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                                                HUMAN RELATIONS (MGMT611)
                                                          ASSIGNMENT NO. 01
                                                       DUE DATE: MAY 15TH, 2013
                                                                MARKS: 20
                                                  TOPIC: PERSONALITY AND PERCEPTION
First job always holds a fascination for new graduates if, they get the right job according to their
personality. But what if they still get into the right place and become unhappy and
After having a month holiday, Hina was excited for becoming a Market Researcher in a
Multinational. Apart from internship and few other academic projects she had no practical
experience. After joining, she was fervent to show her strengths and motivation by working
wholeheartedly and rushing into things to meet deadlines. She was a robust, hardworking and
time conscious youngest girl in her department.
During the first few months, she successfully managed to develop good professional
relationship with her coworkers and manager as well. Besides her team, she was also able to
communicate with people from other departments of the company.
Recently the Manager identified that the customers’ preferences are changing and now they
need to have more unique features and reliability in the product. For this purpose, he
developed a team of six members including Hina and five coworkers: two are young college
graduates but more experienced than her, whereas; the other three are considerably older
employees. Due to competent nominations in the team, “Team Leader” was not decided yet for
initial period so, all had to work with full cooperation. Team was working smoothly until routine
work was carried out. But when decision making started, Hina analyzed that there are obvious
personality variances which are causing decisions to be pending.
She observed that two team members arrive late in the team meetings, remain patient and
relaxed, two are always busy in socialization with other people of the department and the one
is quite sluggish in data sharing as he always believed that effective decision making requires
quality time. This made Hina frustrated as she was desperate to complete the project before
time. She was concerned with the behavior of the team members who were not meeting
deadlines. During this time, she wanted to speak to all the team members regarding this
situation but she was hesitating due to her first job. She could not talk to her manager as well
because everything was so bewildered.
There were few points that were hovering in her mind that if I am so motivated about this
project then why other members are not? Why they are not like me? Why don’t they get along
with each other to achieve the end result? Is this the right team for me? These all thoughts
occupied her and she became stressed.
Identify and explain what factors constitute the work style of Hina. Also highlight the events
in the case. (10 marks)
Hina has her own perceptions regarding her first Team Project. Keeping in view the above
scenario, identify does she has Projection or Expectation Biasness? Justify your answer. (10

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is ki last date kia ha

mjy bto 

plzz help me about internship

ma ny uni ki tarf sy jo letter aaya tha bank ma manager ko di ab manager ka kahna hy k state bank sy approvel aaya gy tu ap ko bulaly gy.... 11 may sy phly ka letter diya hy manager ko.. abi tk nhi bulaya.....

MAhNoor  Why dont  u do mail vu dep.& ask about this & tell them about this  situation?

a.o.a mahnoor 

apne reference letter k name and designation of the concerned official in the organization is me kia likha hai mje ye smj nh a rha kindly help me. tomorrow is last date for request to reference letter

today is extended day..& LMS Server is damn busy ....:(

Everyone has a different way of working. This can be beneficial when working together as it brings different approaches, ideas and creativity to the relationship. It can also create tension. You may find that the people who you find it more difficult to work with are those who have a different working style

  • Hina was focused on results, highly task-orientated?
  • Hina was loving new ideas  who likes to look at the big picture?

 prefer to work with facts and figures and to analyse and reflect on your work

Working Styles from hina in given case


Leaders create the vision and inspire others to believe in it. You can't help but listen to, admire, and follow the Leaders. Without Leaders, we would be spinning in a hamster wheel with no real vision.

Leaders can be detached from others, not completely understanding all that goes into executing their vision. Because they're out in front, they sometimes forget to check in with the people following them.


Lovers are relationship-builders. Believing that we're stronger together, they thrive in harmony and work hard to manage relationships and build consensus.

People strong in the Loving working style are sensitive and empathic. They have an unconscious finger on the pulse of every other person on the team. If you want to know how others on your team are really feeling, ask the Lover.

But Lovers can suck at follow through and more detail-oriented work. Left to their own devices, they can out-empathize anyone and make people feel great, but not provide "tangible" work.


Learners are the researchers. These engineer types love learning and meticulously understanding the nuances of a problem.

They are deliberate, disciplined, and tend to think more strategically than most people.

Without others, however, Learners wouldn't get much done. In order to execute their best-laid plans, they need a team ready to act. Their strategy is only as good as the problems they actually solve--not in theory, but in reality.

Theologian Howard Thurman says, "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

So, let's get over the notion that all work looks one way. It does not. Nor should it. You need many people doing many things to accomplish many goals.

Everyone has unique strengths that become super-charged once they're aligned with other people's strengths. Rather than critique someone who you believe "isn't working," make sure you're living out your unique contribution in a powerful and sustainable way. Just do what makes you come alive

Question 2:

Neither being over-confident nor being under-confidence is good for people. There must be balance between the two extremes. Good self-confidence is about having the right amount of confidence, founded on your true abilities and skills. With the right amount of self-confidence, you will take informed risks and do not stretch yourself unnecessarily. On the other hand, if you are under-confident, you’ll avoid taking risks and stretching yourself. In this way you will not make use of your potential fully. So, self-confidence is something based on realistic expectations on your skills and experience, for achieving your goals. In this case hina was expecting co operations from seniors but she could not get feedback from her team



Good Work Shabbir bhai keep it up.... Jazak Allah

plz anybody help me regarding reference letter.

mje smjh nh arha name and designation of the concerned official in the organization. is me kia likhna hai tomorrow is last date for request to reference letter.

plz help

name ma manager ka name 

or designation ma ohda/post or referto...... mean aghar manager hy to manager 


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