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VU Past Papers, MCQs and More

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Paper # 1:-

18 mcq's

2 questions of 5 marks, 3 questions of 5 marks


Q* technical feasibility(3)



1.  Technical Feasibility

It covers the following:


a)  Identification of critical technical specifications comprising

a.  The functional design of the product.

b.  Adaptability to the new customer demand.

c.  Durability

d.  Reliability of performance.

e.  Safety

f.  Reasonable utility (i.e. acceptable level of obsolescence)

g.  Standardization (i.e. elimination of unnecessary variety)


Q* you are a manger of fan company , ur sales volume is low, how do you improve ur sales volume(5)


1) improvement of product

2) marketing

3) ads in newz papers and professional journals, tv advertisemrnt

4) free samples with ur product

5) low pricesss


Q* market myopia(5)


Market Myopia:-

A shortsighted approach of concentrating on production rather than on marketability could lead to

avoidable disaster. An entrepreneur may fail to  properly assess the  market  acceptability of his

product. He may not  appreciate that no product  can become  instantaneously profitable or could

have an endurable success. Selection of the right time for introducing the product is important for

its success. If actions are taken too soon or too late, it will result in failure.


Q* state the reasons that why SME doesn't flourish in Pakistan(5)

Paper # 2:-

Total 32 question thy

28 MCQ,s

2 question 5 marks n 2 (2) marks

Q* Environment post operative problems(5 marks)


•  Environmental Causes:

o  Changes in government policy;

o  Changes in social or political conditions;

o  Inflationary pressures leading to increases in the input cost.

Q* The benefits that SME enjoy in environmental issues(5 marks)


1) effectiveness of the technology

 2)  stabilization

3) capabilities to manage

4)  generate

5) technological change

The benifits that SME not enjoy(2 marks)


1) ineffectively exploit available

technology options

2) inefficiently utilize the transferred technologies

Paper # 3:-

Q* “A drain having polluted water from one factory may be used to some other industry and suffer bad effects of pollution” This is an example of ‘externality’ what do you
understand by term “externality”? Do you think externalities are positive or
negative or both. Explain with examples. (3 marks)


Definition: An externality is an effect of a purchase or use decision by one set of parties on others who did not have a choice and whose interests were not taken into

Classic example of a negative externality: pollution, generated by some productive enterprise, and affecting others who
had no choice and were probably not taken nto account.

Example of a positive externality: Purchase a car of a certain model increases demand and thus availability for mechanics who know that kind of car, which improves the situation for others owning that model.

 Q* When you plan a new business, you create a contingency fund to guard against unforeseen natural calamities. Write different natural calamities that are constant threat
for your business. 3 marks


Natural calamities such as burglaries, earthquakes, fire etc.


Q* How will you overcome you lack of experience to avoid the failure of you SME venture? 5 marks


The key ingredient-the crucial element-to avoiding the failure of a new business is knowing the business.


Due to inadequate study of SME sector, our entrepreneur failed to sustain their new business. Provide different reasons which may cause the failure of a new business? 5


1) Inadequate R&D facilities
2) Lack of skills & experience
3) insufficient information on technological cooperation

Q* question About entrepreneur?

an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.” However, there is much more to entrepreneurship than this simple definition.
Author and successful entrepreneur Michael Gerber once wrote, “The entrepreneur
is our visionary, the creator in each of us. We're born with that quality and
it defines our lives as we respond to what we see, hear, feel, and experience.
It is developed, nurtured, and given space to flourish or is squelched,
thwarted, without air or stimulation, and dies.”

An entrepreneur’s age, educational background, and previous business-related experience isn’t nearly as important as his or her desire to learn and
willingness to bounce back from the obstacles associated with creating a new
business endeavor.

Entrepreneurs are passionate about the products and services their businesses sell, but their efforts benefit the economy in other ways as well

Q* describe problems of small industries ?

Attached in file with a name of problemsinsmallscaleindustries

See the attached folder

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