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MCM511 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

MCM511 Final Term Papers Spring 2019 (24 August ~ 04 September 2019) & All Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs & Helping Material

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Aj ke paper me ye sawal aye the:


2. Hot and cool

3. Internationalization

4. Neo Marxism

5. Social cognitive theory

6. Lazarsfeld’s

7. Base and superstructure

8. Media Literacy Movement

9. Weaver

10. MARSHALL MCLUHAN study of Greece, Egypt, and Rome

Hope this helps and please share your papers as well to help other VU students.

Danial  thanks for sharing 

thank for sharing 

mid term kay exam may say paper aya tha ya ni

Mid Term

1-22 (Neutral With 2 Or 3 Difficult One)
Q23: Definitions Of Civic Journalism By Gardner. (Is Tarah Ka Name Tha) 3
Q24: Discuss MainStreaming. 3
Q25: What Is Traidic Causual Reciprocal? 3
Q26: View Points Of Opposition To Elite-Pluralism. 5
Q27: Social Construction Of Reality And Cultivation. 5

511.docx 511.Docx, 28 KB

Westley-MacLean Model Differs From The Shannon-Weaver Model In What Sense?



Gate Keeping
Feedback And Gate Keeping 
Feedback And Criticism


Video Games, Virtual Reality And Cd-Roms Are Examples Of Which Of The Following

Types Of Media?

Telematic/ New Media 
Mass Media
Electronic Media
Print Media


Which Of The Following In NOT Correct About Mass Communication


Mass Media Is The Tool Used For Mass Communication

Process Of Mass Communication Is Synonymous With The Mass Media.
Mass Communication Is Sharing Information At Mass Level.
It Is Not Possible Without The Use Of Mass Media.


The Chicago School Opposed The Notion Of:


Free Marketplace Of Ideas

Free Marketplace Of Automobiles
Free Marketplace Of Consumer Goods
Free Marketplace Of Hi-Tech


_______________ Is A Movement To Steer Journalism Towards Reinvigorating Public Life, Which Many See As Excluding Ordinary Citizens And Devaluing The Need To Inform Them.


Radio Journalism

Civic Journalism
Yellow Journalism
Free Press


Many Critics Consider ______________ An Updated Version Of Authoritarian Theory.


Social Responsibility Theory

Libertarian Theory
Development Media Theory
Democratic Participant Theory


_________________ Defied The Pope Paul IV And Used The Printing Press To Spread Reformation Literature To The Masses

Marshal McLuhan
Martin Luther
Ferdinand Tonnies
Emile Durkheim


The Concept Of Four Kinds Of Theories I.E. Social Scientific Theory, Normative Theory, Everyday Theory And Operational Theory Was Given By Which Of The Following Communication Scholar?

Dennis McQuail
Wilber Schramm
Claude Shannon
Albert Einstein


Which Of The Following Approach Was Preferred By Lazarsfeld To Theory Construction?


Inductive Approach

Deductive Approach
Casual Approach
Indirect Approach


__________________ Propounds That Media Have Minimal Effects Because Those Effects Are Mitigated By A Variety Of Mediating Or Intervening Variables.


Social Categories Theory

Limited Effects Theory
Media Dependency Theory
Indirect Effects Theory


All Of The Following Are The Assumptions Of Elite Pluralism, Except:


Media Have Little Ability To Directly Influence People.

Media Alone Cannot Alter Politics.
Media, In The Name Of Stability, Should Not Reinforce Political Party Loyalties
Media Shouldn’t Be Expected To Lead Public Opinion But Rather Reinforce It.


__________________ Assumes That Every One Must Be Well Informed And Politically Active.


Classical Democratic Theory

Political Economic Theory
Spiral Of Silence Theory
Klapper’s Phenomenistic Theory


All Of The Following Are A Part Of Five Innovation-Adoption Categories Proposed By Communication Scholar Everett Rogers, EXCEPT

Late Comers
Early Majority

Which Of The Following Is The Process By Which An Innovation Is Communicated Through Certain Channels Over Time Among The Members Of Social System?



_________________ Is The Direct, Mechanical Reproduction Of Behavior



Agenda Setting


Which Of The Following Term Is Also Used For Catharsis





Which Of The Following Includes The Concepts Of Motivation And Evaluation?


Symbolizing Capacity

Self-Regulatory Capacity
Self-Reflective Capacity
Vicarious Capacity


Seeing A Model Punished From A Behavior Is Sufficient To Reduce The Likelihood That The Observer Will Make That Behavior. This Is The ___________ Effect Of Modeling





Which Of The Following Approach Was Preferred By Lazarsfeld To Theory Construction?

A) Inductive Approach

B) Deductive Approach

C) Casual Approach

D) Indirect Approach

Difference between the Centrifugal tendencies and centripetal tendencies     (3 marks)

Liberal pluralist                                                               (3 marks)

Critical theory                                                                 (3 marks)

Globalization and media                                                  (3 marks)

Question about hegemony                                               (3 marks)

System and how apply the system in society                      (5 marks)         

Question from this topic (Spiral of silence )                        (5 marks)                             Barrier against effective interpersonal communication         (5 marks)                                 

Power of advertising                                                         (5 marks)                                 Question from this topic:Marshall McLuhan: the medium is the message and massage  I haven’t remember what they exactly asked (5 marks)  


Mostly mcq come from the knowledge gap theory uses and gartification theory, totalization media theory, Marxist theory, media system dependency, a mcq about framing, and a mcq from alienation.

Aur kon si theory kis nay present (pash) ki ha aur kub ki is kay baray may bi bohat mcqs thay also 3 to 4 mcqs past may say bi thay

hope that this will  be helpful for u 

plz share ur paper too to help other students




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