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MCM520 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Dec 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

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5 subjective Question

  1. what is meant by mass communication
  2. what do you know about term vertical intergration.
  3. what do u know by feminization poverty.explain?
  4. Bertelsmann is the one European firm in the first tier of media giants. Disscuss
  5. Trafficking rate are very high is most countries what are the reasons behind this.



22 McQ’s


1.When the Iraq war started. (19 march 2003


2.A documentary aired on the National Geographic Channel in Britain on titled

.What’s up with the weather. (August 9, 2003


3.The Rise of Consumer Society in Britain written by.( John Benson


4. …started making inked impressions from carved blocks

shortly after 175 A.D.( The Chinese


5.VoA is the abbrivation of ( Voice of Amrica)



6.Which of the following is one of the leading electronics and manufacturing firms in the world with nearly $80 billion in sales?.. general election


7.The illicit trafficking in small arms is a ------------------ phenomenon.( Trans National


8.Human trafficking differs from people's: (sammagling


9.Since the Persian Gulf War in 1991, there have been additional conflicts and confrontations with Iraq, such as the bombing campaign of 1998, and the recent events amidst the so-called( War on terror


10.During the------------------, the United States had imposed military control on the information, which meant that the media portrayal would not have given a complete picture. (Gulf war 1991


11 Which of the following is/are the reason(s) of high level human smuggling? .(.All given options

12.Legal drugs can be the subject of smuggling and illegal trading if the price difference between the origin and the destination are high enough to make it ----------------- due to high taxes or other restrictions in the destination locale. ..(Profitable


 13.Powell announced his resignation as chairman of the FCC in( janery

14is being used a major tool in glamorizing violence and criminal behaviors and is presenting guns as accessories that add glamour and style to your personality. (Advertising


15The dramatic story of "-----------------------" was one of the most spectacular human interest stories of the war that revealed the constructed and spectacle nature of the event and the ways that the Pentagon constructed mythologies that were replicated by the TV networks…(Saving Private Lynch


16.Bertelsmann is the one ---------------------- in the first tier of media giants… (Eurpion firm

17The ---------------------- 2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that nationwide over 800,000 adolescents (ages 12-17) sold illegal drugs during the 12 months preceding the survey.( Us government




18.PAL is an abbreviation of:

(Phase Alternating Line


-19 was the first daily newspaper started by Maulvi Kabeeruddin from Kolkata in 1858.

(Urdu gide


20 All of the following can be considered as a part of new media, except: (Analogue technology

21. Madan Theatres of Calcutta produced---------------------- in 1931. Shirin Farhad and (Laila Majnu


22.Which among the following is NOT the objective of WAN? To ensure economic dependence of the newspapers on the state


.23 When was first French newspaper founded? (1631


.24 Which one of the following newspaper does not belong to Japan? (Trud


25Newspaper circulation is the number of copies distributed on an average day, also called ---------------------, is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates.


26.Edison exhibited his moving pictures in a peep-show device that he called the -----------(.Kinetoscope


27Which of the following statement is correct about the online media?


All of the following are the characteristics of modern newspapers, except:,( Prints news of general interest rather than items on specialized topics such as religion or business.

29.The first era of globalization during the ----------------- was the rapid growth of international trade between the European imperial powers, the European colonies, and the United States.( 19th


30.The ------------------------ is one of the several organizations of the same name operating in different parts of the world.( Audit Bureau of Circulations


The easy access of children to the indecent material on the internet is considered as which one of the following?


32.The ---------------------------- is a non-profit, non-governmental organization made up of 76 national newspaper associations, 12 news agencies, 10 regional press organizations and individual newspaper executives in 100 countries… (World Association of Newspapers






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