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HR department became the main force behind all changes during:

► Mechanistic period ► Catalytic period ► Organistic period

Which one method of recruitment is helpful for organizations publicity

Blind box Ads
Job fair
Recruitment agencies
job posting

Which of the given term is used to represent the segments of jobs held by an individual throughout his/her life time


The re-arrangement of organizational structure & change in organizational culture is accomplished during:

►Task analysis ►Organizational analysis ► Person analysis ► Management analysis

Human Resource Management starts with

HR Planning
None of the given options

Atif’s job is to recognize problem areas and implementing solutions. He is also responsible to select critical information from masses of data to direct the organization in the world of overflowing information. Which of the following skills are required to perform his job effectively

Conceptual skills
Human skills
Technical skills
Interpersonal skills

Deciding whether Mom and Pop’s superstore will compete with enormous markets head-to-head by building similar superstores is an example of

Strategic planning
Tactical planning
Operational planning
All of the given options
managers develop organizational wide goals

First-line level

is an obligation to perform certain tasks/activities


Which of them is a correct statement

Downsizing intended to be an impermanent downscaling and a layoff intended to be a permanent downscaling in which workers may later be rehired.

Downsizing and layoff both are permanent downscaling approaches.

Downsizing and layoff both are temporary downscaling approaches.

Downsizing intended to be a permanent downscaling and a layoff intended to be a temporary downscaling in which workforce may later be rehired.

The best hiring occurs when
The goals of the organization and the goals of the individual have consistency

The goals of the supervisor and the goals of the individual have consistency
The goals of the higher management and the goals of the individual have consistency
The goals of HR department and the goals of the individual have consistency

The best hiring occurs when the goals of which of the following should consistent to each other?

HR managers, Finance managers Head office, Branch
Organization, Individual Lower managers, Top managers

The most common employee mistake that leads to negligent hiring is

Inadequately investigating an applicant background

Not conducting structured interview
Conducting informal interview
All of them

Which of the following is NOT considered as a typical responsibility for the HRM department

Publishing a new vacancy in new papers
Recruiting best candidates from the pool of applicant
Training employees to perform efficiently and effectively
Obtaining on-going feedback from the marketplace

Which of the following component consists of a person’s beliefs, opinions, knowledge, and information

Affective component
Cognitive component
Behavioral component
Objective component

which of the following is not a function of management

The process by which people acquire skills & abilities required to perform present jobs, is known as

Need analysis

The ability to think about abstract & complex situations is refered as

Technical skill
Interpersonal skill
Conceptual skill
Mechanical skill

Which one tool is helpful for indentifying and preparing the individuals for upper level positions

Succession plans
Replacement charts
Skills inventories
All of them

Human resource management is not an end in itself

It is a self disciplinary and explanatory in nature
It is only a means to assist the organization with its primary objectives
It provides direction to the corporate-level business policy
It is a mean to keep an eye on production and distribution operations

In human resource management RJB stands fo
Realistic job preview
Reaction Jet Pipe
Regular Jump Process
Remote Job Processing

Which of the following statement best defines the 'Selection' process
Discovering potential job candidates
Making a “hire” or “no hire” decisions
Forecasting the workforce demand in an organization
Estimating the available supply of workforce

Formal organizations are _________ organizations


The organization ABC intends to equip its employees with the abilities that It would need in the future Is the part of

Job description

Ahmed was Working in the HR department with org abs. he was asked to take part in the process by which he will determine the nature and responsibilities Of the managerial jobs in head office. Which of following activity is being performed by him

Job identification
Job specification
Job description
Job analysis

Which of the following practice involves the selling off portions of the company and making severe staff reductions

Organizational designing

Which of the following statement describes human resource management in an organizational setting

It includes management of machines, materials, money and credit
It consists of a process of promoting, selling, and distributing products or services
It tries to match an organization’s needs to the skills and abilities of its employees
It includes interlocking functions of formulating corporate-policy and its implementation

In which of the following period "Employees displacement" was started

Mechanistic period
Legalistic period
Organistic period
Catalytic period

1. Organizational Citizenship is related with the:

• Performance of the employee
• Performance of the Organization
• Nationality of the employees in the organization
• None of the above

ABS Company is facing the problem of shortage of workers during boom in industry and they want to increase the number of the highly qualified people in their workforce. Which technique will be helpful for solving the workforce shortage problem

Lowering of employment standards
Creative Recruiting
Restricted Hiring
Reduced Hours

Most line managers are responsible for

staff functions
not for staff functions
for some staff functions
none of given option

If a company is employing the fresh graduates as well as the professional experts, the management is said to be enhancing

Which of the following is NOT included in the domain of Organizational Behavior?

• Individual
• Group
• Teams
• None of the given options

Strengths & Weaknesses are ____________________ to an organization


Hiring process includes the following step

Recruitment, training, socialization
Recruitment, selection, socialization
Recruitment, training, appointment
Selection, socialization, training

An attitude is made up of ________ components


To get more accurate information for job analysis, a questionnaire should include

Structured and rational questions
Open-ended and subjective questions
Job analysis objectives and open-ended questions
Structured and open-ended questions

standardized method for rating, classifying, and comparing virtually every kind of job based on data, people, and things is known as

Department of Labor Procedure
Position Analysis Questionnaire
Functional job analysis
none of given option

is an obligation to perform certain tasks/activities





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