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Research is very pertinent in the domain of education and developed nations are successful only
because of research. Universities and Higher Education Institutions are demanding research fund
from Ministry of Education. It is almost mid of the fiscal year and funds have been already allocated
in the budget and there is no room for more funds. It is very difficult for the Ministry of Education to
arrange the funds with current resources and allocations. It is very suspected that if funds will not be
available to universities then the research programs might stop working.
Understanding the urgency of matter, Ministry of Education plans to apply for educational aid from
ADB (Asian Development Bank). Due to recession, ADB has decided that it will assess the culture of
Universities/Higher Education Institutions and then provide aid appropriately.
In this context, ADB has contracted you as a consultant to find out the culture of Universities/Higher
Education Institutions and advice in this regard. You will assess the culture of the organization by a

You are required to get the questionnaire filled by two respondents i.e. one from each
respondent. After successful completion of questionnaire, you are required to enter the data in
excel sheet and upload that excel sheet for marking. Following are the complete instructions to
successfully complete this assignment:

1) Download “Culture Questionnaire” from Downloads Section of LMS, print two copies of it.
2) Select any Universities/Higher Education Institution for respondents.
3) Two respondents are required to access the culture. Each respondent will fill a single
questionnaire. It means there will be two independent respondents/filled questionnaires.
4) Respondents from Universities/Higher Education should be on the designation of
Lecture/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor. We only require two respondents.
5) After data collection, you have to enter data in an excel file for analysis of culture.
“DataEntry” excel file is available in Downloads Section of LMS. Please download it for
data entry of questionnaire. Data entry instructions are in the excel file.
6) After data entry in Excel file, you will get Total and Average Score of each respondent. Total
and Average score are auto calculated in the excel file.
7) Analyze the Total and Average Score and write your findings/discussion in the “Analysis
sheet” of excel file and save it when you are done writing. Analysis guidelines are available in
“Analysis sheet” of excel file.
8) Upload only the Excel file in LMS for marks. Word document is not required, as everything
is available in Excel file.

Note: If respondents from universities are not available then, two respondents from any
organization can be selected for this assignment. But, universities respondents should be
preferred. Students of universities/colleges cannot be the respondents.

*) A complete presentation how to attempt this assignment is also available in “Downloads”
section of LMS with the name of “Help Instructions”.
*) For your convenience, a sample assignment is also available in
Downloads Section of LMS with the name of “Sample Excel File”.

General Instructions:
Please read the following instructions carefully before preparing the assignment solution:
 No definition or theoretical explanation is required.
 Use information given in the case and apply your knowledge to answer the question.
Only in the case of Assignment, 24 hours extra / grace period after the due date is
usually available to overcome uploading difficulties which may be faced by the
students on last date. This extra time should only be used to meet the emergencies and
above mentioned due dates should always be treated as final to avoid any
Other Important Instructions:
 Make sure to upload the solution file before the due date on VULMS.
 Any submission made via email after the due date will not be accepted.

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Replies to This Discussion

Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

For complete assignment see the attached file please


Culture Questionnaire file

see the attached file please



Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the culture of organizations and how to improve it.


Demographic Information Questionnaire


(Please note, your information will not be sold or given to outside entities). 

Your participation on this survey is important to us and is completely voluntary.  If you agree to complete the questionnaire, your identity will be kept confidential and we respect it. The result of this questionnaire will only be used for academic and research purpose. Please mark your response from 1-5 for each question.



Name: __________________                              Gender: Male / Female                                                                                         


Age: ___________________                               City: _____________                                


Organization Name: _________________             Organization Type: Public / Private


Profession/Designation: __________                   Experience (years): ______________   


Ph #:                                                                      Email:  ___________________



In the organization, if feel that…..




Strongly Disagree






Strongly Agree











The goals of this organization are clearly stated.


The division of labor of this organization is flexible.


My immediate supervisor is supportive of my efforts.


My relationship with my supervisor was a Harmonious one.


My job offers me the opportunity to grow as a person.


My immediate supervisor has ideas that are helpful to me and my work group


This organization is not resistant to change.


I am personally in agreement with the stated goals of my work unit.



