My MGT601 paper 
Total 48 Question.........42 Mcqs.......6 questions
what do u understand by dumping and anti-dumping terms and how WTO deals with issue? 3 Marks
what are the steps taken by Government to meet the requirement of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) agreement? 3 Marks
U can not serve a big market unless u divide whole market into small segment. What criteria u must consider for good segmentation? 3 Marks
As an enterenpure of a manufacturing unit u are mainting quality statisticaql process conntrol. How it work and give definition? 5 Marks
What kind of problems pakistan is facing to implement the GATT code of custom valuation? 5 Marks
If u r asked highlight the importance of SMEs in diverse manner form economic prespection then how will u react? 5 Marks