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MGT101 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 18-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 18-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Dec 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 18-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

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can we use calculator during exam.?

 ayeshaarshad yes you can use...

yes only system calculator

MGT101 Today's

Total questions = 27
Total MCQS = 22
3 questions of 3 marks (were based on the conceptual definitions and passed journal entries as well)
2 questions of 5 marks (were based on the numericals)

Someone please help out to solve this:

- Pass the double entries: 
1) Issued Direct Material to the production area
2) some material got back to to stock from factory area.

MGT101 Financial Accounting All Midterm !00% Correct Solved Paper


this file is not open on my system... Y some necessary and important adobe files are not open ??? 

Well some MCQs and Subjective from my yesterday paper were:

1. A building ledger account was given and entries posted in that ledger were wrong which was indicated via details in ledger particulars at both side. we had to rectify the ledger and remade it.

2. different heads were there and had to calculate C.O.G.S.

3. Disposal of fixed asset entry had to pass and had to show profit/loss via calculation. all details were in a question.

4. Bank reconciliation statement had to make. favourable balance in pass book were given and some entries were there to reconcile the account.

5. A/R ledger balances were given. Credit side balance was given heavier than debit side balance. they asked if it can happen? whether yes or no elaborate?

these were the subjective :-) ..hope will help those who still have to attempt MGT101 midterm.

Some MCQs which I remember are like this:

1. mcqs were from Revenue expenses & capital expenses

2. some mcqs were from depreciation

3. few were from cost of goods sold..missing data

4. Which book of account maintains separate title of accounts.

5. profit & loss scenario mcqs. Had to figure out loss or profit.

6. W.D.V were given and rate of dep. as well but had to figure out cost of the machine.

7. There was one mcq like: vehicle purchased by the business to carry goods for sale purpose, it is tangible asset or intangible asset or capital or liability.

8. Goods sold w.o cash to the party. what to debit?

9. Bought material with the commitment to pay later. what to credit?

10. Material... labor & Overhead cost given...had to find conversion cost.

11. after adding Material(purchases) in to opening balance of Material..what do we get..? answer is Material available for use. (i exactly remember)

12. Cash taken out of business by owner for his personal use..what is it? answer is drawing.

These were the mcqs in exam. Few mcqs i don't exactly remember but were not that tough except 2 or 3 which were fully conceptual.

best of luck guys  

good work farhan !

 farhan thanks 

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Please share solved subjective papers midterm and objective papers 2010


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