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Kindly share your mid term exams here.
Thank you.
May Allah give us good grades. Ameeeen
Best of luck to u all

MGMT628 / HRM628 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Dec 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 08-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

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apke papers mein mcqs yahi aye the sirf jo apne share kiye hain ya past mein se aur bhithe?

ur welcome tariq ang gulam ali bro

Q1: what are 3 critical areas in contracting phase of action research model?
Q2: briefly explain the transformational process.
Q3: in ABC company manager wnats to make groups what will be teh factors he wil kep in mind while grouping.
Q4: explain skill variety……..

27 Qs
Briefly describe the three levels of diagnostic models for analysis 3 Marks
Why Practitioner should have general knowledge of organizational development 3 Marks
2 techniques of data analysis 3 Marks
what are the four modes of practitioner and client model describe 1 of them 5 Marks
discuss structure system as design component of organization 5 Marks

why refreezing is necessary? 3 marks

distinguish between OD practitioner and organizational member. 3 marks

ek question technology ka tha k heads ko kya krna chye technology changes me shyd. sorry yad ni 3 marks

ek or question kuch is trah tha k technology k konse core components hain jo organization k design ko effect krte hain? 5 marks

Name 4 modes of practitioner-client relationships and briefly describe one of them. 5 marks


What are the three steps in action feedback process of action research model?

Rational method is used in which style of practicing OD?

Knowledge of OD is essential for OD practitioner. Justify.

Quantitative data is easy to handle because:

  1. It do not rely on numerical data
  2. It rely on numerical data
  3. It gives accurate and exact value of organizational problems
  4. It is easily obtainable

Mode of data analysis will be defined

  1. before sampling
  2. before selecting data collection method
  3. before data analysis 
  4. after data collection

Sidra Anjum Thanks for sharing ur paper 


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