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Human Resource Management(MGT501) Spring 2014 Assignment No. 01 Due Date: May 25, 2014 Marks: 10

Human Resource Management(MGT501)     Spring 2014 Assignment No. 01 Due Date: May 25, 2014           Marks: 10     

A  computer  manufacturer  company  had  highly  talented  and  dedicated  employees.  The company’s CEO, Mr. Kashif, took the organization to new heights and never before had the  company experienced such profits. Its different innovative computer parts were smashing  hits  and  even more  popular than  before. With the  exception  of some  initial  difficulties  of this  company and its battle in the public forum over its proposed new computer parts in  different  countries of the world, this company could do no wrong.    Although CEO is credited with much of company’s success, in fact he did not do it alone.     He had a team of executives who worked together to bring about the prosperity. Included in his  team  were the President, Ms. Rukhsar and Chief Product Officer (CPO), Mr. Shahid.    It all began to unravel in May 2010. President, on a well‐deserved vacation in Dubai, was killed  in a helicopter crash. Then, in August 2010, CEO underwent emergency cardiac bypass  surgery.  Questions began to arise about who would be in charge if CEO could not continue because of  failing  health.  Who  would  succeed  him?  That  proved  to  be  difficult  question  for  the  organization. President, the obvious choice, was suddenly gone. CPO regarded as one of  “the  most talented  executives  and  CEO’s  Protégé”  wanted the  job  and  appeared to  be  leading  candidate. There were also others who were possibilities but they did not appear to have the  inside track that President or CPO had.    Given stockholders’ and investors’ concerns, company had to take some immediate action  and  named  its successor to  CEO.  But to the surprise  of many,  CPO  was  not  named.CEO and company’s board of directors felt that he just was not ‘right’ for the position. Upset about being  passed over, CPO resigned. As a result, the team that built a strong company in the past  few  years has all but and disappeared.    

Question:    If you were the CEO of the Company, what could you have done to prevent this situation?  Give two suggestions along with rationale.     


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Replies to This Discussion

If you were the CEO of the Company, what could you have done to prevent this situation?
Give two suggestions along with rationale.

The question is that .we are asked to ans this full question .

Rational suggestion mean the logical suggestion .it mean that the suggestion tha are going to provide must be based on reason.

ye APA style kon sa hai

As two key positions of Top Management has already been disappeared. So in case of this situation Chief Product Officer will play an important role to regularize the day to day activities of this organization. Mean CPO might be promoted as CEO. Beside this it is the responsibility of Stockholder/Board of directors to find the appropriate employee to fill the rest of two positions for Presiden & CPO as well.

why people don't want that the next CEO will not be the CPO

Dear Students Don’t wait for solution post your problems here and discuss ... after discussion a perfect solution will come in a result. So, Start it now, replies here give your comments according to your knowledge and understandings....

Ceo is already appointed and CPO has resigned. Question is that if I were the CEO what could I have done to prevent this. It means that I were the new selected CEO what measures I would take to prevent such a situation in which there is no CPO and no president.. how would I manage the company.. m I getting the right idea?

well this question has so many confusions before giving any answer first we should discuss the question that what they are talking about and asking about....?

in the said scenario CEO went for surgery and As CPO was a strong candidate for the seat but board of directors didnot consider him and he resigned....

and then question is asked if u were the CEO what should u do 

it means that u r CEO but u are away for Heart by pass so what  u and ur board of directors should do to tackle the obove mentioned tension...

but which situation?

1. situation after asigning a new CEO other than CPO and resignation of CPO..


2. situation after the death and healh problems of CEO (you) and President to whom to give the responsibilites of CEO

So my question is that first clear the question that which sitaution is asked to be tackled......

mujy tu khud samj nahi aa rahi Question ki 

pls help kerain buth confusion hay 

The company ceo  should promote the cpo for said position.for this purpose the company should provide the necessary training to the cpo for this position,this is due to that the cpo is already known about every thing and take part in the company matter .and he already part of the company so he can work for the betterment of the company.

CEO is selected by the investors, shareholders n board of directors.... ex CEO or patient CEO has nothing to do with it.. it is a mutual decisions of BOD. In my opinion the question is asked to the new CEO that how he will handle the position. How will he make the company successful again.

NTsiddiqui But in the current situation, EX CEO (Patient CEO) and BODs selected the new CEO. Now confusion is, which CEO are you, the new one or ex one (Patient CEO).


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