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Which of the following statement reflects the 'Age Discrimination in employment Act 1967' for workers?
Select correct option:
    At the age of 40 to 70, workers can not be retired by force
    At the age below 18, workers can never be hired
    Having 10 years of experience, workers should be promoted
    Workers can never be rehired if retired once

Which one method of job evaluation is more quantitative in nature?
Select correct option:
    Job classification
    Point method
    Factor comparison

The main goal of human resource department is to create a match between:
Select correct option:
    Person & organization
    Person & job
    Person & position
    Person & management

Subhan is a supervisor over 20 employees working in sales department. He is more concerned with the immediate improvement of the employee that’s why he is using ways to make the employees more effective in their current job. What is Subhan doing?
Select correct option:
    Employees training
    Employees development
    Employees education
    Employees grooming

Which of the following is NOT considered as a typical responsibility for the HRM department?
Select correct option:
    Publishing a new vacancy in newspapers
    Recruiting best candidates from the pool of applicants
    Training employees to perform efficiently and effectively
    Obtaining on-going feedback from the marketplace

Which of the following is the most closest to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory?
Select correct option:
    Mccellands theory of Needs
    ERG Theory
    Theory X
    Equity Theory

For the performance appraisal of Mr. Ali, his supervisor simply submitted a comprehensive note that comprised different paragraphs speaking about the employee appraised. His supervisor actually adopted the method:
Select correct option:
    Rating Scale
    Comparative Methods

Protection from discrimination and provision of safe working environment is example of:
Select correct option:
    Statutory law
    Contractual rights
    Management rights
    All of these

A firm that wants to minimize the impact of free riders among the employees of its teams should better adopt:
Select correct option:
    Individual Based Plans
    Team Based Plans
    Plant Wide Plans
    Corporate Wide Plans

Which of the following is the main focus of Organizational Behavior?
Select correct option:
    People at work

Individual career development depends on
Select correct option:
    Job performance
    Growth opportunities
    Key subordinates
    All of the given above

The process of negotiation includes the following step(s):
Select correct option:
    Exchange and compromise
    Reaching an agreement
    All of the given options
Which of the following terminology describes the legal legislation in which job applicant should not be rejected on the basis of discriminatory practices?
Select correct option:
    Affirmative action
    Legal compliance
    Equal employment opportunity

Interdepartmental communication by people at different levels is known as:
Select correct option:
    Diagonal communication
    Horizontal communication
    Upward communication
    Downward communication

Which of them is not the reason of restructuring?
Select correct option:
    Market dominance
    Economies of scale
    Technological advances
    Earning per share

Which of the following is NOT included in job description?
Select correct option:
    Job title
    Job authority
    Job competency
    Job status

An organization that places clear expectations from the employees, provides them all the opportunities for career growth and career counseling too is actually:
Select correct option:
    Providing career management practices
    Providing career growth
    Employee concerned organization
    Learning organization

Many studies have shown that people are more committed to their jobs if:
Select correct option:
    They work in isolation
    Their participation is valued
    They have high rank in the hierarchy
    They become the part of union

Anyone, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or age, has an equal chance for a job. This is known as:
Select correct option:
    Affirmative Action
    Equal Employment Opportunity
    None of given options

Which of them can be a possible reason of the layoff?
Select correct option:
    Lack of cash
    Lack of new projects
    Lack of material
    All of the given options

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