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Human Resource Management
(MGT 501)
Assignment No. 02

Grace period: Available                                                                         Due Date: February 03, 2016

                                                                                         Total Marks: 10


An organization, Alpha Incorporated is currently in talks with Zed Limited to discuss a merger. Some of the major conditions for the merger concern the employees of Alpha Incorporated such as only 20% of Alpha’s existing employees to be merged into the new setup and the rest to be laid off over a period of three months after the agreement. The employees at Alpha Inc. are aware that negotiations are underway and there is a feeling among them that there will be downsizing.


What can the HR managers at Alpha Inc. do to communicate the conditions of the merger effectively and reduce discontent among employees?


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please give me solution of MGT 301 assignment 02 please
please give me solution of MGT 301 assignment 02 please

Please Discuss here about this assignment.Thanks

Our main purpose here discussion not just Solution

We are here with you hands in hands to facilitate your learning and do not appreciate the idea of copying or replicating solutions.

Where is the solution given Plzz tell me I want to get some idea from ur solution

Why Employee Retention and Motivation Is Important

Turbulence In the Work Environment
In slightly more than a decade (1988-2000), the eminent issue for companies was one of
attracting and retaining people with the skills necessary to do the work. The situation
became even more complex during 2001 as an economic downturn forced thousands
companies to cut back or downsize their employee populations. In the past year alone,
more than a million US jobs have been eradicated leaving a scenario of lost trust,
eroded loyalties, financial demise, growing employee cynicism and diminished
productivity. Employee stress levels have escalated as morale and creativity plummet,
while simultaneously, the cost of absenteeism and medical related expenditures have
risen. Further, companies are now indicating that product quality is beginning to suffer;
customer satisfaction is dropping and many organizations are beginning to experience a
significant increase in turnover of key talent--especially amongst those individuals
considered most ‘crucial’ to the downsized organization (Ambrose, 1996; Caplan and
Teese,1997; Reichheld, 2001; Deal and Kennedy, 1999).
In a sense, the manager’s function is that of a “catalyst” and as with all catalysts, the
manager’s function is to speed up the reaction between two substances, thus creating
the desired end product (Buckingham and Coffman, 1999). Specifically the manger
creates performance in each employee by speeding up the reaction between the
employee’s talents and the company’s goals, and between the employee’s talents and
the customer’s needs. When hundreds of managers play this role well, the company
becomes strong, one employee at a time. In today’s slimmed-down business world,
most managers shoulder other responsibilities: they are expected to be subject matter
experts, individual superstars and leaders in their own right. These are important roles
which managers execute with varying styles and degrees of success, but when it comes
to the manager aspect of their responsibilities, ”great managers” excel at the catalyst
What we’re faced with today, is an extremely dynamic and volatile work environment
marked by continued turbulence in the economy. Managers face a difficult challenge of
motivating and retaining employees in an environment of increased uncertainties
(Mitchell, 2002). Essentially, no organization, profession or community has been
unaffected by the continuing series of layoffs, dot com failures and restructurings. At the
same time, jobs are being created at unprecedented rates: 700,000 new businesses are
being established annually and there are worker shortages in some professions—
particularly the medical and services industries (Corporate Leadership Council, 2000).
So how can managers and organizations make sense of all this chaos?
Research shows that In the future, successful organizations will be those which
adapt their organizational behavior to the realities of the current work
environment where longevity and success depend upon innovation, creativity and
flexibility. Further, the dynamics of the work environment will have to reflect a
diverse population comprised of individuals whose motivations, beliefs and value
structures differ vastly from the past and from one another.

need solution or any idea related assignment of Mgt 501 today is extended day

yahoooo...... Allhamdulilah Assignment Done......so simple 

salam to all and i would like say that this forum is highly assisting for solving the assignments and clearing the ideas.I have recently joined the forum and need the assistance from all of u for completing my MBA.


naveed zaidi

Here is my answer

plz let me know is it right

Syed Naveed haider Zaidi


Assignment no 2



Before starting discussion first we should understand the Mergers. It is the combining of two or more companies, generally by offering the stockholders of one company securities in the acquiring company in exchange for the surrender of their stock. Moreover the Mergers and acquisitions are intrinsic to the business world, becoming far more common than before as companies become globalised. But it produces the discontent, depression and anxiety among the employees, so HR managers must learn the art of handling employees gently and calmly. The effectively utilizing proper communication channels become a fundamental role for HR managers and business leaders. Hence HR managers play a vital role in helping employees understand these changes by maintaining employee engagement and morale in the face of insecurity. But too many companies make the mistake of not communicating effectively to their employees, causing turmoil and widespread anxiety, which can ruin a company's good reputation. Management should also make sure that all employees are treated fairly, layoffs are conducted ethically, and communication is clear and polite.


In such conditions HR managers can communicate the conditions of the merger effectively and can reduce discontent among employees by following ways.


  1. Hr managers can formulate the attractive proposals for the employees keeping in view the country legislation of employees. So Companies can downsize by offering early retirements, or golden shake hands. It will reduce the feeling of discontent and make the employees satisfied.
  2. Secondly In carrying out a downsizing strategy, managers must provoke strong commitment (loyalty) from employees. The negative effects of downsizing can be reduced by treating employees fairly, communicating to employees clearly and politely and carrying out personnel cuts ethically. Management must explain fully why and how the layoffs will take place. It has been found that communications, particularly between supervisor and subordinate, have a direct, positive relationship to employee job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Positive, intergroup relations between managers and their supervisors have a positive effect on manager involvement, organizational trust, and organizational commitment. As employees become more involved with their supervisors, trust levels grow.
  3. Thirdly HR managers should be extremely polite and should apologize for letting them go due to economic necessity. The tone of voice and the manner in which the message is delivered are critical. A simple apology may make a big difference. It is important to tell them that the company has considered all the options and has done its best to protect its human resources.
  4. Fourthly company allows employees to leave with dignity, if possible, allow them to leave of their own accord. Help those displaced find new jobs and avoid belittling laid-off employees. Outplacement also can have a positive influence on employees departing from companies, especially with regards to litigation. When offered outplacement assistance, laid-off or discharged employees are typically less discontented with their former employers and tend to focus more on their future careers. Use ceremonies to reduce anger and confusion to convey to employees what is going on.

Moreover according to my own point of view employees must learn new skills, adopt new technology, and make themselves more flexible and marketable.

plzzzzz koi to assignment ka solution dyyyy dy



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