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Replies to This Discussion

Today was my MCM 301 Exam...all objectives from old paers...and these were Subjective questions?

1-Informative and A Persuasive Speech

2-Listener Barrier 

3-How to deliver a good speech.Discuss it with Example



mcqZ kitne aye thy?
three questions 3 marks and two 5 marks (By SOAHIL)


1 Boardroom arrangement is ideal for group discussion, particularly between 10-15 participants. Discuss 3 marks

2 keeping open mind is essential for better listener, Discuss

3 A skillful response consists of two parts: Discuss. 5 marks

4 what is deductive and inductive order of speech.

5 one I forgot

Types of media used to direct information upward are:

Select correct option:

Reports, interoffice memos and supervisor subordinate conferences

Letters, newspapers and radio

Newspapers, books and interoffice memos

TV, radio and wall chalking


Which of the following is usually related to environmental factors that affect


Select correct option:

Listener barrier

Sender barrier

Physical barrier



All of the following are the common reasons for disruptive behavior EXCEPT

one. Which one is that?

Select correct option:

Resistance to change

Resentment of the presenter

Repetition of behavior that is successful for the detractor

Reappearance of the presenter


Mediated communication occurs through:

Select correct option:

Letters, reports, forms and interoffice memoranda

Letters, newspapers and radio

Newspapers, books and TV

TV, radio and wall chalking


All of the following statements are the purposes of forming an outline for a speech EXCEPT

one. Which one is it?

It helps put order to the information.

It serves as a model to check your work.

It serves as a guide from which to deliver your speech.

It helps to build confusion for the listeners.


A speech designed to change or reinforce the audience's beliefs or actions. This is an

example of:

Select correct option:

Informative speech

Ceremonial speech

Persuasive speech

None of the given options


How many components do self-concept has?

Select correct option:






Which one of the following defines interpersonal communication as communication that

occurs between people who have known each other for some time?

Select correct option:

Developmental view

Contextual view

Relative view

Virtual view


On the average, how faster a person can think than the listener can talk?

Ten times

Five times

Four times

Three times


In general, there are ________________of newspaper indexes:

Select correct option:

Two kinds

Three kinds

Many kinds

None of the given option

Thanks a Lot
Thnks for sharing............

TODAY was my MCM301 Exam

all MCQ from past papers  and i ma mention the subjective Q....


1-Keeping on open mind is essential for better listening DIscuss??(2)

2-LIKE the Characteristics of vocal quality(pitch,value,rate and tone)speech pattern can either to or

detract from presenters effectiveness discuss(3)?

3-why is it necessary to know the audience knowledge about the topic??(3)

4-what factors cause listeners berries,how can they eliminated or reduced???(5)

5-what is the difference between persuasive and informatics speech explain??(5)



Thanks MCM 301 ka mera kal paper hy


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