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Quiz # 03 will be opened on July 23, 2015 and last date to attempt quiz will be July 24, 2015.


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Please all students related this subject Share your online Quizzes here to help each other.thanks


Please share the question and their answers of this quiz if anyone has done.

thanks gi

Quiz no.3 will be open on 23 july 2015 and closing date is 24 july 2015.

this quiz will cover the lec 23 to 29 .

Plz save your current quizes and sshare here in coment. bcz it will be helpfull for your final exams.

wish you best of luck all...!!!

Dear All,

Please share your quizzes results and opinions and help each other. thanks


Syed Faraz


MGT 211 Quiz No. 3 (23/07/15)



First stage in evolution of business:

Industrial revolution

Marketing era




Wags are paid for:

Short term

Long term

All of these

None of these


Which is best identified as being that, which occurs when a company delivers & sell product strength to customer:


Goods produced domestically & sold in other country:






Some people are perceived for a particular job. This concept is called:

Good performer


Person organization fit

All of the above


Which company has longer life?


Sole proprietorship

Joint stock



Agreement between two parties, in which one party passes on the rights to other party is called:


Joint venture



Which is an off-the-job training method:


Business Games

Case study method



Washers and stoves would normally use:

Exclusive distribution

Intensive distribution

Selective distribution

Subjective distribution


Auditors are generally appointed & their remuneration is fixed at:

Annual general meeting

Statutory meeting

Director’s meeting



Personal selling can be defined as:

People communication

Interpersonal communication

Intercorrective communication

Local communication


In which practice of HR, evaluation of employee are done:



Performance appraisal


thanks bro Syed Muhammad Faraz 


1 Star Electronics sales TV of different styles, color TV, black & white TV, different sizes of screen. It is called

2 Salaries of permanent employees fall in which of the following:

3 Pricing decision is the major role of …...

4 Spreadsheets, database and word processing software are all types of:

5 In which part of marketing mix; seller receives the value in exchange of goods and services.

6 ABC organization feels that their product is being sold in big cities only. They conduct the research that how to increase sale in small cities and rural areas. It is called?

7 In which stage of product life cycle, there is highest level of sales but per unit profit decreased.

8 A market researcher wants to know about the number of Suzuki (Mehran) cars passing from Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad from 8am to 9am on coming Monday. S/he can achieve his/her objective by using which of the following:

9 In which stage of product life cycle, a large number of manufacturers and marketers enter in the market?

10 Which of the following represents that organization is at the point of no profit and no loss:

ANS Breakeven point

ayee loo paii g nava nava tay taza taza quiz 5 mint he hoye hain check it out 



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