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MGT402 Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 18-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 Papers, Dec 2012, Solved Final Term Papers, Solved Papers, Solved Past Papers, Solved MCQs

Current Mid Term Papers Fall 2012 18-Dec-2012 to 19-Dec-2012

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My  today paper

totol = 27

22 mcqz and 5 subjective and subjective are following

Electronic method 3

FIFO method 3

Unit cost, processing cost, job cost and product cost min differentiate karne tha 5

How to pass the inter y of normal loss by preparing production report 3

one numerical  5 

 Naeem Khalil Thanks for sharing 

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kardiye solve

1. Explain equivalent production. Marks 3

Ans at page 134 of handouts

2. There are two wage rate principles i.e. time wage and piece rate. Explain these systems. Marks 3

Ans at page 81 of handouts

3. ABC company’s data is as under:
400 units already in inventory @ Rs. 5
Additional 500 units purchased @ Rs. 6
ABC Company sold 800 units @ Rs. 8
If ABC Company is following LIFO method than compute GROSS MARGIN to be shown on income statement. Marks 3


Cost of goods sold:

500 units * Rs. 6 = 3000
300 units * rs. 5 = 1500  
sales = 800 units * 8 = Rs.6400
Gross profit = sales- Cost of goods sold

Gross profit = 6400 - 4500 = Rs.1900

4.                 Wage rate per hour                    Rs. 3.50 
                   Time allowed for the job             21 hours 
                   Time taken                                19 hours. 
1. Calculate the Gross earnings of the worker according to Halsey Premium Plan.
2. Find out effective “rate of earnings” Marks 5


see example at page 83 (practice question 1)

5.                                                Marks 5

Units transferred to next department                                  40,000
Units still in process (all material, 2/3 labour & FO H)          8,000

               Following costs were added during the process.

                            Materials                               Rs.40,500
                            Labour                                     101,700
                            Factory overhead                       50,500

             You are required to calculate equivalent units of material, labour and factory

             Overhead and unit cost of material, labour and factory overhead.


  1. Equivalent production:
 Materials                               40000 + (8000 *100%) = 48000 units
 Labour                                  40000 + (8000 *2/3) =45333 units
Factory overhead                    40000 + (8000 *2/3) =45333 units
2. per Unit cost:
      Materials                                40,500/48000 units= 0.84
      Labour                                   101,700/45333 units= 2.24339
Factory overhead                          50,500/45333 units= 1.1139


Hijaab Ch Thanks 

bought goods on credit from Mr A for 5000

return goods of 10000 to Mr A

sold goods on credit to Mr B for 4000

Mr B return goods of 3000

please any ony solve it may Allah give jazaah ameen 

** gross profit = sales  - cost of goods produced

no nadia your 4mula is wrong

thanx hijab

Agr kse k pas MGT402 k solved MID TERM papers hian to kindly send kr dy. or haan web py mjy MGT402 k midterm paper to mly hy but kafi papers worng solved hain. or thek answer dondny mn sometime kfi time lag jata hy. To jis k pas b solved midterm hian MGT402 k wo kindly send kr dy. thx..

is taking calculator allowed during exam????



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