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MGT211 Grand Quiz + Mid Term Quiz Fall 2020 Preparation Material Due Date: 30-12-2020

Dear Students, please share your Current Midterm Paper (Grand Quiz) Fall 2020. This will be helpful for many students who are looking for help/assistance regarding there Grand Quiz.

Let's help each other in Grand Quiz and make vustudents into a better community for VU students.

Just copy text of each MCQ of your Grand Quiz and paste here or save in a MS Word/PDF file and upload in replies.


VU Students team will post here Grand quiz about this subject, to help VU Students. Let's discuss here abouth Grand QUIZ, clear your concepts, improve learning and help each other. Good luck 



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Mgt211 Midterm Grand Quiz spring 2020

download all files and also visit second link


mgt211 grand quiz spring 2020.doc

mgt211 midterm grand quiz 90+ mcqs.pdf


#mgt211 #grandQuiz #samehulhaq
Mgt211 Grand quiz solution fall 2020 virtual university

MGT211 Introduction To Business Grand Quiz (Current Midterm Papers) Spring 2020

MGT211 Grand Quiz Solved Spring 2020 (Grand Quiz vu)



#mgt211 #mgt211_GrandQuiz #mgt211_Quiz
MGT211 Grand Quiz 1st Attempt 100% Correct Solution | mgt211 Solved Quiz

MGT211-Introduction of business - Grand Quiz Solution 2020// vu student/online accounting&marketing

#mgt211 #mgt211grandquiz #mgt211grandquizsolution2020
MGT211 Grand Quiz Solution Spring 2020

Introduction To Business (MGT211)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Objective Questions

  1. ________ is no liable for the debt of the partnership business.

    1. Sub partner
    2. Active partner
    3. Sleeping partner
    4. Secrete partner
  2. DSS stands for:

    1. Decision support system
    2. Data support system
    3. Data supervision system
    4. None of the given
  3. Those who invest in joint stock companies is called:

    1. Members
    2. Shareholders
    3. Partners
    4. Associates
  4. First meeting of the members of public limited company is known as:

    1. Intriductory meeting
    2. Statutory meeting
    3. Initial meeting
    4. Special meeting
  5. Profit distributed among shareholders is called _______.

    1. Retained earning
    2. Dividend
    3. Debenture
    4. All of the given
  6. In which approach of marketing: unstatisfied needs of the customers are satisfied?

    1. Sales oriented
    2. Production oriented
    3. Product oriented
    4. Marketing oriented
  7. For a private limited company, minimum numbrer of members are ________.

    1. 2
    2. 5
    3. 7
    4. 10
  8. A document that contains the terms and conditions of the business

    1. Partnership deed
    2. Limited partnership
    3. Particular partnership
    4. None of the given
  9. Franchisors like franchising because:

    1. They get a huge amount of mony from franchisee without doing much.
    2. Failure rate of franchise business is lower than other businesses.
    3. franchisees invest their own mony and take responsibility for management of the businesses they own.
    4. All of the given options
  10. The word "limited" at the end of the company name means:

    1. It has limited capital
    2. It has limited shareholder
    3. shareholder has limited liability
    4. All of the given
  11. Which of the following factor(s) contribute to failures of new businesses.

    1. Managerial incompetence or inexperience
    2. Neglect
    3. Weak control system
    4. All of the given
  12. The method of interviews where questions can be changed or adapted to meet the respondent's intelligence and understanding is called:

    1. Unstructured interviews
    2. Structured interviews
    3. Qualitative interviews
    4. None of the given
  13. Which of the following is NOT an aspect to purchase a franchise business?

    1. Attractive Location
    2. High profitability
    3. Independency
    4. Well known customer base
  14. All of the following personal characteristics are found in an entrepreneur except:

    1. Follower
    2. Perceptive
    3. Independent mind
    4. Self-confident
  15. Goods produce domestically and sold in some other country is called:

    1. Imports
    2. Exports
    3. Localization
    4. None of the given options
  16. Annual General Meeting is the meeting of the company that held

    1. Each quarter
    2. after 6 months
    3. once in a year
    4. None of the given
  17. Which of the following is a correct formula to get the per capita income?

    1. Total receipts / Total payments
    2. Total income of the country / Total population
    3. Total Payments / Total Receipts
    4. Total imports / Total exports
  18. Which of the partner who does not take part in the management of the business but is known to the public?

    1. Silent partner
    2. sleeping partner
    3. active partner
    4. Nominal partner
  19. In what type of business,there is easiest dissolution?

    1. Sole proprietorship
    2. partnership
    3. Joint stock company
    4. None of the given
  20. Which of the following statement is true for the World Trade Organization (WTO):

    1. Sets tariffs to balance international trade among nations.
    2. Is the successor to NAFTA.
    3. Rules on trade disputes between nations.
    4. Sets exchange rates to balance international trade among nations.
  21. The law relating to stock companies has been laid in companies Ordinence?

