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VU Past Papers, MCQs and More

Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,


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Please share your current paper here for help each other.

Stay blessed and Best of Luck for exam.

Remember me in your prayers.

Best Regards,


kal mera paper hai and  mainu kuj nahi aanda,,,,so i decided to sleeep and leave all on Allah,,,,,,plz pray for me

Same here main bhi Kal yehi soch kar so gaya ab dobara kharish ho rahi hai


My today mgmt 628 papers dated 13-05-2012 at 9:30

 Total questions 32

Multiple choices are 28

Four questions are long and each has 5 numbers

Mostly questions are asked from the old papers



Dear guys I am writing here first time and if some one missing or wrongs please sorry because I tried hard to remembered but these some questions are here to present for my fellows.


  1. Sharing will make no difference in apathetic style.

                        Options are not remembered

  1. The part of contracting process that focus on the expectations of the client and OD practitioner is called.
  1. Describing
  2. Mutual expecting
  3. Time and reward
  4. Grand rules
    1. Group functioning
      1. Human resource system
      2. Culture
      3. Measurement system
      4. Ages of members
        1. Group performance norms
        2. Group compositions
        3. Goal certainty
        4. Task structure
          1. Rigid
          2. Flexible
          3. Tall
          4. Small
            1. the data is numerical  (not remembered accurately)
            2. the data is not numerical
            3. the data is accurate
            4. it don’t rely on numerical data
  1. Which of the following design component of group is concerned with how the group’s designed?
  1. All of the following can have a powerful impact on the way job are designed.
  1. Which of the following can affect the kinds of job design that are considered acceptable?
  1. which type of structure should be used in an ideal organization
  1. Qualitative data is easier to use because


Others questions are from

One questions from Directed Questionnaire

Two or three questions from styles like as   (cheerleader style and others)


The long questions are from group leader functions if the firm uses technology and it affects the individual tasks.

One long questions is that discuss the values are scientific base also discuss its two types.

Best of luck my dears fellows

 iqbal thanks for sharing ur paper to help other.keep sharing 

27 questions thy
22 mcq’s
3 questions r of 3 marks
2 question r of 5 marks
Briefly describe the action research models, feedback’s 3 steps
Justify that outside data collect agents are efficient or inside culture of the organization

There were 28 mcqs n 4 subjective

Mcqs were from past paers n quiz


1 question was about feed back...

1 question was from OD practitioner style...

1 question was purpose of gamesmanship mode...

1 question was y change agent should be capale for implementing change???



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