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MGT402 ALL Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 12 August 2017 to 24 August 2017

MGT402 ALL Current Final Term Papers & Past Final Term Papers at One Place from 12 August 2017 to 24 August 2017

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My today MGt402 paper , 16 Aug 2017
Question no 01: Apex corporation experienced following during April;



Beginning WIP inventory

(100% material & 40% labor)



Units started in this Period


Ending WIP inventory

(100% material, 60% labor)



Direct Material added at start of process & direct labor is added uniformly throughout process.

Required: Calculate equivalent unit for direct material & direct labor under weighted average method? (marks 03)

Question no 02: Ahmad & corporation has following information about his product (Soap). The selling price Rs. 110 per soup. Variable cost Rs.75 per soup, total fixed cost for firms is Rs. 70,000. Company has budgeted sale of Rs. 270,000 and breakeven sale Rs. 220,000.

Required:  calculate margin of safety? (marks 03)

Question no 03: Following information available for preparing direct labor cost;

                        Budgeted labor hours = 1.5 hours per unit

                        Per hour rate            = Rs. 40 per hour

Required: Calculate estimated amount of direct labor cost to produce 2400 units?? (marks 03)

Question no 04: Briefly explain concept of cash budget? (marks 03)

Question no05: Calculate “per unit Cost”. Under the absorption and marginal costing? (marks 03)

                        Direct material = Rs.40 per unit

                        Direct Wages    = Rs. 55 per unit

                        Variable overhead = Rs. 35 per unit

                        Fixed Overhead = Rs. 50,000

                        Production unit          = 1000 units

Question no 06: XYZ corporation started 14,000 units for production during month of June. The company has 5,600 units (65% complete as to conversion cost) in beginning WIP, & 4000 Units (60% complete as to conversion cost) in Ending WIP.

Required: Calculate unit Transferred out and equivalent unit of production for consumption cost by using weighted average method? (Marks 05)

Question no 07: How you differentiate “theoretical capacity” and “Practical capacity”?? (marks 05)

Question no 08: Prepare income statement under absorption & marginal costing system? (marks 05)

Cost per unit under absorption costing

200(Fixed cost inclusive @ Rs.25 per unit)

Cost per unit under marginal costing

Rs. 175

Unit Produced


Units sold

100@ 250/-


Question no 09: How can we make difference between Fixed budget and Flexible Budget? (marks 05)

Question no 10: RADF company sells several products, information about its operation term of revenue & cost as follows; (marks 05)

Selling Price per unit

Rs. 20

Variable cost per unit

Direct Material cost

Rs. 04

Direct manufacturing labor


Manufacturing overhead

Rs. 0.40

Selling cost

Rs. 02

Annual fixed cost

Rs. 96,000



1)     Calculate contribution Margin per unit

2)     Calculate Break-even sale in terms of unit


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