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mcqz were mostly calculation based,
subjective type ?s were
01: what r the benefits of having large current assets and not having large current assets?
02: calculate Average Collection Period from the given data. if 30% sales are completed on
50 days and 70% sales are on 95 days then calculate its ACP.
03: find out BEQ from the given data.+if increase in the selling price by 50 rs. then what is the impact on Financial Manager's decision. then selling price and variable costs were increase by 50 and 75 Rs. respectedly.then again find its BEQ.FC = RS.150,000, SELLING P = RS.300 PER UNIT. VARIABLE COST OF PRODUCTION = RS.150 PER PIECE
04: find out Z firms marketRisk Premium if required rate is 25%, treasury bills are
(maturing at. I M 4GETTING THE EXACT WORD.)15 % and Z firms Beta is 1.3.
05: a firm pay its Preference stock holders a dividend of Rs.10. its intrinsic price is Rs.110.its par value is Rs.100. firm issue its bond of Rs1750,000 @ 35% interest. firm's common shares are 5, pays them a dividend of Rs.2.25 per share.its intrinsic value is Rs.125 and its par value is Rs.110
REQ were to find out the total amount op Preference share holders dividend. with complete working.
06: what is the meaning of this statement : 5/10 net 30.
what is the meaning of these terms while doing F/X. BID and ASK .
07: why manufacturing firms are shifting their plants to abroad??
I forgot rest of 3 questions.
plz pray for my result and do ur best. good luck.

Thanks for sharing!

  1. What is spontaneous financing and how can a firm use it?
  2. One of obtaining the use of asset to lease them. Financial lease is one kind of lease explains it Advantages from point of view lessee.
  3. One of the financial derivatives is an ‘Option’ Explain Option is your own word.
  4. Can Creditor Company affect it dividend policy? (Yes or No) Justify it.
  5. What is rational lease an asset from the lessee point of view?
  6. Company XYZ wants to issue more Common Stock of Face Value Rs 12. Next Year the Dividend is expected to be Rs. 3 per share assuming a Dividend Growth Rate of 10% pa. The Lawyer’s fee and Stock Brokers’ Commissions will cost Rs 1 per share. Investors are confident about Company ABC so the Common Share is floated at a Market Price of Rs 18 (i.e. Premium of Rs 6). If the Capital Structure of Company ABC is entirely Common Equity, then what is the Company’s WACC? Use New Stock Issuance Approach to calculate the results.
  7. EBIT =116,000                      ROE =11%     corporate Tax rate = 35% find the market value of unleveraged firm.
  8. How the following are affect breakeven point.
  • An increase in the unit sale price.
  • Change in the depreciation policy from straight line two written down value method
  • Reduction in the unit variable cost 

:) :) ThanX.... :) 

Thanks for sharing!! :)

My Today Mgt 201 paper 


Bs mujhe itne hi yad hain

What is long term financing? Factors that affects on it

 Explain four types of mergers  5marks

Compare aggregative and conservative working capital financing

Any one can share please most related MCQs file with respect to recent MGT201 Final term?

hyeeeeeeee,, tiyari kahan say krain :'(

plzz helppp kal paper hay 

MCQs past paper main se nahein thay, MCQs were very tough.


Q.1.What is Spontaneous Financing and how can we use it?

Q.2.What is the difference between Operating & Financial Merger?

Q.3.What is Promissory note? How is it consider financial asset and financial liability at same time?

Q.4.What is Keiretsu?

Q.5.What is impact of poor capital management over performance of business?

Q.6.What does it mean if Return on Equity is lower than Required rate of return?

Baqi numerical thay, Break even point wala question nahein tha


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