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This is to inform that Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 02 will be opened on August 05, 2014. The due date for posting your discussion will be August 08, 2014.


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This Graded Discussion Board will cover first 37 lessons.


For acquiring the relevant knowledge, do not rely only on handouts but also watch the course video lectures and read additional material available online or in any other mode.

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TOPIC:  Using Sponsorships as a Marketing Tool


The primary objective is to generate a discussion on evaluating the value of sponsorships for companies and to highlight the importance of sponsorships in the field of marketing.



Students will understand how sponsorships by different companies affect their corporate and marketing strategies in order to make them a market leader.


  • Do not copy information from the internet as it is not required.
  • Attempt the GDB by yourself and it will be entertained positively.
  • Answer should be relevant and do not copy/paste from any website otherwise it will be marked zero.
  • Case is opinion based so provide your best output with justifications.
  • GDB received after the due date will not be considered.


Vodafone Group’ a British multinational telecommunications company, a second largest mobile telecommunication company in the world, having its headquarters in London. The company is operating in more than 21 countries and working as partners with over 40 other countries. The company provides Information Technology and telecommunication services in more than 65 countries.


Vodafone has always been a sponsoring company to many sports brands, which includes motor racing sport like; Ferrari Formula 1 and a very famous football club; Manchester United. The company has launched 'Vodafone live!' recently, which is entirely a new release in the world of mobile communication, having a latest camera phone through which the users will remain in touch with each other easily.


Vodafone’ invests millions of pounds in sponsoring several sports activities/ events, which plays a very important role in marketing and corporate strategies of the company, that are planned and designed to make the company’ a world's famous brands. Through sponsoring such sports events and association with famous players, Vodafone perceives a better sense of becoming an associated image, which excite the public.



In the light of the above paragraph, would it be appropriate for Vodafone to invest millions pounds in sponsoring these sports activities and could this sponsorship brought synergy for Vodafone?

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Replies to This Discussion

Anybody can identify with lessons of high performance and performance psychology and develop their capabilities if they are motivated to – regardless of whether they are fans or not. Lane4 specialise in taking these performance insights and applying them into work environments in order to deliver bottom line results.

One way this has been done recently is through taking BT’s customer service department on an Olympic journey. We developed a programme called ‘The Difference is You’ which addressed their ‘Right First Time’ customer service KPI.

They adopted Olympic goal setting and coaching techniques to work towards targets, as well as ‘belief wall’ and ‘balanced scorecard’ exercises which many Team GB athletes had used. In addition, Olympic athletes delivered talks about their performance techniques which employees were encouraged to relate to their own roles afterwards. After mapping the tools of athletes to those of employees, Right First Time scores rose from 80% to 89% following the programme and employees learnt transferable performance techniques.

Generating these internal benefits isn’t something that happens accidently. Similar to external activation, it takes a deliberate approach, creativity and a high degree of effort. The range of performance development opportunities sponsorship assets can provide is limited only by imagination and Synergy and Lane4 can currently target programmes to areas including leadership development, resilience, talent management, developing high performing teams, innovation, leading change and coaching.

By considering both internal and external targets while planning the sponsorship strategy and developing a programme for each can multiply the return on investment.

The next blog in the series will look more specifically at how lessons from Sport Psychology can be used to enhance the benefit organisations can get from the other side of sponsorship. We will explore recent examples of companies that have already begun to do this, looking at how they made it a success.


Also Reach, Frequency and Impact of their new product "Vodafone live" will create a significant impact in the target market as this multinational company is sponsoring to a particular sports events.

Comment Please.........................................

a sponsorship opportunity might put the company in front of an audience it wants to cultivate, so saying yes is a wise business decision. For instance Vodafone might be having a major event; agreeing to a level of sponsorship might help make headway into a long-term relationship with the institution itself as well as its high-profile clientele. Similarly, sponsorship is not an act of charity - it must show some form of positive return on investment (ROI).

In my point of view this sponsorship is appropriate for Vodafone to invest millions of pounds in sponsoring the sports activities because this sponsorship brought many benefits for Vodafone such as creating awareness of company and its brand, it creates positive view of company’s performance in eyes of public, brand positioning, promotion of brand. 

This sponsorship brings synergy for Vodafone in this way, Vodafone has partnership with Ferrari and Manchester and these joint ventures bring revenue for both. When Vodafone sponsors his partner’s then it creates public relationship easily without any hard effort. Vodafone also provides news about sports and it’s events to its customers, for this Vodafone receives returns on its investments and also enjoy global advertisement by inspiring the sportsmen and supporting them, this way it creates its image and excites the customers.

yes it is appropriate as through these sponsoring events,million of people come to know about Vodafone,mass advertisement is done through these activitiesfirst of all awareness in created in the viewers of the matches of foot ball etc then a good image is created in their minds as Vodefone is beleiving in healthy activities for different nations.advertisement is the most important and first step in marketing the product so if no one knos ur products then no bady will buy ur producst so investment in million is the starting point for any business specially when it is opertaiong at international levels.

Sports sponsorship is a marketing tool that is frequently used by companies to reach a 
wide audience on a global basis so as to be placed higher than their competitors and to 
create awareness as well as make a higher profit margin. Through this platform, specific 
target audience alongside potential customers are reached as it able to penetrate through 
quite effectively in the promotional mix and as such, is a significant method being used 
by many organisations.
The aim of this thesis was to gain a deeper understanding of how companies use 
sponsorship in sport events as a strategic tool in their marketing program. In order to 
achieve this purpose, the thesis describes and explains companies objectives with sport 
sponsorship, the threats being encountered by its usage and the reasons why companies 
decide to sponsor.
The theory of the thesis was collected from various sponsorship literatures that included 
both books and article journals. Additional information was obtained from marketing and 
branding literature.
The empirical study was conducted by interviews. A company’s personnel, the city of 
Helsinki event office. Interview questions were based on the theory used in the project 
and the interviews provided information on the reasons why companies decide to go into 
sponsorship agreement with a sport event.
The findings showed that companies are not too keen on taking risks unnecessarily and 
are willing to sponsor various target segments because of the good image and a wider 
audience range.
The conclusions were based on the answers given during the interviews and the 
companies prefer to go into sponsorship that can convey their brand image effectively.


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