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MGT401 Financial Accounting II All Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past Mid Term Papers at One Place from 19 Dec 2015 to 01 Jan 2016

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ALL Mid Term Papers Fall 2015 & Past mid Term Papers at One Place from 19 December 2015 to 01 January 2016


Share Your Current Mid Term Papers (Questions/Pattern) 19 December 2015 to 01 January 2016 to help each other. Thanks


For more papers & mid Tem Papers Preparation Material check all the featured discussions in this group one by one discussion.

How you can check all the featured discussions in this group .Visit this link 

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1) Define Assets and Liability according to framework 3 

2) Stock valuation any 3 enlist (3)

3) Difference B/w Depreciation and impairment (5)

4) One question belong to Depreciation like book value of vehicle 650,000 and accumulated Depreciation 375,000. what is disposal value. written down value method (5)

5) Contract 1 Company ordered raw material 1000 KG steel

Contract 2 Company order raw material 1000 KG with the cost of 40.0000 on 1st July 2014

Some Reasons were given like trading concern or ?    (5)


pls share current papers who already attempt MGT-401

My today paper (25 question)

  • 20 mcqs (All conceptual nothing from past) and  4-5 mcqs related to IAS
  • enlist any three stock valuation method(3 marks)
  • briefly describe financial instruments  (5)
  • briefly tell financial statement according to its IAS (5)
  • Significant Influence means according to Its related IAS (5)
  • one ques was entry based related to depreciation i guess.

Good Luck fellows.

Ahsan Zafar thanks for shring..keep it up

Attention Students: You don’t need to go any other site for current papers pattern & questions. Because all sharing data related to current Mid term papers of our members are going from here to other sites. You can judge this at other sites yourself. So don’t waste your precious time with different links. Just keep visiting for all latest updates.

Paper is different from past paper.

Q- Give the five example of free hold assets.

Q- Cost of good sold calculation for given figures

Q - According to IAS 37 defines a contingent liability.

Q Intangible Asset cost in Research Phase 


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