceberg that sank the Titanic. He found his grandfather's journal in the old desk. I skinned my knee when I fell of my bike. We need a lantern for our camping trip.

Let's serve martinis before dinner. I slipped a note under her door. Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The people that work here aren't paid much. Cindy was crowned the prom queen. I always put radishes in any salad. The soldier arrived home to the cheers of his neighbors. He has a number of trophies for golf wins. The usher found my missing shoe. My joke fell dead, I could tell by the circling vulture. I have big plans for the weekend. The xylophone was a great addition to the orchestra. My uncle raises yaks for their milk. Jack had a good time at the zoo. Instead of a cherry, she put a strawberry on the top of my sundae.

business letter nai ha Bhai direct request letter ha.

please check this file for help its perfect

kon c file adnan bhie ????????????????????

tariq sir discuss more material

Nice work

file corruprt a re ha

Impure damage of luggage letter nahi chahiaye. Direct request letter hai ??

Aur jo file upload kar rahay ho iska koi faida nahi  he he he

 Jana jutt 

Files are ok

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then downlaod kro, IDM files ko damage kar daita ha




PDf files IDM (Internet Download Manger) k sath download kerty waqt ALT Key Use  krain means Alt  push kye rkhyn jub tak fil download na ho jae  to PDF files sahi open hon gi


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Student ID:

Assignment: MCM301_assignment 2




Question 1:



            The paragraphs are concise in the following given form.


1)      From 4 August onward, students will be selected of PM laptop scheme on merit. It is designed keeping in view the legal requirements. The PM has stated that the merit policy will be utilized at all cost.


2)      The Pakistan government announced that the current passport lost, damaged or destroyed in the flood 2012 will be replaced freely until a given date. The applicants should contact the Information service on xxx-xxxxxxx for further information.


3)      According to the investigation procedure if any employee breaches the rules of the organization. The disciplinary committee will deeply analyze the case. After that the employee can make a plea to the committee if his charges are invalid.



Question 2:




            Letter for the replacement of the Laptop



Address: abc


24 July 2014

The manager,


Add: XYZ


Mr. abc (Manager of xyz)


            I purchased a new laptop DELL latitudeE6400 from your company at 20 July, 2014. After purchasing the laptop I came to know that this laptop is not meeting the requirement of my work. So I am writing you to replace this laptop with a laptop which specification is given below.

            The laptop should have ATi HD 5470 graphics card, 1024MB of video memory, and battery timing should more than 3 hours. Then laptop RAM should be 4GB, Hard disk 500GB. Also it should have built in WIFI, camera, mic.


            And the charges will be adjusted according to the price of the new laptop.


Kindly replace the laptop as soon as possible. So I can utilize it in my work. Because it is very necessary for me to replace the laptop as soon as possible.

                                                                                                 Yours Sincerely,



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