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All Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2013

From (20 Dec , 2013 to 1 Jan 2014 )


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Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 December 2013 to 01 January 2014 to help each other.


Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) from 20 December 2013 to 01 January 2014 to help each other.


my today MGT111 paper
22 mcqs but 3 or 4 from past papers.
3 question of 3 marks are as follows:
1.any three source of recruitment?
2.one advantage and disadvantages of expert power?
two question of 5marks.
4.advantages and disadvantages of departmentalization by time?
5.personal attitude toward delegation sa related tha?
best of luck.

questions from today's paper

Write in simple words the departmental centralization and give an example to elaborate the concept. 3

Elaborate in simple words the ‘three dimensional typology’ given by Farrell and Peterson.  3

Distinguish between recruitment and selection.  3

Organizations cannot progress without role of environment. Explain.  5

State the major functions of planning commission.  5

Today Paper
Total Questions: 27
Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 22
Total Short Subjective Question of 3 Marks:3
Total Long Subjective Question of 5 Marks:2

What are the public goods? 3 marks
Describe atleast one advantage and disadvantage of “Expert Power” 3 marks
What is the difference between Programmed and Non-programmed decisions? Explain with examples. 3
What you will suggest to the incharge of matrix organization to improve the coordination? 5
In your point of view why is human resource planning is necessary ? 5 marks

Please share Your today's paper questions here, Please Share in following format so all students can understand patern of midterm exam fall 2013

What were total question?

How Much MCQs?

How Much two Marks shot Questions?

How Much three Marks shot Questions?

How Much two Marks Long Questions?

My today's MGT111 paper:

Total Qs: 27

Total mcqs: 22

Total marks: 41

1. differentiate b/w ministry and department. (3 marks)

2. what did Golden Chlide wrote in his book about Indus Valley Civilization. (3 marks)

3. differentiate b/w strategy and policy with the help of example. (3 marks)

4. what are the general steps that a manager should follow while decision making. (5 marks)

5. advantages of decentralization. (5 marks)

Hope it will help those who still have to attempt MGT111 paper...


Today Paper
Total Questions: 27
Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 22
Total Short Subjective Question of 3 Marks:3
Total Long Subjective Question of 5 Marks:2


Explain the public administration in the sub-continent?  3 marks



Public Administration in the Sub-Continent

Today’s administrative systems and procedures in Pakistan have its roots in particular to the British

period. Two hundred years of British rule still have its vestiges and remnants on the structure, rules,

procedures and organizational behaviours. But the British changed the structure to the extent of what their

goals were in the sub-continent.

Give six examples of departmentalization by Enterprise Function?  3 marks

Example of functions of organization: Production,

Budgeting, Accounts, Sales etc.

Explain the selection or recruitment

 Explain Selection and Recruitment? 3 marks


The selection process ideally involves mutual decision. The organization decides whether to make

a job offer and how attractive the offer should be made so that right people join the organization. The

candidate has to decide whether the organization and the job offer fit his or her needs and goals, whether it

is just the income or there are is challenge in the job etc.



The purpose of recruitment is to provide a group of candidates that is large enough to let managers

select the qualified employees they need.

Recruitment is defined as the development of a pool of job candidates in accordance with a human resource


Define the allegation benefits ? 5 marks

Explain the decentralization ? 5 marks

best of luck to all .....

sehrish aslam thanks for sharing ur paper.best of luck for ur result 

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My today's paper

22 MCQs

1 what are the functions of National Finance Commission? 3 (Marks)

2 In your opinion how we can improve the reforms of Civil Service? 3( Marks)

3 What are the risks of delegation of authority in the organization? 3 Marks

4  in your opinion Why the constitution of the state should obligatory ? 5 Marks)

I forget last question????????????????


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