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Please share the questions of QUIZ-2 MGT301 Due date June'09 2015

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Question # 1 of 20 ( Start time: 11:27:03 AM )     Total Marks: 1
The fact that organizational customers purchase products to be used directly or indirectly in the production of goods and services to satisfy customers' needs. This situation shows which of the following demands?
Select correct option:
    Derived * (not sure)
    More fluctuating

Question # 2 of 20 ( Start time: 11:28:33 AM )     Total Marks: 1
All the following units are included in Demographic Segmentation, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
    Family life cycle
    Countries *
Question # 3 of 20 ( Start time: 11:29:55 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Person’s pattern of living as expressed in his or her psychographics represents which one of the following concepts?
Select correct option:
    Personality *

Question # 4 of 20 ( Start time: 11:31:20 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Gillette was the first marketer of disposable razors to offer a product specifically designed for men. It is an example of which one of the following segmentation strategy?
Select correct option:
    Demographic *
    Product use

Question # 5 of 20 ( Start time: 11:32:51 AM )     Total Marks: 1
When a company caters to clothing, cosmetics and toiletries markets, it is probably using which type of segmentation?
Select correct option:
    Age and life cycle
    Gender *

Question # 6 of 20 ( Start time: 11:33:31 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Segmentation on the basis of demographic statistics includes all, EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
    Lifestyle *

Question # 7 of 20 ( Start time: 11:34:04 AM )     Total Marks: 1
If ABC Company observes all compact disc customers as pretty much alike and thus offered only one marketing mix, it would be using which of the following approach?
Select correct option:
Question # 8 of 20 ( Start time: 11:35:20 AM )     Total Marks: 1
A person is considered to be a son, brother, father and husband, an active member of the community or a professional worker. This is an example of which of the following social factors?
Select correct option:
    Role *

Question # 9 of 20 ( Start time: 11:36:26 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Primary data must be relevant, unbiased, current, and :
Select correct option:
    Valid * (not sure)

Question # 10 of 20 ( Start time: 11:37:52 AM )     Total Marks: 1
The data collected for the specific purpose at first-hand sources and has not been previously published refers to which of the following type of data?
Select correct option:
    Primary data * (not sure)
    Secondary data
    Encrypted data  
    Bulk data  

Question # 11 of 20 ( Start time: 11:39:24 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Suppose ABC Company have launched a new product in the market and have got no result at initial stage. ABC Company sent one of its trained interviewers to gather the information by inviting six to ten people to know the reasons of failure of their product. Company ABC is applying which type of contact method?
Select correct option:
    Personal interviewing
    Mail interviewing
    Individual interviewing
    Focus group interviewing *
Question # 12 of 20 ( Start time: 11:40:34 AM )     Total Marks: 1
A marketer has brought same products in the market for all segments without considering the needs and wants of the customers. Which one of the following strategy is being practiced by the marketer?
Select correct option:
    Undifferentiated marketing strategy
    Differentiated marketing strategy * (not sure)
    Concentrated marketing strategy
    Custom marketing strategy

Question # 13 of 20 ( Start time: 11:42:03 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Mr. Sajid is confused about using the marketing research process. He seems to be having problems in one of step which is often considered as the hardest step to take. You are required to identify this step?
Select correct option:
    Defining the problem
    Defining the research objectives
    Defining the problem and research objectives *
    Researching a research agency to help

Question # 14 of 20 ( Start time: 11:43:36 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Which of the following environment consists of the factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns?
Select correct option:
    Demographic environment
    Cultural environment
    Economic environment *
    Consumer environment

Question # 15 of 20 ( Start time: 11:44:25 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Unique psychological characteristics that lead to relatively consistent and lasting responses to one’s own environment refers to which one of the following?
Select correct option:
    Personality *
Question # 16 of 20 ( Start time: 11:45:11 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Which of the following product is MOST likely be purchased through routine decision making?
Select correct option:
    Soft drink  *
    Television set

Question # 17 of 20 ( Start time: 11:46:44 AM )     Total Marks: 1
People vary in their emphasis on serving themselves versus serving others reflects which of the following views?
Select correct option:
    People’s views of themselves *
    People’s views of others
    People’s views of organizations
    People’s views of societies

Question # 18 of 20 ( Start time: 11:47:47 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Dell decided to lower its prices due to recent economic recession. The firm is responding to which of the following option?
Select correct option:
    Political environment
    Economic environment *
    Cultural environment
    Demographic environment

Question # 19 of 20 ( Start time: 11:48:47 AM )     Total Marks: 1
Drawing conclusion from research after data analysis is called:
Select correct option:
    Interpretation *
Question # 20 of 20 ( Start time: 11:50:12 AM )     Total Marks: 1
In international marketing research, a common problem which marketers may have to face is the availability of which one of the following?
Select correct option:
    Primary data
    Research specialists
    Secondary data *
    Intelligence limitations

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