Strongly Disagree






Strongly Disagree



Strongly Disagree






Strongly Agree










The division of labor in this organization is intended to help it reach its goals


The leadership norms of this organization help its progress.


I can always talk with someone at work if I have a work-related problem


The pay scale and benefits of this organization treat each employee equitably


I have the information that I need to do a good job.


This organization introduces enough new policies and procedures.


I understand the purpose of this organization


The manner in which work tasks are divided is a logical one


This organization’s leadership efforts result in the organization’s fulfillment of its purposes.


My relationships with members of my work group are friendly as well as professional


The opportunity for promotion exists in this organization.


This organization has adequate mechanisms for binding itself together


This organization favors change


The priorities of this organization were understood by its employees


The structure of my work unit is well designed


It is clear to me whenever my boss is attempting to guide my work efforts


I have established the relationships that I need to do my job properly


The salary that I receive is commensurate with the job that I perform


Other work units are helpful to my work unit whenever assistance is requested


Occasionally I like to change things about my job.


1 had enough input in deciding my work-unit goals


The division of labor in this organization actually helps it to reach its goals


I understand my boss’s efforts to influence me and the other members of the work unit



Strongly Disagree






Strongly Disagree



Strongly Disagree






Strongly Agree










There is no evidence of unresolved conflict in this organization


All tasks to be accomplished are associated with incentives


This organization’s planning and control efforts are helpful to its growth and development


This organization has the ability to change


I would be very happy to spend the rest of my career in this organization.


I really feel as if this organization’s problems are my own.


I do not feel like ‘part of my family’ at this organization.


I do not feel ‘emotionally attached’ to this organization.


This organization has a great deal of personal meaning for me.


I do not feel a strong sense of belonging to this organization.


It would be very hard for me to leave my job at this organization right now even if I wanted to.


Too much of my life would be disrupted if I leave my organization.


Right now, staying with my job at this organization is a matter of necessity as much as desire.


I believe I have too few options to consider leaving this organization.


One of the few negative consequences of leaving my job at this organization would be the scarcity of available alternative elsewhere.


One of the major reasons I continue to work for this organization is that leaving would require considerable personal sacrifice.


I do not feel any obligation to remain with my organization.


Even if it were to my advantage, I do not feel it would be right to leave.


I would feel guilty if I left this organization now.


This organization deserves my loyalty.


I would not leave my organization right now because of my sense of obligation to it.


I owe a great deal to this organization.




Thank You!

yeh solved hai assignment? mujy is ke samj nahi a re hai isy kesy solve kerna hai please discuss it

koi to discuss kery

questionnaire kahan sy fill krana hy samj nai aarhy plz guide us


lms main questionnaire download ker lo ap sample bana howa hai os main but start kyse kerni hai yeh assignment mujy samj ne a re hai

i think there is an excel file by the name DataEntry.xls in LMS download it . u are just required to entered the data in that file and it will automatically calculate the total score and average. it has 4 sheets. two sheets are for each respondent data and 1 sheet for information about the respodents and 1 for analysis. just look at the sample file first before entering data in data entry file.

 DataEntry.xls  ma kon sa data enter krnaaa

n wat abt Culture Questionnaire.doc,

is k data "DataEntry.xls  " ma putt krna ha kyaaaa..............?

there is no need to fill questionaire separately.only fill the response in attached excel sheet from 1-5 the total and average score to each respodent will automatically be calculated on last seet.comment on the last sheet on the basis of toal and average scoe.thats all.

nhnnn questioner ko seperately hi fill krnaaa haa coz according to samplee asy he krnaa

u r making it more complicatedd..........

bt instructions ma kia type krnaaa haaa nt gettingggggggggggg........

orrr REspondents rendomly jo marziii select kr looo

like koi se b nam day daeyy of any oragniztionn........?

nhi ap ne meri bat pick amjhe.assignment ha k questionaire fill krwanay hain two lecturers say kse bi uni k phr us data ko DATA Entry Sheet main enter krna ha.ther is no need to fill the questionaire by lecturers.ap khud he apnay pass se fill kr dain.jb ap data entry sheet main questionaire fill krain gae to sheet 4 main auatomatically total and avergae score aa jae ga dono respondent ko according to score comments krain either there is strong culture or week.


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