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MCM517 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Dec 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

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22 MCQ’s


5 subjective Question

what are the characteristics of innovation. 3 marks

 what are the potentials of internet. (3

 Differentiate between analogue of digital signals ( 3

What do you know about online advertising. (5

How to links the fast upload websites(5


 MCQ’s for midterm

1.Online advertising can be divided in to category named as,,,,( lagtimate and illagimate)


 2,Active, participatory citizenship is the(Potential of the Internet)


3. Which of the following category of advertising can be found in the form of advertising networks and opt-in e-mail advertising?( Legitimate advertising)


4.Which one of the following characteristic of online journalism allows online journalist to include text and graphics, sound, music, motion video, animation and 3D?,



5.A news story is connected to other stories, archives, resources and so on through by which of the given?( Hyperlinks)


6.The ARPANet was a project funded primarily by U.S. military sources from which of the following department?.., Defence


7. Which of the following is NOT refers to characteristics of the internet?... Inaccuracy


8.These are the characteristics of the innovation, Except:…( Innovativeness


9.These are the characteristics of Individual in diffusion, Except:.. (compatibility


10.Online advertising has the capability to reach ___________ at a fast rate.( Golbal audience

11.Which of the following type of advertising is carried out in the online environment? (Online advirtisng


12)When Internet was first conceived by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States government?...(.1969


13)The statement, “The Net’s big strength is direct response advertising where direct response leverages the Internet’s unique opportunity for two way communication with consumers. Placing advertising in this environment will grants advertises unique opportunity for in the element of interactivity” is stated by:…. (Strauss and Frost


14)Who wrote a comprehensive book on “Diffusion of Innovation”? (Everett Rogers



15)Online journalism is the place, where television, radio, and the new media forms of the _______ collide. (Internet


16.The ______________ allows news and information to move at tremendous dispatch, limited only by the speed of the electron or electromagnetic wave…internet

Open-source journalism makes news stories available to online communities for ___________ before its final publication. Scrutiny

17)Through which of the following, news web sites provide its users the facility to subscribe for news alerts, breaking news and updates?( SMS


18)There are computers with all kinds of resolution and range from 640 x 480 to _( 1024 x 768


19)Set of photos that are displayed in a sequence usually with no preview of upcoming photos refers to which of the following: (silde show


20)Larger blocks of text make reading on screens very… (Diffcult


21)Let your information be accessible from which parts of the site for effective web design? Navigation


22)Writing for the Web should be a cross between broadcasting and,, print media


23)Which of the following is true about the relation between reader and online journalist?(Dynamic) doubted ans


24)The designs should be optimized for the web and should not take more than ________ time to load. (15 sec


25)How many types of main contents used in web resource designing? Four 


26)RSS stands for: (Real Software Syndication


27)In audios the sound plays once and does not repeat automatically on the computers refers to:

28)Which of the following is related to the user's 'control over content'?( interactivity


29)The job of designer is to design your site for all _resolation ( 


30)All of the following are included in the content of web resource designing, Except: (navigation


32)Which type of text content makes the writer work harder but the reader can read the content easily?..active verbs


33)For successful navigation design, it's important to consider the _________ as well in the graphical environment of the web…(interface


34)Which of the following is the foundation for great web design?.. (Information architecture


35)Cyberspace belongs to whom? reader







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