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MCM311 Reporting and Sub-Editing Assignment No 01 Spring 2020 Solution & Discussion

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MCM 311 Assignment No.1 Solution Spring 2020

MCM311 Assignment NO.1 2020

The major elements of good news reporting are: accuracy, speed, interest, newsworthiness, clarity, conciseness, objectivity, factuality, comprehensiveness, cohesiveness and meaningfulness.
Question 1.
Keeping the elements of news in mind, write a news story regarding the on going situation of corona pandemic in your surroundings. Also, mention three major sources that you will consult for it.
• Give a heading a sub heading.
• News story should not exceed 250 words.
Story About:
Pandemics and the Coronavirus

Situation of corona pandemic in your surroundings

This story is about pandemics and the Coronavirus. Apandemic is when many people in a large area become sick. A pandemic is usually caused by a new virus. The Coronavirus is a virus causing a worldwide pandemic now.
Viruses are so small that it takes an electron microscope to see them. People can’t see if a virus is near them. People are smart. Even though they can’t see the Coronavirus, they know what to do. They use healthy habits and work together to make it harder for the Coronavirus to spread. This helps to keep people healthy during the pandemic.
People wash their hands really well and often during a pandemic. Adults make sure kids know how to wash their hands well. And, adults remind kids to wash their hands a lot.
The Coronavirus has been traveling fast from one person to another. If many people are close together in the same place, that makes it easier for a virus to spread. More people become sick faster.
Sometimes schools close during a pandemic. That way, children are farther apart from one another and it’s harder for a virus to spread.
A pandemic can cause people to reschedule their vacation plans. This is because vacations are often in fun and crowded places. People try to avoid crowds in a pandemic. They may re-schedule their trip.
My parents are learning more about the Coronavirus every day. They watch the news and look for information. They are watching out for me, too. If I have questions, they can help.
It’s good to know that pandemics don’t happen very often. They occur about once every twenty-five or thirty years, or about three times every one hundred years. It’s also helpful to remember that the Coronavirus pandemic will end; probably not by tomorrow morning, but it will end.
Three major sources that you will consult for it.
• Avoid visitors while you have symptoms.
• Household members should stay in a different room or if that is not possible, maintain a distance of at least 1 meter.
• Hand must be cleaned before and after preparing food, before eating, after using the toilet, and whenever hands look dirty.

Question 2 .
Most of the news posts shared through social media need verification. Many news stories relating to the corona virus in Pakistan are circulated daily. In this situation, how you verify the social media news for its authenticity?
Fake news and misinformation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic are doing the rounds on the internet and various social media platforms
During a health crisis, misinformation can be very harmful. Purported cures for the disease, scamsters fake phone numbers disguised as helplines, inaccurate guidelines claiming to be from the government etc. are just some examples of fake news and misinformation on the internet.
since the novel coronavirus is still new, many health authorities are still trying to understand the virus and disease it causes, hence, only share evidence-based research when it becomes available. Lastly, misinformation harms everybody at various magnitudes and hence, always verify information if in doubt.
Here are a few simple tools, methods, tips and tricks that you could use to verify information that you receive on WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms
1. Image and document verification:
FOCA is an open-source tool for Windows that gives you metadata information of a photo or document including the time it was shot/made, the copyright owner, the camera that was used to shoot the photo which software was used to make a document among others. One can use this tool to check the authenticity of an image or document
2. Check government websites for authentic documents
Many documents float around on the internet claiming to be authentic government documents and these may dish out instructions that are detrimental to your health and well-being in this health cris...
3. Reverse image search
Search engines offer reverse image search including Google. When you click on the camera icon on the Google Images webpage, you can upload a photo to check where else that image was published and who published the image first...
4. Facebook Post verification:
Who Posted What? This tool helps you search for posts on Facebook based on keywords, date, time ranges, locations. You could use this tool to verify who posted a particular piece of information first...
5. Twitter Bots:
Botometer is a tool that helps you check whether a particular Twitter account is a bot or not. A bot account on Twitter churns out specific automated tweets, retweets particular accounts and can do this at a high pace with...
6. Location-based verification (Twitter)
The anonymity and wide reach that the internet provides make it easy to spread misinformation about a remote location without being there, hence if you want to verify information about a particular location, ...
To conclude, if we forward messages on social media platforms, it is our duty to make sure that the information we pass on is legitimate and will not cause harm in any way to the person addressed or society at large.

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