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mgt201 quiz

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Subject: mgt201

Mgt201 2nd quizz


Q1-The statement of cash flows reports a firm's cash flows segregated into which of the following categorical order?

Operating, investing, and financing

Investing, operating, and financing

Financing, operating and investing

Financing, investing, and operating


Q2-Abnormal or downward sloping yield curve implies that:

short term raters are higher than long term interest tares



Q3-Angro Foods Ltd. has recently paid dividend to its stock holder at the rate of Rs. 1.15 per share. Assume its Ks at 13.4% and g at 8%. Estimate dividend (per share) of Angro Foods Ltd. for the next year.



Q4-MIRR (discount rate) equates which of the following?

future value of cash inflows to the present value of cash out flows.


Q5-Which of the following will NOT equate the present value of cash inflows to the present value of cash outflows?



Q6-When coupon bonds are issued, they are typically sold at which of the following value?


Q7-Which of the following is the percentage of interest charged at each compounding time?


Q8-Company ABC is analyzing some projects amongst which one project will be selected. Based on Net Present Value (NPV) technique, which project should be selected?



Q9-You are required to identify the Earning per share of Bin Shafiq if net income Rs. 1 million; dividend paid to preferred stockholder 30 % of net income and number of outstanding common shareholder were 50,000.


Q10-Features of an S-Type Corporation include all of these, except:

UNLimited Liability



Q11-A set of possible values that a random variable can assume and their associated probabilities of occurrence are referred to as __________.


Q12-The formula to calculate future value of an amount using simple interest is: F V = PV + (PV x i x n)



Q13-Which of the following equations is the correct one?

Net incremental after tax cash flows = net operating income + depreciation +Tax savings from depreciation + net working capital + other cash flow



Q14-Who or what is a person or institution designated by a bond issuer as the official representative of the bondholders? Indenture


Q15-Which of the following would be the one having unlimited liability in a business entity? A sole proprietor


Q16-What is the present value of Rs. 3,500,000 to be paid at the end of 50 years if the correct risk adjusted interest rate is 18%?


Q17-When Investors want high plowback ratios?

Whenever ROE > k



Q18-What additional risk exists if investor invests in foreign bonds?


Q19-Which of the following is the general assumption of Percent of Sales Forecasting?

Current Assets usually grow in proportion to Sales


Q20-Which one of the following selects the combination of investment proposals that will provide the greatest increase in the value of the firm within the budget ceiling constraint?

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Mega Quiz file it will sure cover all quiz



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