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Ali is running a small family oriented business and decides to have a proper HR department to ensure smooth functioning of workforce. He seeks your help in designing organizational recruitment philosophy. Suggest him five important factors that must be covered in an organization’s recruiting philosophy?

Ali should keep in mind the following important factors while making his organization’s recruiting philosophy.

EEO, Right man for right job, company values and Head Hunting

Built from within: Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, fresh gradutes come in as entry level managers at the same level and progress throughout the organization.

Recruit the Best: HE should  aim to attract and recruit finest, honest  people in the world

Power of People: people are our greatest assets and recruiting is critical to our success, recruiting organization Expects result Measures performance .


For clerical and administrative jobs is there one best method used to conduct Job Analysis or its much better to use a combination of methods. Justify the answer?

combination of method would be wise to be used

Combination of JA methods are prefered as

1. They are less biased

2. They cover the context specific factor of that job

May generate information that never appears on written documents

i.e. combination of method may give an exposure to multidimensinal aspects

Common methods are observations, interviews, questionnaires, and specialized methods of analysis. Combinations of these approaches frequently are used, depending on the situation and the organization



Arsalan, a graphic designer currently working in a design house located in Lahore. He got a job offer from an American firm to work online with them. Arslan is not required to leave his hometown rather he can receive the design orders online and similarly send back his crafted designs to the company by using the same mode. You are required to assist Arsalan in accepting or rejecting this job offer by highlighting the critical aspects.

1. This is a part time which will not affect his current job

 2. It will give him an international exposure

 2. It is a source of some added earning

There will be a freedom of work

It will not affect his daily routine


agree or disagree with the following statement: “employees subjected to socialization programs perform better than those who have not undergone such training?” Provide justification.

organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members and insiders, socialization techniques lead to positive outcomes for new employees such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduction in occupational stress and intent to quit.


Q. how probationary period is being practiced by the organization for final employee selection?


Probationary Period

A probation period gives you some time to make sure that the selection you made for your vacancy was the right choice.

It's an opportunity to evaluate the new employee's performance, commitment and general suitability for the role, and to take the necessary action I they are failing to meet the requirement

Setting the standards
To give your employee the best chance of passing their probation, there are a number of things you should do:

  • Provide the employee with a clear job description
  • Provide and overview of the general business practices and procedures
  • Schedule any necessary training that will help the employee reach requirements
  • Explain when the employee will be evaluated and what methods will be used



AS an employer what we should do to increase the self image of organization?

We should focus  on how to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and increase employee citizenship and job satisfaction. recognizes differences and helps managers to see the value of workforce diversity and practices that may need to change when managing in different situation and countries. It can help improve quality and employee productivity by showing managers how to empower their people



is controlling costs only the function of finance dept. or HR dept. can also contribute in this function, support your ans. with solid arguments


HR policies can influence an

organization's competitive position by

Controlling costs

One way for a firm to gain a competitive advantage is to maintain low costs and a strong cash flow. A well-designed compensation system rewards employees for behaviors that benefit the company. These include: better employee selection so that workers are more likely to stay with the company and to perform better while they are there, training employees to make them more efficient and productive;






VIII. Job analysis outcomes

a.Job description

A job description is a written statement of what the jobholder actually does, how he or she does it, and under

what conditions the job is performed. There is no standard format for writing job descriptions, but most

descriptions include sections on:

  • • job identification
  • • job summary
  • • relationships, responsibilities, and duties
  • • authority of incumbent
  • • standards of performance
  • • working conditions
  • • job specifications

b.Job specification

A job specification is a document containing the minimum acceptable qualifications that a person should

possess in order to perform a particular job. Items typically included in the job specification are educational

requirements, experience, personality traits, and physical abilities.

c.Job evaluation

In Job Evaluation process the worth of job is identified based upon job comparability and according to worth,

importance of job and relative value Compensation is designed and selected.





