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The case:

Sorbet pvt Ltd is an integrated engineering services and manufacturing company operating in Pakistan and Middle East. Company’s unique strengths enabled them to provide integrated package of services encompassing engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction, and commissioning & maintenance projects. The organizational chart shows a typical structure in a commercial organization. Sorbet functional areas include accounts, projects, marketing, human resources (HR), information systems (IS) and operations. Like other functional areas, the accounts department has three layers of management e.g. a director, a manager and three assistants. The accounts manager, therefore, has a span of control of three as he directly supervises three assistants.


Sorbet is currently facing the communication problem in its employees as it takes a long time for information to pass up and down the chain of command. Structure of organization enables top management to have a tight control over its subordinates. Those at the top of the management layer have more authority than those at lower end. Everybody in the organization knows their place in the organization and has clear roles and responsibilities.


Point to ponder:

Is the existing organization's structure appropriate? If not, suggest appropriate organizational structure that management can design. Give logical reasoning to support your answer.


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Replies to This Discussion

Answer plzzzzzzzzz

Well, all colleagues, lets discuss this GDB under following headings

a. Which sort of structure Sorbet Pvt Ltd has at the moment? Relate with reasoning.

b. What should be the suggested structure we recommend for Sorbet? Support with logics.

So lets discuss one by one.........

If you ask me, I think as under:-

a. Sorbet Pvt Ltd Current Structure. It looks to be 'Functional" as it has communication problem, various functional areas  and centralized structure.

b. In my opinion, it should be either SBU, or Divisional Structure or Matrix. 

c. Let us see whether SBU is ok. Well SBU  is recommended for a business unit within the overall corporate identity, which Sorbet is. Secondly, it has a defined external marketing as well. 

d. Well, in case of Matrix, all problem areas are suitably addressed i.e, it depends upon both vertical and horizontal

flows of authority and communication, it allows dual lines of budget authority (a violation of the unity-of-command principle), dual sources of reward and punishment, shared authority, dual reporting channels, and a need for an extensive and effective communication system.

matrix is best........

yes zafar bhi

u elaborate all structe & create some confusion regarding selecting suitbale structure.

here we see Sorbet pvt working in different projects & also is is working different countries.

so SBU is fit much than others

Matrix structure is defined as a type of management system in which workers report to more than one person, effectively having two or more supervisors at the same time. This can be illustrated by the example of a project environment, where professionals with different types of expertise are brought together to work on a projects. They report to a number of managers of different projects, as well as to a functional supervisor. The idea is to share knowledge and personnel to maximize effectiveness.the matrix structure lies with the sharing of information. Because professionals work on more than one project at a time, they can keep one another informed about progress in other areas of the company. Supporters of the matrix structure believe that it makes a company stronger because different departments are not working against one another. They also believe employees benefit from participating in a broader range of work experiences.

Matrix Structure is suiatble for this

thn matrix structure is perfctly fit here??princes 

so matrix structure is best suitable here .........plzzz clear it???

plz clear all confusion ...........

 Give some Reasons why is this suitable


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