    1. 1984
    2. 1980
    3. 1982
    4. None of the given
  22. Which of the following is included in a business plan:

    1. Financial information
    2. Production plans
    3. Market analysis
    4. All of the given
  23. Job Enrichment:

    1. Increases the amount of money employees are paid for completing an unit of work
    2. Is a programme through which management seeks greater productivity from workers
    3. Involves giving employees work with a greater degree of responsibility and autonomy
    4. None of the given
  24. Statutory report must be sent to the shareholder before meeting that is certified by at least:

    1. 2 directors including CEO
    2. 3 directors including CEO
    3. 5 directors including CEO
    4. 7 directors including CEO
  25. The relationship between persons who have agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all is called:

    1. Partnership
    2. Joint venture
    3. Association of persons
    4. Body of individuals
  26. Which of the meetings is held only once in the life of a public company?

    1. Extra ordinary meeting
    2. Statutory meeting
    3. Shareholders' meeting
    4. Special meeting
  27. The notice calling the ammual general meeting, must be given to all its members at least ________ days before the date of the meeting.

    1. 21 days
    2. 30 days
    3. 45 days
    4. 51 days
  28. A sole proprietorship business may have:

    1. One owner & one worker
    2. Single owner and many workers
    3. Direct dealing with customers
    4. All of the given
  29. A major disadvantage of the corporate form of organization is the ________.

    1. Double taxation of dividends
    2. Inability of the form to raise large sums of additional capital
    3. Limited liability of shareholders
    4. Limited life of the corporate form
  30. A form designed by the employer for the prospective employee to fill it out is called?

    1. Offer letter
    2. Application blank
    3. Basic Information form
    4. None of the given
  31. Which of the following are the functions of management?

    1. Planning
    2. Organizing
    3. Coordinating
    4. All of the given
  32. Which of the following is not the disadvantage of cooperative society?

    1. Lack of secrecy
    2. No profit incentive
    3. Untrained supervision
    4. Protection of mutual interest
  33. ________ describes life time objectives of the organization.

    1. Vision statement
    2. Mission statement
    3. Goal alignment
    4. All of the given
  34. The activities that are undertaken for personal satisfaction and not to earn profit or income are known as ________.

    1. Economic activities
    2. Non-economic activities
    3. Business activities
    4. None of the given
  35. All of the following fall in the category of "business" except:

    1. Exchange of rice with wheat for profit
    2. Production of heavy machinery for sale purposes
    3. Construction of houses for personal use
    4. House financing on markup by bank
  36. Which of the following have powers of decisions making in Joint Stock Company?

    1. Shareholders
    2. A member
    3. Board of directors
    4. All of the given
  37. To get a product that is up to the expectations of the customers comes under consumerism.

    1. True
    2. False
  38. Which of the following managers are responsible for hiring and training of employees?

    1. Operations managers
    2. Marketing managers
    3. Human resource managers
    4. Financial managers
  39. ________ meeting is the first meeting after commencenent of business.

    1. Annual general meering
    2. Extra ordinary general meeting
    3. Monthly meeting
    4. None of the given
  40. Sources of marketing information are categorized into two groups - what are they?

    1. Macro environmental sources; micro environmental sources.
    2. External sources; internal sources.
    3. Causal resources.
    4. All of the given
  41. The first annual general meeting should be held with the ________ of incorporation of a company.

    1. 14 months
    2. 15 months
    3. 16 months
    4. 18 months
  42. Which of the following enjoys limited liability?

    1. A general partnership
    2. A corporation
    3. a sole proprietorship
    4. None of the given
  43. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of a business?

    1. Monetary benefits
    2. Voluntarily contribution
    3. Risk and uncertainty
    4. Transfer of goods or services
  44. A document that contains rules and regulations of the company.

    1. Prospects
    2. Memorandum of the company
    3. Articles of association
    4. All of the given
  45. Statutory meeting must be held within ________ of the commencement of the business.

    1. 1 year
    2. 3 months
    3. 6 months
    4. 3 months to 6 months
  46. The marketing activity of dividing market into smaller units with similar needs and characteristics is known as:

    1. Market penetrating
    2. Target Marketing
    3. Relationship marketing
    4. Market segmentation
  47. which mode of the business is formed when several business concern undertaking units are combined to carry on the business together for achieving the economic benefits?

    1. cooperative societies
    2. combination
    3. franchising
    4. merger
  48. Limit imposed by one country or importing commodities from another country?

