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MGT201 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015

MGT201 ALL Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2014 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 10 January 2015 to 25 January 2015


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Replies to This Discussion

 - Financial Management Paper
18 MCQs
5 Subjectives.

1. Financial analyst of ABC Company uses Coefficient of Variation (CV) to make comparison of different investment projects. Which investment project will be selected by the financial manger (with low or high result)? Explain why. (3marks)

2. ABC Company is a toy manufacturer. Currently it has option to work on 60 projects, 20 projects out of these are with positive Net Present Value (NPV). Total cost to implement these 20 projects is Rs. 8 million. But the management of the company has imposed limit of Rs. 5 million for these projects for upcoming year. Company has to forego value-added projects due to this restriction. What type of problem, the company is facing? (3marks)

3. Find the amount to which Rs. 500 will grow under each of the following conditions: 
12% compounded annually for 5 years 
12% compounded semiannually for 5 years (5marks)

4. Expected return of Mr. Ali’s security A and B are 18% and 22% respectively. He can opt one of the given portfolio.
Alternative 1: Weighted average for security A and B are 75% and 25% respectively. 
Alternative 2: Weighted average for security A and B are 50% and 50% respectively.
You are required to specify which alterative will give highest rerun of portfolio. 
Note: Support your answer with complete working (5marks)

5. ABC Company pays coupon on its bond quarterly; calculate intrinsic value of bond under the following circumstances:
A 5 year bond with 13% coupon rate is selling at Rs. 1,220. Face value of the bond is Rs. 1,000. Required rate of return is 16%. (5 marks)

+ ЌiعҠ thanks for sharing 

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my todays paper

2 questions were to find price of stock (5 and 3 marks)

cal of bond 5 marks

data was given find which tech IRR and Mirr shows best result? 3

explain opportiunity cost , sunk cost and externailties cash flow? 5 marks

do remember me in ur payers.

Imaan thanks for sharing 

 please tell about file from which MCQ's are given in current midterm papers


My today's MGT 201 paper: (24/1/2015)

Total Qs: 23

Total Marks: 39

Total MCQs: 18

The subjective questions are as follows:

1. dividend= Rs. 15 growing at constant rate of 13%, opportunity cost= 10%; calculate PV

2. information of 4 projects in terms of capital budgeting techniques was given; finance available Rs. 100,000 and costs on the project Rs. 170,000:

  • can all the projects be undertaken?
  • on the basis of capital budgeting techniques info. given; which project should be undertaken?

3. CFs= Rs. 2571 for 5 years, loan to be paid (Io)= Rs. 10,000; calculate interest rate

4. if two projects have different time periods, how their NPV would be calculated? explain one of the techniques

5. weights and probabilities of 3 projects were given, the expected return was to be calculated

Hope it will help those who still have to attempt MGT 201 paper...


samra tariq thanks for sharing 



*What are the cost and benefits of holding inventories and cash.

*Sana's existing portfolio beta is 0.65. She wants to add more security from available two securities; Security M and Security N, Beta of both securities is 0.5. Expended return of security M and security N is 10.5% and 17.5% respectively.

Required: In which security she will make investment and why?


Required: Calculate after-tax cost of debt with the help of provided data.

*In debt portion of capital structures increases from 30% to 40% and after tax cost of debt is 6% and cost of equity is 11% remain same with this change. How this change will be affected (Increase, decrease, No affect) on the following:

1) Weighted cost of Equity

2) Weighted cost of debt

3) Weighted average cost of capital.

Need comments no working.


*List down the effects of capital structure on :

1) Firms value and share price

2) Earning and risk

* From the following information calculate the market value of the levered firm. Earning Before interest and taxes of firm is Rs. 200 and co prate tax rate Tc is 30%. If the firm takes Rs. 200 debt at 10% interest or mark up and return on equity is 20%.

*XYZ industries has a project N which is financed by issuing:

1) 6000 common stock at par value of Rs. 120 per share. Company is currently paying dividend of Rs. 2.25 and it is expected to grow at constant rate of 5%. Intrinsic value of the share is Rs. 105.

2)2000 preferred stock dividend on preferred share Rs. 5 and its intrinsic value and par value is Rs. 100.

3) Bonds to NTN company of Rs. 715,000 at 9% required rate of return and co prate tax rate is 35%.

Required: Calculate Weighted cost of common equity.

*What is the criteria to determine a lease to be a finance lease?

*How does long term financing policy affect short term financing requirement?


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