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Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 08:57:58 PM ) Total Marks: 1

Which of the following is the main focus of Private Sector Administration?

Select correct option:

Public service

International relations

Profit earning

Policy formulation


Question # 2 of 10 ( Start time: 08:59:07 PM ) Total Marks: 1

Which of the following is a natural outcome of the close interaction of people?

Select correct option:




None of the given options


Question # 3 of 10 ( Start time: 08:59:49 PM ) Total Marks: 1

Instead of having various resources at its disposal, Wapda is unable to meet

electricity demand of the country. Thus wapda is an ____ .

Select correct option:

efficient organization

over-efficient organization

notorious organization

less efficient organization


Question # 4 of 10 ( Start time: 09:00:38 PM ) Total Marks: 1

What was the name of the book by Chester I. Barnard?

Select correct option


The Roles of the Manager

The Functions of the Executive

The Duties of Seniors

The Influences of the Managers



Question # 5 of 10 ( Start time: 09:01:21 PM ) Total Marks: 1

Who is the founder of Theory of Hierarchy of Needs?

Select correct option:

Douglas McGregor

Abraham Maslow

Herbert Simon

Chester I. Bernard


 Question # 6 of 10 ( Start time: 09:02:06 PM ) Total Marks: 1

The actions of public administration are more visible to general public because

these are:

Select correct option:

Reported in press





Question # 7 of 10 ( Start time: 09:03:02 PM ) Total Marks: 1

_____ seats are reserved for women in National Assembly of Pakistan.

Select correct option





None of the above


Question # 8 of 10 ( Start time: 09:03:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan treats Islamabad as an independent:

Select correct option:





Question # 10 of 10 ( Start time: 09:06:05 PM ) Total Marks: 1

According to Civil Servant Act 1973 what does "Civil" mean?

Select correct option:





total 10 questions....

each of 1 marks

In which of the following year the Telegraph service was seperated from Pakistan Postal Service?
Select correct option:

A government comprises of
Select correct option:
All of the above*

There are ________ general seats in National Assembly of Pakistan.
Select correct option:

In which of the following year "Pakistan Customs and Excise services" were established?
Select correct option:

The time period of F.W Taylor was influenced by;
Select correct option:
Industrial Revolution*
Agrarian Revolution
Social Revolution
Scientific Revolution

During rule of East India Company, what were service terms and conditions of its covenanted employees?
Select correct option:
An agreement regarding terms and conditions of service was signed between the Company and its employees. Therefore, their service was protected.*
No agreement was signed. Therefore, they could be removed without any benefit.
They were at the mercy of Viceroy.
None of the above.

Which of the followings refer to productivity?
Select correct option:
Output is equal to input
Output divided by input
Input per worker
Output per worker*

Which of the following is not a Weberian type of authority?
Select correct option:
Traditional authority
Charismatic authority
Rational-legal authority
All of the above are Weberian type of authorities*

Mohenjodero and Harrapa are rich and _____ civilizations in the Sub-Continent.
Select correct option:
Middle aged

Which of the followings best dest describe public administration?
Select correct option:
It is based on theories.
It invovles processes.
It consists of systems that performed specified activities.
All of the above*

Total 10 Questions

Each of 01 mark......

Option having (*) is the correct option


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