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Assignment#01 Marks 20

Stock valuation and Bond Valuation

Bonds and stocks are two primary securities traded on approximately all stock exchanges of the world because of its potential, reliability, and better trade volume. Besides all these pro, risk taking behavior of different investors and the features associated with each class of security are vital ones that attract investors for earning a handsome return. Stocks are considered more risky with higher return, whereas bonds accounted low risk investment with guaranteed return. However, most investors formulate a portfolio of their investment with combination of bonds and stocks for optimal return with a lesser degree of risk due to diversification edge involved in it. The formulation of such portfolio lies upon market factors and company specific factors. The optimal return only can be achieved by better judgment of both factors and evaluation of intrinsic prices of securities by some fundamental methods.

Required: A new investor wants to add bonds and shares in his portfolio and he has two options available with the following information.

I. Company ABC issued a five-year bond with face value of Rs.1,000. The bond offers 12% semiannual coupon payment. The market interest rate for such type of investment is 14% per annum while current market price of bond is Rs.940.

II. The stock of company XYZ is being sold at Rs.54 per share while the forecasted dividend is Rs.6 for first year and Rs.7 for the second year. The price of the stock after year 2 is expected to be Rs.55. The Company paid most recent dividend as Rs.5 whereas the rate of return for such type of investment is 14% per annum.

You are required to help the investor in valuation of both investment options by calculating:

1. Intrinsic value of the bond. (8 marks) 2. Intrinsic Value of stock today. (8 marks) 3. Identify either bond and stocks are overvalued or undervalued. Justify your answer with proper calculation and reasoning. (4 Marks)

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thank you

PV=210.53+184.67+161.99+142.1+124.65+519.37= Rs 1343.31

how about if we say it is 1000*.12*1/2 = 60   what wull u say  


aise hi ha


It is 1000*0.12*2= Rs 240 and not 1000*.12*1/2=60 because the rate is given in the question as semiannually so we multiply the rate by 2 and not by 1/2  as semiannually means half yearly

bhai jny do

this solution is been shared everywhere but calculations don't add up plus have included no formulas no details how is it solved. 


If Market Price < Fair Value: then Stock is under valued by the Market. It is a bargain and investors will rush to buy it. Therefore, Share’s Demand will rise and Market Price will rise to match the Fair Value. Dynamic Equilibrium.

If Market Price > Fair Value then Stock is Over Valued


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