    1. Tariff
    2. Quoata
    3. Subsidies
    4. All of the given
  49. An agreement between two parties in which one party passes on the right to other party is called:

    1. Franchising agreement
    2. Joint venture
    3. Merger
    4. Reconsolidation
  50. All of the following is the barrier of international trade, Except:

    1. Tariff
    2. Quota
    3. Embargo
    4. Income tax
  1. Which of the following is an example of genetic industry?

    1. Sugar mill
    2. Poultry Farms
    3. Textile industries
    4. None of the given
  2. ________ are the government taxes on imports that raise the price of foreign goods and make them less competitive with domestic goods.

    1. Tariffs
    2. Embargo
    3. Income tax
    4. Quota
  3. The first time issuance of share is held in the:

    1. Primary market
    2. Secondary market
    3. Counter market
    4. Both in secondary and primary market
  4. An agreement between two parties in which one party passes on the right to other party is called:

    1. Franchising agreement
    2. Joint venture
    3. Merger
    4. Reconsolidation
  5. Marketing should begin with _______.

    1. Potential customer needs
    2. The production process
    3. Identifying customer needs
    4. All of the given
  6. Which types of organizations have expertise in selecting people for the job?

    1. Professional Associations
    2. Recruitment Agencies
    3. Advertising Agencies
    4. All of the given
  7. Which of the following condition must be fulfilled to obtain the "Certificate of commencement"?

    1. Issuance of prospectus
    2. Allotment of Shares
    3. minimum Subscription
    4. All of the given
  8. ________ meeting must be held at least once in three months and at least four times in a year.

    1. Statutory meeting
    2. Extra ordinary general meeting
    3. Director's meeting
    4. None of the given
  9. Which of the following documents contains the name and address of joint stock company?

    1. Articles of Association
    2. Memorandum of association
    3. Prospectus
    4. Statement in lieu of prospectus
  10. Which of the following is the growth rate of GDP, adjusted for infiation and changes in the value of country's currency?

    1. GDP per capita rate
    2. Real groth rate
    3. Real GDP
    4. None of the given
  11. Enviromental forces that are controllable are called?

    1. External force
    2. Internal forces
    3. Non controllable forces
    4. None of the given options
  12. Dividing the market on the basis of area, climate and cultural values is called?

    1. Demographic segmentation
    2. Psychographic segmentation
    3. Geographical segmentation
    4. Behaviouralistic Segmentation
  13. Franchiser gets a large amount of mony from franshisee as ________ while using its name.

    1. Commission
    2. Fee
    3. Interest
    4. Tax
  14. Concessions provided by a country to its producers in order to protect economy?

    1. Quota
    2. Tariff
    3. Subsidies
    4. All of the given
  15. ________ is one who has invested the maximum amount in the business?

    1. Active Partner
    2. sleeping partner
    3. Senior Partner
    4. None of the given
  16. It is difficult to transfer the rights of ownership in?

    1. Sole proprietorship
    2. Partnership
    3. Joint stock company
    4. None of the given
  17. Election of directors and appointment of auditors is the objectives of ________.

    1. Annual general meeting
    2. Statutory meeting
    3. Extra ordinary general meeting
    4. None of the given
  18. Those countries where people are earning below US $ 765 are known as:

    1. Middle income countries
    2. High income countries
    3. Low income countries
    4. None of the given
  19. In franchising, all of the following are the rights of franchisee except:

    1. Right to use name
    2. Right to use trade mark
    3. Right to use factory location
    4. Right to use systems and researches
  20. ________ are paid for short term period, e.g. for a day or for an hour or on the basis of units completed.

    1. Salary
    2. Bonus
    3. Wages
    4. None of the given
  21. A part of organization that requires separate planning is called ________.

    1. Functional/Operational Level Strategies
    2. Corporate Level Strategies
    3. Strategic Business Unit (SBU)
    4. None of the given
  22. Who signs the documents on behalf of the joint stock company?

    1. one of the directors
    2. Chief executive officer
    3. common seal is used for its signature
    4. General manager
  23. Which of the following issues the initial public offering (IPO)?

    1. A Partnership firm
    2. A private company
    3. A public limited company
    4. a multinational company
  24. Which theory describes that behavior can be encouraged or discouraged by means of rewards or punishments?

    1. Theory X
    2. Theory y
    3. Reinforcement Theory
    4. Agency theory
  25. All of the following are the main features of a comparative form of organization, EXCEPT:

    1. Voluntary association
    2. One man one vote
    3. Service motive
    4. Religious and political extremism
  26. Competitor analysis is discussed under the following part?

    1. Marketing part
    2. Financial part
    3. Production part
    4. All of the given
  27. Competitor analysis is discussed under the following part?

    1. Marketing part
    2. Financial part
    3. Production part
    4. All of the given options
  28. Total income of the country/Total population is the formula to calculate.

    1. Per Capita Income
    2. Average Income
    3. Population Income
    4. Country Income
  29. Employees' tendency to leave the job in an organization is called ________.

