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MCM301 - My Quiz - Jan 30 - Lahore

Question # 1 of 20

Tributes, acceptance, inspiration, speaking after-dinner, & master of ceremonies are examples of:


Informative speech

Ceremonial speech

Informative speech

None of the above


Question # 2 of 20

All of the following are the benefits of handouts EXCEPT:


Handouts eliminate the need for note taking.

Handouts provide an accurate record of the information being presented.

Handouts can be used with all types of presentation media.

Handouts passed out in advance tend to cause attendees to prejudge the presenter and/or the presentation.


Question # 3 of 20

All of the following are Important details to include in the letter of invitation EXCEPT:


The topic of the presentation

The date and time of presentation

The venue of the presentation

The menu of lunch to be given in the end of presentation


Question # 4 of 20

Business associates can be a helpful source for:


Identifying probable questions and objections

Can reveal questions and concerns

It is helpful to recall the questions

None of the given options


Question # 5 of 20

Which of the following is NOT among the drawbacks of using computerized design programs?


Poorly conceived messages

Simplistic presentations  (not sure)

Design over content

Overly complex presentations


Question # 6 of 20

Like all routine messages, routine requests have all of the following EXCEPT:


An opening

A body

A close

A center          


Question # 7 of 20

Suppose there is a group meeting and in the end all the group members agree on the final decision through discussion and debate. What kin d on solution is it?





Majority vote


Question # 8 of 20

Which of the following is not a part of writing plan of a reservation letter?


A fast-start opening which identifies the type of room desired and the days needed

A section which mentions arrival and departure times

A section describing the quality of the room you booked in the other hotel         

A courteous, action-oriented closing, which mentions your desire for a confirmation


Question # 9 of 20

A presenter can prepare effective responses to questions by following all of the given steps EXCEPT one. Which one is that?




Recording  (not sure)



Question # 10 of 20

All of the following factors bring the element of completeness in a message EXCEPT:


Providing all necessary information (not sure)

Answering all questions asked

Giving something extra, when desirable

Using vivid, image-building words


Question # 11 of 20

Question # 12 of 20

Question # 13 of 20

Diversity is important to the success of groups. What does it mean?


Group members should tolerate diversity (not sure)

Group members should encourage and support diversity

Group members should be honest in their personal views toward diversity

Co-cultures can contribute to group dysfunction if differences dominate group goals


Question # 14 of 20

Select what do facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and body language tells about the speaker?


Presentation topic

Educational background

Frame of mind

Level of confidence


Question # 15 of 20

A speech designed to change or reinforce the audience's beliefs or actions. This is an example of:


Informative speech

Ceremonial speech

Persuasive speech

None of the given options


Question # 16 of 20

Diagrams are excellent for conveying all of the following, except :


Information about size

Information about shape

Information about structure

Information about audience (not sure)


Question # 17 of 20

All of the following are the common reasons for disruptive behavior EXCEPT one. Which one is that?


Resistance to change

Resentment of the presenter

Repetition of behavior that is successful for the detractor

Reappearance of the presenter


Question # 18 of 20

Which one of the following is not required to keep conciseness in writing?


Including only relevant material

Adding extra and unrelated information         

Eliminating wordy expressions

Avoiding unnecessary repetition


Question # 19 of 20

Effective writers visualize the ___________ before starting to write.



Reader (not sure)




Question # 20 of 20

All of the following tactics can be employed for dealing with disruptive incidents EXCEPT:





Drag (not sure)

Ali Thanks for sharing ur quiz 

thanks for sharing the quiz

friends here is my own solved mcm quiz 5..

hope you will like it :)




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