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A chemical process has normal wastage of 5% of input. In a period, 3,500 Kg of material were input and there was no abnormal loss. What quantity of good production was achieved?



3,325 Kg

Production cost budget is also known as

Dnt know

: A master budget in a service organization will typically include a

Dnt know

EOQ is the order quantity that _________ over our planning horizon


Minimizes total ordering costs


Bouch Company has following the data. Units Produced and sold were100,000 @ 100 each. Production Cost per unit Variable cost is Rs.25, Fixed cost is Rs.50,Total cost is Rs.75 What would be the margin of safety ratio?

Which of the following is true when piece rate system is used for wage determination?


worker is paid on the basis of production

PVC company has ordering quantity 10,000 units.They have storage capacity 20,000 units,The average ordering quantity would be:






Taylor's Differential Piece Rate Plan uses-----------piece rates.

Two answer

Which of the following best describes the manufacturing costs?


Direct materials, direct labor and factory overhead



Which of the following is true about flexible budget?


A budget that always based on actual capacity

Which of the following cannot be used as a base for the determination of overhead absorption rate?


Discount allowed

In which of the following center FOH cost NOT incurred


Head office

A high inventory turnover may indicate:


An efficient use of the investment in inventory

Direct materials cost is Rs. 80,000. Direct labor cost is Rs. 60,000. Factory overhead is Rs. 90,000. Beginning goods in process were Rs. 15,000. The cost of goods manufactured is Rs. 245,000. What is the cost assigned to the ending goods in process?


There will be no ending Inventory

Which of the following cost is not changed with the change in production level?


Fixed cost

Which of the following is not a cash outflow?

Dnt know

The abbrivation of lifo


Last in first out



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