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MGT501 Assignment No 01 Solution & Discussion Due Date:24-11-2016

Arsalan is the senior HR assistant of Door Manufacturing organization. The marketing

department is small and has always enjoyed good internal working environment. The

manager, Mr. Saleem, is not exactly a kindly man and tends to be rather abrupt with the

staff. You have always been popular with the staff, and Mr. Saleem often asks you to

carry out tasks involving personal communication in the office.

It has been a long‐standing rule at the organization that for reasons of safety and

company image, employees should not smoke in the offices. There is a smoking room

but across the yard from the marketing department. Mr. Saleem himself and several

other members of the Department dearly love a cigarette with their cup of coffee, and,

being conscientious, cannot justify the time taken to traipse across to the Common

Room. The solution has generally been that the little filling room at the back of the

office is used occasionally for a quick smoke. This is not an ideal solution, but it is

understood that everyone who uses the room should take care not to cause any fire

risk. Mr. Saleem grumbles, but has not liked to upset staffs who otherwise work hard

and cause him no problem; he has even used the room himself in the evening when

working late.

One day, Mr. Saleem comes to Mr. Arsalan’s desk and wordlessly hands him a

memorandum from the Managing Director, complaining that a file retrieved from him

from the Marketing Department reeked of smoke. What was going on? Did not the

Department know about the regulations for fire prevention, and the company policy on

smoking? The director took an ‘extremely dim view’ and relied on Mr. Saleem to do

something about it. Mr. Saleem passes the task to you. You obviously have to reprimand

the staff in some way, and put a stop to the practice in future, how to do it, without

damaging relations?

Mr. Arsalan decided to call an emergency staff meeting. He also put a notice up in the

back office, warning people of the policy enforcement. before the staff meeting could

take place, Mr. Saleem, started panicking because of the Managing Director’s

annoyance, and wanting to appear efficient and well disciplined, issues an abrupt


reprimand to all including Saira, one of the (many) “Offenders”. He puts the incident into her personnel file.

Ms. Saira comes to Mr. Arsalan in tears and wishes to make a complaint against Mr. Saleem. Nobody knew that the old rule was suddenly in force; Mr. Saleem had been violating it himself; Saira is a good and dedicated worker and has never had any trouble vefore; she says it is becaue she is a woman that Mr. Saleem is picking on her etc. Mr. Arsalan calm her down, and tell her that you are sure Mr. Saleem did not intend any prejudice; he understand why she is upset. (Mr. Arsalan also understands why Mr. Saleem is upset; Mr. Arsalan knows where he went wrong, but cannot undermine his authority with his subordinates.) you promise Ms. Saira that, once she has had time to think it over, if she still wants to complain, you will activate proceedings. The next day, you write Saira a personal letter, soothing her resentment by explaining Mr. Saleem’s position, explaining briefly the grievance procedures, but hoping she will not pursue her complaint.


In above scenario, Identify the roles “Played” by Mr. Saleem and Ms. Saira

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Replies to This Discussion

In the above scenario Mr. Salem plays a Disturbance handlers role

  • Mr.Saleem takes corrective action in response to unforeseen problems.
  • Mr.Saleem uses the mental process of perception to pay attention selectively to some stimuli and cues in our environment.
  • He had not only over viewed others violation but in love of smoking has inspired the subordinated for violation.
  • interpreting information about physical objects rather than people
  • interpreting information about how we view themselves and others
  • The overlook and inspiring violation shows him totally a hypocrite mannered personality. Good manger and executive must have a capability to bear presser.
  • The reeking of smoking could be smelt by the manager but reflection is totally different.

In the above scenario Ms. Saira play a Negotiator role because

  • She discusses her issues and bargain with other units to gain advantages for their own unit.
  • She felt hurt on reprimand but knowing that this reprimand was not her only but for ever body.
  • Mr. Arslan consulate for saira not only shows his goodness but also smoothly for her resentment can be seen.
  • I self-writing a letter to saira show my kindness and positive attitude toward colleague

parhna b na!


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