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MGT510 Fall 2017 Final Term Papers Pattern & Questions 17 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb 2018 & Helping Material

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17th Feb, 2018 Current Paper 2:00 PM
MCQ for handouts 3 or 4  from past . 
24 mcq 
6 short 3 marks
6 long 3 marks
Q36. What are various pre-requisities that organizations should ensure for successful empowerment ?5 marks
Q35. What does the term process variation means? Explain with an example 5marks Q34.what are the Hoskin kansari approaches of considerations in contrast to strategic policy deployment. 5 marks
Q33. President and vice president of ABC int. Corporations examines infrastructure in their business, what are the general components of infrasture and what are its requirements 5 marks
Q32. What are the quality principles used by managements at different maturity levels of an organization 5marks
Q29. The organizational environment being effective in many cases but the need of quality improvement crys out still. Why it happens 3 marks
Q28.Being a manager of pakistani firm what should be kept in mind to improve the working for the organization 3 marks
Q27. How the managers of TQM organizations improve the workings 3 marks
Q26. Prof. Peter of MIT portrays organizational learning as going beyond the mere capture of knowledge . He have described 5 learning disciplines ways . Explain any 2 learning disciplines introduced by him . 3 marks
Q25. Different statements were given, the rules of which clause are violated and we have to identify the clause. 3 mark

Current Papar 17 feb, 2018
Q:7 problem sloving steps
Q:Swot analysis
Q:importance in strategic planning Middle management or top management ka role
Q:Scatterd diagram
Q:Infrastructure of iso k according tha
Q:3 audit result thy un k identify karnaaa thaw
Q:5 threats or opportunity btani thi
Q:Steering teams

Ahmed Ehsan  thanks for sharing 

MGT510 Final Term paper Fall 2017

Subjective part of the Final Paper for Fall semester 2017:

24 MCQs for objective part.

25) What are the reasons of analyzing the data? Describe any three.

26) It is advised for the organization to properly define and publish its quality policy, which forms one part of the corporate policy. What is the responsibility of top management regarding the content and communication of quality policy?

27) “To provide the consultancy, training, and facilitation necessary to assist with making continuous improvement is an integral part of our customer’s business strategy.”

From this statement identify one critical success factor (CSF) and a core process to achieve this CSF.


28) “Problem solving tools lead to process or product/service improvement”. Do you agree with the statement? Justify your answer.

29) Using the quality control tool of run chart, discuss how can it helps in managing absenteeism in a production based organization.

30) Prof. Peter Senge of MIT portrays organizational learning as going beyond the mere capture of knowledge and identifies five learning disciplines. Explain briefly any two of the learning disciplines.

31) ABC Inc. needs to determine what input is pertinent for the service to be designed and developed and to create requirements specification. List down the various inputs to the design and development process.


32) Maturity model has different levels and each one is associated with a specific set of characteristics and activities. Briefly state the characteristics of developing the system in the levels of organizational maturity?


33) The Organizational Environment encompasses all the forces outside the organization’s boundaries that can affect it. Provide examples of both “Opportunities” and “Threats” within the organizational environment context (Any five).


34) Proper consideration of the customer requirements is of critical importance for success of an organization. How can the customer requirements be converted to customer satisfaction by implementing house of quality or quality function deployment?  


35) Limits are set in a process to measure and control the variations in it. How will you differentiate between control limits and specification limits?

36) What are the various pre-requisites that an organization must ensure for successful empowerment in your company


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