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“Change is the only constant in the world.”

Keeping in view the statement above, what are the implications of ‘Refreeze’ stage of Lewin’s Change Model? How can we certainly refreeze a change when change is ‘only constant’?

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MGMT625 - Change Management last date is 15th may 2014 discuss the solution

Theories and models are always based on some set of assumptions. This model too has some basic assumptions which are as under:
1. An Individual or group performance is prone to regression unless some measures are taken to institutionalise the improved performance level
2. There is a tension in person whenever a psychological need or intent exists, and the tension is released when the need or intention is fulfilled.
3. This tension may be positive or negative, and under conflict situation this is identified as “force field”. Hence the term is known as force field analysis so as to evaluate the tension between positive or facilitating forces and negative or constraining forces the given change plan.
Further to him there are three fundamental types of conflict.
1. Individuals stand mid-way between two positive goals of approximately equal strengths; for e.g. individual has to choose between two good systems, so which one to buy.
2. Individuals find themselves between two approximately equal negative goals; for e.g. if an individual has to make a choice between two things which he dislikes, that is a choice of lesser evil.
3. Individuals are equally exposed to opposing positive and negative forces.

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These assumptions about motivation process and conflict typology in human nature lead Lewin to propose three staged model of a planned change management process.
1. Unfreeze
2. Change
3. Refreeze

Unfreeze the current equilibrium:
Before going for change in first stage we have to create tension amongst the recipient of change that some thing is not good in the on-going system. This is to create emotional stir up which is to break the shell of complacency and self righteousness amongst the subject of change. The reason is to break the personal defences and group norms psychologically before actually going for change. In the words of Edgar Schein this stage consists of the following attributes:
1) The physical removal of the individuals being changed from the accustomed routines, sources of information and social relationships
2) The undermining and destruction of all social support.
3) Demeaning and humiliating experience to help individual. Being changed to see their old attitude or behaviour as unworthy and thus motivated to change. Here I would like to give example of ragging of new entrants from military training. New entrants are deliberately targeted for their existing behaviour, norms and identity by the senior cadets so as to acquire new way of thinking and sociology. More over they are deprived of social support as training academies are situated at far off places and candidates are not permitted to meet their family members.
4) The consistent linking of reward with willingness to change and of punishment with unwillingness to change. Old behaviour is punished and new or desired behaviour is to be rewarded. There would not be any meaningful change if the change targets perceive no linkage of reward and the desired behaviour, or if the old behaviour and norms are continued to be rewarded.

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MGMT625 GDB 1 Spring Solution Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“Change is the only constant in the world.” Keeping in view the statement above, what are the implications of ‘Refreeze’ stage of Lewin’s Change Model? How can we certainly refreeze a change when change is ‘only constant’?

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Lewin called his initial model, the Three Step Model of Change. Essentially, Lewin’s model is focused around three vital and basic steps that will guarantee a simple move once changes happen.

MGMT625 GDB 1 Spring Solution

The primary objective of Lewin’s change model is to make the subordinates for all time embrace change while minimizing the conceivable negative impacts brought by their solid imperviousness to change. The three steps in Lewin’s change model are further talked about beneath.

Stage 1: Unfreezing

The unfreezing stage is the most urgent venture in Lewin’s procedure. In this stage, business supervisors ought to persuade their subordinates that the progressions in the working environment are gainful to all gatherings.

Characteristically, subordinates tend to connect themselves completely to strategies, practices and schedules that weren’t steady in any case. Chiefs bring up the imperfections and inefficiencies of the current circumstance. Accordingly, it will make the changes additionally engaging and attractive.

Stage 2: Transition

Transition is in itself the process of change. The stage of transition can be hard and tedious for both the manager and his subordinates – especially if the stage of unfreezing wasn’t successful or failed in some aspects.

In Lewis’ three step change model, the stage of transition is when the subordinates start to accept the changes. Subordinates identify the practices, the policies and the overall norm brought by the changes in the workplace.

Stage 3: Refreezing

The final stage in Lewins’ three stage change model is the stage of refreezing. In this stage, subordinates start to fully accept the changes in the workplace. Stability is the main concern under the stage of refreezing.

Supervisors ought to settle the circumstances and make an alternate, change-situated air. It is the phase where subordinates begin to reconnect themselves with the work environment including the progressions it parades.



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