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Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Date: 16-July-2012 to 27-July-2012

Current Final Term Papers Spring 2012 Papers, July 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

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Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

Current Final Term papers of this subject will be shared here During Exam.

today I have paper of  mgt211:

total 64 questions ,there was 58 mcqs some from past papers ….and 8 subjective

 questions.4 que of 3 marks….4 que of 5 marks….

1- Estoppels partner 3 marks

2- Critical Analyze the components of verbal communication.

3-Advantages of total quality management 3  marks

4-benefits of total quality management 5 marks

5-partnership deed .5 marks

3 questions was theoretical questions some r these:apni wording may likh rahi hun

1-ek manager communication skills ko apnay staff may increase kerna chahta

Hai aur us nay us ek presentation prepare ki hai…to wo kia btaye ga staff ko un ki

Communications skills increase kernay kay liye?

2-habib company ka ek product ka market may copetition both zyada hai not only in urban area also in rural area….so wo apnay product ki market rate increase kernay

Kay liye kia keray ga? 5 marks

 Ek yad nahi a raha…. papers was normal….so



iqra jahangir  hmmm gud ..keep it up & keep sharing 


Thank You Iqra Jahangir

thanx iqra


1-define agent

2-if a firm creates new data management for ABC company and introduces new security aspects. there rep gives briefing on user side security aspect. u r asked to list down those aspects. enlist any five.

3- ur business of fast food is flourishing well. people are interested in ur business. what direct and indirect affects government can creat on ur business.

4- what is external cost failure factor. explain in detail any five.

5-ahmad foods is well known food chain. people buy their product for there relatives. compatition is less and profit is greatest. explain the stage of product life cycle for their business.

baqi yad nai aa rahy. mcqs 40 percent past sy thay rest were new.

BY  Giya khan

mgt211 MCQs 56 thy r subjctive k 8 question thy.4 3marks m 4 for 5 marks.

1.Dr.damming theory,5

2.orgnization quality execution planning.3

3.divide of foreign trade,3

4.vebal communication.5

5.1 snerio tha jis m multi national k financial menegr ka role btana tha.oski responcibilities.5

6.advertizng media ka 3 2 mind sy nikla gae hyn.


todays paper

What are the advantages of internal benchmarking

what is budgeting and why is it important

what are the basic skills of management

define strategy and the various levels of strategy

What is packaging and how is it useful in marketing

differentiate between fixed costs and variable costs

almost 50% MCQs were from chapter 23-29 previous papers


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