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Spring 2016

Graded Discussion Board.01

Human Relations (MGMT611)

Due date: 19th May, 2016

Topic: Role of personality in stress handling.


Objective of the activity

The purpose of this activity is to provide students, opportunity to apply their subject related concepts into a real life scenario.

Learning outcome

After attempting this GDB, students will be able to analyze the stress handling of different individuals in effective way.


Two co-workers Sadakat and Aftab are working in the Weaving Section of SAPPHIRE textile mills Karachi. When we look on the personality of Sadakat, he is very cool minded person with persistent behavior and ability to cope up pressure situations in his life. Whereas Aftab is a short tempered person he is somewhat inflexible and often frustrate in more demanding situations.

The working conditions in Weaving Section are very hard-hitting as heavy machinery is being used followed by heat and too much noise. Each employee of this department is facing the similar amount of work, identical tough working conditions and same working stress/pressure. At the end of the year, when both employees are to be appraised on the basis of their performance of past year, Sadakat was found to be more efficient then Aftab. Head of Weaving Section called their immediate supervisor in order to take feedback about both of them. He replied that the difference between their performances is due to certain reasons.

Point of Discussion:

Suggest what could be the different reasons that led to the difference between the performance of Sadakat and Aftab. Justify your verdict with solid arguments.


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Replies to This Discussion

itf from 2nd and 3rd lesson

this thing is to be establish

After attempting this GDB, students will be able to analyze the stress handling of different individuals in effective way.

Here I would like to nominate / assign some personality traits to both of the workers Sadaqat and Aftab on the basis of which they are differ in their performances & efficiencies;

Positive stress minded person
Negative stress minded person
Assertive in nature
Agressive in Nature
Change Adaptibile & Flexible in Nature
Trying to things done according to his expectations
Believe on team work
Bossy in nature
Internal locus of control
External locus of control
Openess to Experience
Loose Confidence
Self Awared
Loose self awared
Self Monitored
Self Worth & Good Perceived Value
Loose self worth
Sadaqat is a self managed person and can manage well himself under pressure. He is assertive & flexible in nature. He molds himself according to the situation and act accordingly. He believes in team work, open to communication, copping the situation by applying first on himself empathically, He accepts the mistakes deligently and trying to overcome on mistakes next time. He is ready to take risks and ready to take new challenges. Along with his own tasks / field, he is also taking interest and putting the eyes on the things happening in his surroundings. He is consistent in nature, He is fully awared about his capabilities, He is confident whatever the challenges may be. Sadaqat possesses such capabilities and attributes within himself so he is good in stress handling and keeping a distinct image in the minds of people.

On the other hand, Aftab is negative stress minded person. He is not willing to perform well under pressure. In case of failure in any task assigned to him, he tends to blame on others and on prevailing situations. He is always stick in getting things happened on ideal basis according to his own expectations which is not possible in organizations. He is a bossy natured person and always impose his own decisions on others. He is not performing as team player. He is concerned with his own self, just focus on his own field and taking no interest in his surroundings. He is in consistent, short tempered and low confident personality. He is not fully awared and confident upon his capabilities and skills that he can do this task positively. All these personality attributes lead him towards his loose perceived worth in the company and cannot handle the stress effectively.

Myri gdb galt...yh tu fully explain ki hy...main ny just 4,4 lines my both ko.explain kar dya...


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