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This is to inform that quiz 04 will be opened on 24th  February, 2015 and last date to attempt quiz will be 25th  February, 2015.

Quiz will be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Covering video Lectures 30 to 39.  


  • You can start attempting the quiz at any time but within given date(s) by clicking the quick link for Quiz on VU-LMS as it will become enabled within the mentioned dates.  As soon as the time will be over, it will automatically be disabled and will not be available to attempt it.
  • Quiz will be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Covering video Lectures 30 to 39.  
  • Each question has a fixed time limit of 90 seconds. So you have to save your answer before 90 seconds. But due to unpredictable/unstable Internet speed, it is strongly recommended that you save your answer within 60 seconds to avoid any inconvenience. While attempting a question, keep an eye on the remaining time.
  • Attempting quiz is unidirectional. Once you have moved forward to the next question, you will not be able to go back to the previous one. Therefore before moving to the next question, make sure that you have selected the best option and saved your answer.
  • DO NOT press back button of your browser or refresh the page while attempting a question. Otherwise you will lose the chance of attempting the current question and a new question will be loaded.
  • DO NOT try to disable “Java Script” in your browser; otherwise you will not be able to attempt the quiz.
  • If for any reason, you lose access to Internet (like power failure or disconnection of Internet); you will be able to attempt the quiz again but from the next question where you left in last attempt. But remember that you have to complete the quiz before expiry of the deadline.
  • If you failed to attempt the quiz in given time then no re-take or off line quiz will be held as compensation/replacement.


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dear all please, post yours quizzes here to helps others

The point at which the cost line intersects the sales line will be called:

Select correct option:


Budgeted sales

Break Even sales

Margin of safety

Contribution margin


Which of the following is not a cash outflow?

Select correct option:


Cash drawing

New equipment

Commission paid



Management will make what kind of decision when there will be surplus cash in hand for a certain period

Select correct option:


Investment decisions

Financing decision

Operational decision

All of the given option


All of the following compose cost of goods sold EXCEPT:

Select correct option

Raw material


Parts & Machinery

Factory overhead


Which of the following is/are true for construction of conventional break-even chart?

Select correct option

Plot fixed costs, as a straight line parallel to the horizontal axis

Plot sales revenue and variable costs from the origin

Total costs represent fixed plus variable costs.

All of the given option


Which of the following is true about flexible budget?

Select correct option

A budget that always based on actual capacity

A budget that is preparedusing spreadsheet model

A budget in which total variable cost remains unchanged

Variable costs per unit will remain unchanged

In the decision to replace an old machine with a new machine, which of the following would be considered a relevant cost?

Select correct option

The book value of the old equipment
Amortization expense on the old equipment
The loss on the disposal of the old equipment

The current disposal price for the old equipment


Planning for future growth is called:

Select correct option:


Capital budgeting

Working capital management

Financial forecasting



Which the following would be considered a Relevant Cost?

 Select correct option:

The book value of the old equipment

Depreciation expense on the old equipment

The current disposal price of the old equipment

Historical cost of an equipment


Which of the following is true of the manufacturing overhead budget?

Select correct option:

Provides a schedule of all costs of production other than direct material direct labor

Includes both variable and fixed cost associated overhead

Depreciation has to be deducted as a non cash expense in order to determine the level of cash required for overhead.

All of the given option


thanxxx for shuring

Quiz No # 4
Please students search the rights answer and take the quiz.


Ap ka bi shukarya!!!!!!


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