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anyone can tell me which topics of mgt 101 is important for subjective questions

today mgt 101    20 july 2012       11am pak             timing  120 min

64 questions

56 mcqs mostly new

8 question

4 3 maks

4 5 marks

What do you know about the Profit and loss appropriation account in case of partnership?3 marks

Differentiate between debtor’s turnover ratio and creditor’s turnover ratio.3 marks

The following information relates to ABC Company Limited:3 marks

Jan. 1, 2010        Dec. 31, 2011
                                   Rs.                  Rs.
                            -------------------    ---------------------
Assets                            375,000            500,000
Liabilities                              50,000            ?
Owners’ Equity                         ?            425’000

Following information is available of Shabaz & Co.

Particulars    Rs.
Discount received    1,000
Commission received    2,000
Cash sales    3,000
Credit sales    4,000

Calculate the amount of “Direct revenue" and “Indirect revenue”.3 marks

Define "Cash flow from financing activities" in the context of cash flow statement with some examples.5 marks

Cost of asset    Rs. 200,000
Life of Asset    5 years
Depreciation method    Straight line
Residual value    Rs. 20,000
Sale price after 5 years    Rs. 30,000

Calculate the Profit / (loss) on disposal of asset.5 marks

If bad debts and provision for bad debts given in trial balance of Rahim Brothers are Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 6,000 respectively. Adjustment information shows that reduce the provision for doubtful debts to Rs. 3,000

Prepare a Provision for doubtful debts account based on the above information.5 marks
Following information is available of Shabaz & Co.

Particulars    Rs.
Profits for the year        25,000
Dividend declared and paid    5,000
Transfer to reserves    10,000
Closing balance of accumulated profit    60,000

Calculate the opening balance of accumulated profit.5 marks

best of luck friends

ramadan mubarak rem me in ur prayer

fifty % old and 50% new mcqs in my paper

cost of good sold statment

one question 5 current libility calculate karni thi

balance sheet prepare karni thi 10 marks

 Quaratulain thanks 

MGT 101 (20-07-2012)

80% of MCQs were new.

Total 64 Questions [ 56 x 1, 4 x 3 , 4 x 5 ] Total marks 88

1- Had to calculate Depreciation using both WDV as well as straight line method. (3)

2-Profit and loss appropriation account. (3)

3-Calculate Working Capital. (3)

4-Claculate cost of material consumed. (3)

5-Define Administrative expenses and give 3 examples. (5)

6-Calculate profit and then distribute profit among partners.Partners salaries were also given in data. (5)

7-Write about investing activities in Cash flow statement. (5)

8-Bank Reconciliation Statement starting form Bank statement Un-Favourable balance. (5)

Tahir Jamal thanks & keep it up 

mgt101 current paper held on 21-july-2012

this is current paper of mgt101
all mcq"s were from past papers 
long questions:
1)difference between partnership and limited company?
2)amortization page 111 of handouts
3) cash book components page 21 of handouts
4) administrative expenses and three examples page 26 of handouts
5)how will be the profit of MR.A and MR.B will be distributed if they are partners?
6)write notes on : page 220 of handouts 
b) notes of account
c)share premium
d)cash flow statement 

best of luck 4 exams :)


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