Employment Agencies

An organization that helps firms recruits employees and, at the same time, aids individuals in their attempt to

locate jobs. There are two types of the employment agencies i.e.

  • • Public Employment Agencies.
  • • Private Employment Agencies

Both of these sources provide coordination between the organizations and applicants who are searching for

jobs, for this service they use to charge a fee. Employment agencies are able to tailor their services to the specific

needs of the clients for example some agencies specialize in a particular employment areas, such as engineering,

human resource or Computer programming, etc.




affirmative action plans (AAPs)


it provides preferential treatment to minority group members in functions like Recruiting and Hiring

The three steps involved in developing an affirmative action program are (1) conducting a utilization

analysis, (2) establishing goals and timetables, and (3) determining action options

. In the first phase,

organizations need to consider different pieces of information, which constitute an availability analysis after

they have conducted a utilization analysis. Rather, the employer should take into consideration the size of

the underutilization, how fast the work force turns over, and whether the work force is growing or

contracting. In the third phase, the companies recruit protected-class members, redesign jobs, provide

specialized training, and remove unnecessary employment barriers.




external resources are better to fill vacancies above entry level. explain?

Advantages of External Recruitment:

1. Provides new ideas and new insights

2. Provides greater diversity and helps achieve EEO goals by making affirmative action easy

3. Provides opportunities to handle rapid growth if the organization

4. Opportunities to get people with up-to-date knowledge education and training


Purposes of Socialization

Socialization formats are unique to each firm. However, some basic purposes include emphasizing these areas:

the employment situation (job, department, and company), company policies and rules, compensation and

benefits, corporate culture, team membership, employee development, dealing with change, and socialization.


How to remove shortage of employess?

Ways must be found to reduce the number of employees if a surplus is projected. Some of these methods include restricted hiring, reduced hours, early retirements, and layoffs. If a shortage is forecasted, the firm must obtain the proper quantity and quality of workers from outside the organization. In this case, external recruitment and selection is required.

2. Arsalan, a graphic designer currently working in a design house located in Lahore. He got a job offer from an American firm to work online with them. Arslan is not required to leave his hometown rather he can receive the design orders online and similarly send back his crafted designs to the company by using the same mode. You are required to assist Arsalan in accepting or rejecting this job offer by highlighting the critical aspects.


I would assist Arslan to accept this offer as per below aspects;

No traveling involves

Chance to market his made designs with a foreign firm

Would get some considerable remuneration

Time flexibility – can work any time being at home


3. how probationary period is being practiced by the organization for final employee selection?


Organization usually keep 3months as a probation period

During this both employee have the right to leave the job without any prior notice

Same goes with Organistaion, Organistaion can fire the employee without serving any notice

This is the time to check the employee performance by judging his general and functional competencies

5. as an employer what can you do to improve the self-image of the organization?

To portray the improved and good image of the organization following can be the points.

Improve the culture of the organization by involving employees in different activities

To improve the self-image outside, first need to improve inside organization image

That how much organization is supporting for its employees

What are the policies for employees and what are standard operational procedures with regards to the business organization involved in.

What are the integral parameters of the organization?

What is quality and quantity for the organization?

What is Integrity for the organization?

Being HR manager what factors would you consider for making recruitment effective?

Following can be factors for Recruitment effectiveness

Proper call up of profiles for hiring

In depth scanning of the profiles

Shortlisting of the profiles as per a pre-defined criteria

Interview questionnaire according to the need of the organization

Start from HR initial introductory interview then functional interviews then final HR interview

HR should have the choice to select the candidate on the basis of both general and functional capabilities with the input of function.



external resources are better to fill vacancies above entry level. Explain

Companies prefer to hire experienced, multitalented and diversified external resources to take maximum benefit out of their versatile and relevant experience. It helps to bring new ideas and also to know effectiveness of currently running system of the organization. By hiring an external resource promote the organization in the market.


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