    1. Replacement chart
    2. Skill inventory
    3. Turnover
    4. Retention
  30. Decision about activities performed by the workers is called

    1. Planning
    2. Leading
    3. Controlling
    4. Organizing
  31. Those countries where people are earning below US $765?

    1. Middle income countries
    2. High income countries
    3. Low income countries
    4. None of the given
  32. Which one of the following is NOT a type of business organization?

    1. A company
    2. Partnership
    3. Sole creditorship
    4. Co-operative societies
  33. A written statement of what a job holder does, how a job is done, and why a job is done is a_______:

    1. Job description.
    2. Human resource inventory report.
    3. Job analysis.
    4. Job specification.
  34. In democratic style of leadership there is:

    1. Upward communication
    2. Upward and downward communication
    3. Occasional communication
    4. Downward communication
  35. Which of the following factor(s) contribute to success of new businesses.

    1. Hard work
    2. Market Demand
    3. Luck
    4. All of the given
  36. Filling out the vacant positions is called ______.

    1. Leading
    2. Organizing
    3. Planning
    4. Staffing
  37. In which leadership style, there will be downward communication only.

    1. Charismatic leadership style
    2. Autocrtic Style
    3. Democratic style
    4. Free Rein Style
  38. Which of the following can be the wearkness of an organization?

    1. High employees turnover
    2. Presence of few competitors
    3. Potential change in the consumer taste
    4. Presence of non-price competitors
  39. Sellers feel the needs of an organized institution that coordinates all activities related to sales in ________ .

    1. Prodution oriented stage
    2. Product oriented stage
    3. Sales oriented stage
    4. Societal marketing stage
  40. Sole proprietorship always enjoys:

    1. Limited liability
    2. 100% of profit after tax
    3. 100% of profit before tax
    4. All of the given
  41. Which of the following Selection devices are based upon physical condition of the candidates:

    1. Application forms
    2. Medical tests
    3. Background investigations
    4. Aptitude tests
  42. Business may be define as an economic activity undertaken with a motive of earning profit by satisfying human needs in society. The term economic activity includes the activities with the motive of:

    1. Social justice
    2. Earning profits
    3. Collective benefits
    4. Personal satisfation
  43. The word "limited" at the end of the company name means:

    1. It has limited capital
    2. It has limited shareholders
    3. Shareholders has limited liability
    4. All of the given
  44. Which of the following is not an example of non-profit making organization?

    1. NGO's
    2. Trusts
    3. Cooperative societies
    4. Partnership
  45. Which of the following is not the objective of the Directors' meeting?

    1. To allot the share
    2. To recommend dividend
    3. To issue debentures
    4. To make loans
  46. Which of the following can be categorized as opportunity for an organization?

    1. High employee turnover
    2. Establishing online sales
    3. Good product development
    4. Effective internal control
  47. The two major sources of raising funds or financing a business are:

    1. Owner's capital & borrowed funds
    2. Short term and long term loans
    3. Debentures and drafts
    4. Assets and long term loans
  48. The law relating to joint stock company has been laid in Companies Ordinence, 1984 which came into force on ________ in Pakistan.

    1. Dec-84
    2. Jan-85
    3. Aug-85
    4. None of the given
  49. Which of the following is included in a economic factors?

    1. Religion
    2. Value system
    3. Norms
    4. Exchange rate
  50. What is mean by global organization?

    1. Customizing the product range for each segment in part.
    2. Craeting standardized products
    3. Producing products for specific country
    4. None of the given
  51. A document containing information regarding internal and external matters of the business is called:

    1. Business plan
    2. Partnership deed
    3. Feasibility report
    4. None of the given
  52. Which one of the following statements about marketing is inaccurate?

    1. The growing number of products in all categories has made it easier for marketers to capture the attention of customers.
    2. Marketing has to do with persuading customers a product meets their needs.
    3. The mass market has fragmented into many different groups of customers.
    4. Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers.
  53. In which economy, the government decides that how many resources have to be generated and how the resources should be allocated?

    1. Free market economy
    2. Planned economy
    3. Open economy
    4. Closed economy
  54. In which type of Needs, Organizations encourage informal organizational activities. For example, combined lunch or dinner, Sports, Fun fair, Musical Programs etc.

    1. Safety Needs
    2. Biological Needs
    3. Social Needs
    4. Self Actualization
  55. A distribution channel represents the path of a product from a producer to:

    1. Retailer
    2. Wholesaler
    3. Consumer
    4. Manufacturer
  56. Which of the following is not the example of primary industry?

    1. Coal mining
    2. Construction
    3. Fish farming
    4. Poultry farm

#mgt211 #mgt211_GrandQuiz #mgt211_Quiz
MGT211 Grand Quiz 2nd Part 100% Correct Solution | mgt211 Solved Quiz


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