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Replies to This Discussion

Total Questions: 27

Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 22

Total Short Subjective Question of 3 Marks:3

Total Short Subjective Question of 5 Marks:2

. 1- calculate variable FOH absorbtion rate ... pg no. 122 (3)

2-calculate efficiency ration...pg no. 99...question no.1 of problem question. (3)

3-write formula of closing finished good inventory...pg no.36 (3)

4-calculate departmental rate, data was given (for hints see pg no. 107 ques no. 2) (5 marks)

5- what information is written on job cost sheet...pg no. 74 (5 marks)

A company employs 4800 employees. During the past 12 months, 660 employees left the company and had to be replaced. Determine labor turnover ratio.



Levis uses predetermined overhead rates to apply manufacturing overhead to jobs. The predetermined overhead rate is based on machine hours in stitching department and direct labor cost in packing department and at the beginning of the year, the company made the following estimates:



Stitching Dept  (Rs.)

Packing Dept (Rs.)

Direct labor cost



Manufacturing overhead



Direct labor hours



Machine hours




What predetermined overhead rates would be used in stitching and packing Department respectively?




FM motors works collects its cost data by the job order cost accumulation procedure. For job # 111, the following data are available:


Direct Material Issued

Direct labour








180 hrs @ Rs. 6.00 /hr




150 hrs @ Rs. 7.5/hr





Factory overhead is applied at the rate of Rs. 15.00 per direct labour hour.


Required: The appropriate information entered on a job order cost sheet. 

 Fm Motors


Irfan Industries Limited has two production departments A and B and two mutually interdependent service departments X and Y. Cost of service departments is apportioned on the basis of following %ages:







Service department X





Service department Y






Following figures of departmental costs are available after the primary distribution:


Department A


Department B


Department X


Department Y



Calculate total factory overhead of production department by preparing a work sheet showing the secondary distribution using Repeated apportionment method.



Cost of material consumed under FIFO, Average Cost            and LIFO costing method is Rs. 3,420, Rs. 3,465, and Rs. 3,545. Conversion Cost is Rs. 16,500. 1,000 units of the product were manufactured out of which 800 @ Rs. 30 units sold. There were no beginning and ending inventories of work in process and finished goods.

Required: Calculate per unit cost under FIFO, Weighted Average and LIFO costing methods.





Just Completed my paper:

22 MCQs 5 Numericals:

1- Caluculation under FIFO Method

2- Calulation Under Rowan Premium Plan

3- Calculation Under Halsey Premium plan

4- Cost of Equivalent Unit produced and unit cost of direct material, labour & FOH.

5- Job # 101, Calculate Total Factory Cost.

Saifullah Ansari thanks for sharing 

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