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Topic:            Stock Market – Price adjustments

Learning objectives

It will enable the students to analyze the market behavior and its impact on stock prices.

Learning outcomes

The students are expected to enhance their ability to understand stock market behavior.


The Case:

Prices of common stock of Cement Manufacturing Association (CMA) are increasing on daily basis. New investors are more enthusiastic in purchasing the CMA’s stock due to the belief that the company’s stock prices will tend to increase more in the days to come. Hence, at present the investment in this stock will be very beneficial for them. So, with the expectation to sell this stock at higher prices in the future could give them huge gain. However, the market analysts keeping an eye on the fundamental value of CMA’s stock are of the view that the stock prices of the company are overvalued, thus not representing their true values. According to these analysts, this stock will not be able to maintain its current trend of price increase in the future and will be forced by the market mechanism to adjust its price to its fundamental value.



Considering the above scenario, do you agree that this price hike is beneficial for the country’s economy in general and for the investors in particular? Support your answer with logical reason.


Important Instructions:


1. Your discussion must be based on logical facts.

2. The GDB will remain open for 3 working days.

3. Do not copy or exchange your answer with other students. Two identical / copied comments will be marked Zero (0) and may damage your grade in the course.

4. Obnoxious or ignoble answer should be strictly avoided.

5. Questions / queries related to the content of the GDB, which may be posted by the students on MDB or via e-mail, will not be replied till the due date of GDB is over.


Ø For Detailed Instructions please see the GDB Announcement

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Replies to This Discussion

Yes UMER WAQAS brother....your observation is quite right.....me nay submit karnay kay baad iss pay socha hai.....:P

balkay aap iss point pay bhi kuch ideas dain taakay jo log baad mein submit karain....tau unn kay answers mein thorri variety aa jaye....

ya beneficial hay ya nahi pls give the short answer tnks

i am also agreed with UMER WAQAS you are not discuss the asking point. The point is simple that either it is beneficial for economy or individual?. Please do not discuss the politics. 

but your idea is quite better than others please keep it up.

Sallam nagina sister.mere bhi ap jese subject hen mujhe group study ki zrorat he ager ap ne group study krni ho to mujhe reply kren.

mere subject ye hen

mgt 301

mgt 411

mcm 301

cs 101

eco 401


aa bahi mjy group stdy he krni ha ar plz eco 401 main zadia help chiahy ma is ko final k liay kesy prep kro

Sister....ECO is always difficult for me....but this time me nay ECO ka paper pehla rakha aur 3 din pehlay say...lectures lainay aur revise karnay shuroo kiye....uss waqat concepts thorray fresh thay ...iss waja say mark achay aa gaye.....aap bhi aisa kar kay daikhain shayad aap kay liaye bhi bahtri ho jaye...otherwise me nay abhi uss ka quiz attempt kiya hai....aur me abhi tak bohat sharminda ho raha hoon..........:D

nagina shayad mujhe bhi help chaheye eco ki ham shyad mil kr koi hal nikal len ya 1 dosre ke kam a sken meri id ye he mc110201568

Maryam Sister aap me kay sharminda honay pay clapping kar rahi hain.....:D

:) yes shahzad gdb idea is quite help full , and by the way nice to see u maryam i m also khokhar... keep it up GOD bless u all..

GBD solution of MGT 411

It's Just Idea ,Plz Don't Copy Paste.An overvalued stock market will be the ultimate goal of every market participants. Everyone from the individual stock investor to the fund managers and government needed an overvalued stock market. Let us examine each and every one of them individually.

From an individual investor point of view, it is certainly not in the best interest for them to have an under-performing stock market. If the stock market persistently under performs other assets, then investors will pull out their investments from the stock market and invest in say money markets if they offer higher rates of return. So in order to prevent investors from pulling out of the market, the insiders and big money will always try to create an overvalued market.
Politicians need an overvalued stock market to gain popularity especially when election is around the corner. When the stock market is strong, no one will benefit more than the politicians. This is because when everyone is making money from the market, no one seems to care how the politicians run the economy even if they run it to the ground. The present government will surely be voted into office again even if there are corrupted to the core. The people who are able to influence the public are too occupied with making money and hence they will have less interest in who is running the country and who is being done to it. All they care is whether the market will continue going upwards.
Mutual funds managers and brokers also want an overvalued stock market because their earnings are based on commissions. Mutual fund manager’s income is based directly on the percentage of the funds valuation. The higher the valuation the more income they will receive. Mutual fund managers need an ever increasing market to keep selling their products to unsuspecting investors by telling them that the market will keep going up and making new highs.
Stock Broking firms too through their brokers always engaged in the so called ‘hyped-up selling’ of shares to their uninformed clients, telling them that every dip is an opportunity to accumulate more shares. This will nonetheless increase their earnings by doing more trades and hence more commissions.
Corporations also need an overvaluation of the stock market. The reason being most of the executives wealth are tied to their stock holdings in the company either through Employee Stock Option Scheme (ESOS) and Stock splits. So it is not in their interest to have a beat down stock market.
hope its help you....

plz i need mgt411 gdb solution


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